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Desperate – Quickie erotica

This gorgeous quickie erotica is written by Cara Thereon, read here by Girl on the Net. 

“Bit hot tonight, aren’t ya?”

She ignored his talking and pressed his back against the door so she could get to work on his clothes. He’d come straight from work, clad in a suit and smelling of sandalwood and coffee. The quickness of his reply to her text said he was just as interested, but all he’d done since she’d pull him into her apartment was talk.


Men in panties: how to wear my knickers (and how not to)

“I want to wear your knickers,” he tells me, and I’m instantly turned on – I love it when guys wear my knickers. I’m running simulations in my head: what he’ll look like in my knickers, and which pair might best show off his cock. But then he hits me with the next part… “and I want you to treat me like a silly little slut.”


You don’t sniff my knickers anymore

“Remember how you used to sniff my knickers while you had a wank?”


“Do you still do that?”


And thus my heart was broken.


A guy once offered to buy my used knickers

The first time someone put their face in my crotch and grinned at the strong, heady, end-of-the-day scent of my cunt, it was a bit of a revelation. I’d always assumed that the best state for a cunt to be in was clean as a whistle – and by clean I mean utterly stripped of character, cleansed, perfumed, and presented so perfectly that you wouldn’t be able to tell one neat one from another.

Uniformity and cleanliness: as if novelty and natural scent can never be as sexy as something personal.

Obviously that’s not true, and what’s more it’s a bit upsetting that we’re so often told to eradicate any hint of scent from our personal bits, lest our lovers should get their faces close and get to do that sexy *sniff* *sigh* thing that shows just how erotic our cunt smell can be.

Today I’m going to talk about knicker-sniffing, and I should warn you that this blog’s going to go into a fair bit of detail about dirty pants, as well as contain minor plot-based spoilers for Orange Is The New Black. Which is, umm, quite the combination.