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The ‘Party of Women’ ain’t partying today

This UK election has been one of massive schaudenfreude. There are so many moments of knicker-wetting hilarity; Jacob Rees-Mogg lost his seat! Liz Truss got record-breakingly shamed! Michael Green Sebastian Fox Corinne Stockheath Grant Shapps got the boot! The BBC told Steve Baker – live on air! – that he was toast! Lol. Lmao. Hahaha fucking ha. Pure joy. But while it’s healing and delicious to luxuriate in the news that the Conservative Party has lost more seats than it retained (seriously, lol! I wanna drink it down like wine!), let’s not forget that alongside handing the Tories their arses, the UK electorate also succeeded in humiliating a group of extremist transphobes: the Party of Women.


Guest blog: “Who are you, if not ‘Mrs’?” – a reply to Harrison Butker

Today’s guest blogger has a message for Harrison Butker, the football player (and traditional Catholic) who decided to use a commencement speech at Benedictine College in the US to make some pretty alarming statements about society. Violet Grey is a fabulous sex blogger who runs her own site at Becoming Violet Grey, and she’s guest blogged for me before with some gorgeously horny femdom fiction, as well as excellent rants on being a submissive feminist and the harm caused by Hollywood’s ‘bury your gays’ trope. Violet is a bisexual woman and a practicing Anglican (specifically, the Anglo-Catholic tradition) who has absolutely no time for misogyny, homophobia, and the other things Butker was advocating in his speech…


What I hear from the Republican Party on Kavanaugh

It’s important that you know: he didn’t do it. He has never done it. Would never do it. Kavanaugh is a good person.

Note: this post discusses the very credible sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, via quotes and ideas put forward by Republicans. Some of the comments and links are disturbing. 


Guest blog: Ethical porn – is it real?

This week’s guest blogger is Charlie Ten – @CharlieTenModel – a porn performer (or ‘mattress actress’ as she puts it on her Twitter profile, which made me giggle) who is here to talk about ethical porn. One of the things that most frustrates me about the porn ‘debate’ (by which I mean broadly the arguments between those who think that All Porn Is Bad And Evil and those who don’t) is that those who are anti-porn are rarely interested in engaging with the specific problems in the industry – their blanket dislike of porn means they can just say ‘all porn is bad’ and have done with it. Performers like Charlie, on the other hand, are well-placed to talk about the ways in which the industry may be letting people down, and how ethical porn producers are working to change that. Take it away Charlie…


Two things: Trump’s travel ban and Trump’s travel ban

Two things this week can focus on nothing other than Trump’s travel ban. No, it’s not sexy. But I cannot think of anything else right now. So here we go.