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Silence: watching him touch his cock

This incredible piece about watching him touch his cock in bed in the dead of night is written by David of The Big Gay Review, and it is read aloud here by Luke

I was awoken by the gentle trembling of the bed. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the bedroom, I looked over to his side. What I saw was not what I was expecting. I lay there in complete silence as I observed the scene.


I want to kiss you, but you’re getting in the way

Here’s a kiss I’d really love to have: the oh-fuck-we’re-about-to-miss-our-tube kiss when we get kicked out of the pub at closing time, having overstayed our welcome because we got stuck into a fun discussion. We know that we both want to fuck but early morning meetings make that impossible tonight, so we give each other the kind of snog that’ll leave the other person hungry for next week’s follow-up liaison. That’s one of the kisses I’m hoping for when you message me on a dating site.


8 minutes on tiptoes: a very mindful make-out

When we start to kiss, I’m on my tiptoes. Stretching up to meet his lips, soft and floaty and slightly off-balance. We exist in this tiny, horny bubble in his kitchen, surrounded by jangly tunes and the smell of something spiced for dinner. I’m on tiptoes when we start to kiss.


I’m not saying these cute nipple pegs made me come but…

I’ve had these adorable Hot Octopuss nipple pegs sitting in my slut kit for months. When they launched their range of BDSM toys, HO (who sponsor my site, so if you buy from them you’re supporting my work etc etc) kindly emailed me to see if there was anything I’d like to try out, and obviously I leapt on the opportunity to use my job perks to chat up a hot boy. I sent the link on to Bracelet Game and asked him to pick something fun. ‘Check out these kinky objects – with what do you fancy ruining me?’ A week or so later these lovely silver nipple pegs appeared in the post.


Cheeky kisses in public: an ode to anticipation

This real life story about cheeky kisses (and more) in public is written by the fabulous Victoria Blisse, and originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu.

We met online a year ago. Dating app. Swiped on a cutie with a wickedly sweet smile and a profile that drew my attention. To my joy, it was a mutual like and we soon moved to social media, chatting about allsorts but with this rippling lust running as a tightening cord between us.