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Guest blog: Tit wanks helped me to love my big boobs

Strap in for this week’s amazing guest blog: Katy is here to talk about tit wanks. I want to give you a proper introduction to Katy, because she’s the awesome creator of the Sexpots Podcast, a weekly chat about all things filthy and fun in which 3 of us (Katy, Bitsy and I) pull random sex topics out of a pot and chat about our experiences with them, and play games that involve us competing to guess obscure kinks. So far we’ve covered such topics as spanking, squirting, anal and a whole host of ‘first times’. During a recent recording, one of the topics that came out of the pot was ‘tit wanks’, and Bitsy and I sat open-mouthed in awe as Katy taught us how to deliver tit wanks with joy and panache. She’s here to share with you the secret, and how tit wanks taught her to love her tits…


Suck my tits while I ride you: an ode to watching

One of the benefits of being tall is that men can suck my tits while I’m riding them. Watching a guy suck my tits is as beautiful as the phrase ‘suck my tits’ is clumsy. There should be a better way of saying this, but I can’t think of one, so instead I ask with gestures.


Nipples are the best, please never forget them

God, I love nipples.

Never has a bunch of nerve-endings been collected so neatly together in one place only to be so frequently overlooked as on the human nipple.

Sure, they have a legit purpose – they can sometimes be used to feed babies. Occasionally they can be used to shock facebook users into pressing the ‘OMG get rid of it I am so horrified’ button. After a lot of experimentation, I can tell you that they can’t be used as an alternative to a fingerprint to unlock the iPhone 5.

But what they can be used for is to push me swiftly over the edge into fairly intense arousal.