Does this come in my size? A tryst in the changing rooms…

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This gorgeous erotic fiction about a tryst in the changing rooms is written and read by Euphemise This, and originally appeared on her website.

Michaela fucking hated clothes shopping, with a passionate hatred usually only reserved for Tories, but she resigned herself to the fact that she couldn’t put it off any longer. The event was in two days and it could potentially provide her with a massive career boost as long as she made a good impression with the right people. She was initially reluctant to admit it, but the entire contents of her wardrobe were completely unsuitable for this task.

Fed up with online shopping – because she had no idea what she was looking for, just the vibe she wanted to give off – she had resorted to a trip into her nearest large town, hoping that a wander round the shops might provide inspiration. Michaela had been to every big store, and every shop that had been recommended by a trusted friend, but nothing filled her with joy. Nothing. It was after 5pm and the places that weren’t open late were starting to shut up shop so, in a moment of panic, she ducked into a small independent womenswear boutique.

It didn’t really seem like this place sold the kind of look she’d had in her head, but the clothes were at least stylish and professional. So, when the sales assistant said hello, Michaela did something she would never usually consider; she asked for help. The young woman smiled and listened to her panicked story about the event and its importance, how she was usually so confident but knew that her trusted look of body con dress and sneakers was absolutely not going to work with this audience, no matter how competent she was.

The woman touched her arm gently, reassuringly, and said “don’t panic. I think I can help.”

She said her name was Rose, and that she’d started the boutique after finishing her fashion psychology degree where she’d done research into how creating your own version of a work uniform can help you feel more confident. Michaela laughed, “I definitely should have come to see you first! Have you got time to help me now, or should I come back tomorrow?” Rose reassured her. She’d been about to close up, but had nowhere else to be that night so could stay until the right outfit had been found.

With the shop sign turned to say ‘closed’ and the door locked, Rose started pulling clothes from the rails and asking questions. Depending on Michaela’s answers, and her reactions to the garments in her hand, Rose would either put them back or hang them next to the fitting room at the back of the shop. It was a lovely little secluded area, with a small comfy sofa, good lighting and lots of full length mirrors. Michaela felt herself relaxing as the stack of possible garments grew larger. Maybe Rose really could solve this problem?

After trying a few skirts, tops and jackets but not feeling 100% like herself in any of the outfits, Michaela pointed at a simple fitted dress and said, “okay, maybe you’re right. Maybe I do need to try that one on after all!” Rose passed it to her but, after a few minutes of wriggling, Michaela had to admit that she needed help getting it zipped up. “Don’t completely discount this one just yet,” Rose said. “Theres a bit of a knack to doing up a long back zip by yourself. Just needs a bit of practice.” Once she had zipped up the little black dress on her customer, she spun round and started unzipping her own dress to illustrate the process. “See, it’s not that hard. I bet you’re more flexible than you think.”

Michaela felt the blood rushing to her cheeks after seeing a glimpse of Rose’s naked back. No bra strap, just smooth bare skin and a hint of a tattoo, making her wish she could reach out and help that dress fall to the floor so that she could see more of this beautiful woman’s body. But, no, that would be extremely inappropriate and there was an urgent task at hand so she must not get distracted. Rose turned around and, when she made eye contact with Michaela, her smile changed.

This was definitely more of a knowing smile. The kind you employ when you’re about to engage Flirt Mode. So, Michaela tried out a little queer-girl-testing-the-waters trick, and casually mentioned her ex. Looking in the full-length mirror she said, “Fuck me! If Cara had seen me look this good, she definitely wouldn’t have dumped me. How does this dress make me look both hot and also like a competent respectable small business owner? This is some kind of wizardry!”

Rose, who’d been trying to remain professional ever since this gorgeous woman had poured her heart out and showed her vulnerable side, instantly took the bait. “It’s not the dress which does that, it’s you. Because you are so clearly both of those things; a successful entrepreneur and incredibly smoking hot.” Their eyes locked again and Michaela stepped closer. “I’ll take it,” she said. Rose moved tantalisingly close and replied with a smile and a raised eyebrow, “take what exactly?”

The second their lips touched, they forgot where they were. As they kissed, Michaela’s hands reached around Rose’s back to finish the undressing that she’d started doing with her eyes earlier. Both dresses fell to the floor as they caressed each other’s skin and breathlessly kissed like they were desperately hungry for each other. They moved into the curtained fitting room and Rose removed Michaela’s bra before pressing her up against the wall and playfully sucking and biting her nipples. After a trail of kisses leading up her neck and to her ear, Rose whispered, “you’re so hot, I really wanna fuck you.”

“Yes. Oh fuck yes!” breathed Michaela, closing her eyes as she felt warm lips on her neck and a hand sliding inside her knickers. Fingers reached for her clit; one either side of it, wet with her juices, stroking with just the right amount of pressure and stimulation to make her moan with pleasure. Bodies pressed together, they gasped and rubbed against each other. Weak knees, fast fingers and a technique that just kept on hitting the spot. Right there… yes there… oh god there. “You turn me on so much,” the voice whispered in her ear. “Are you going to cum for me?”

The gasps and moans hit a crescendo, filling the shop with joyful sounds that would surely have been overheard if there had been any passers by on the street outside. The lights seemed bright once more, but neither of them cared much. After a short while relaxing on the sofa, catching their breath and grinning from ear to ear, the two women reluctantly stood up and got dressed. “I should probably pay you for that dress and let you lock up properly,” Michaela said. “As long as you promise to meet me for drinks at the weekend to tell me how the event went,” Rose replied. That knowing smile returned. “Perhaps at my place?”


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