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Guest blog: Ethical porn – is it real?

This week’s guest blogger is Charlie Ten – @CharlieTenModel – a porn performer (or ‘mattress actress’ as she puts it on her Twitter profile, which made me giggle) who is here to talk about ethical porn. One of the things that most frustrates me about the porn ‘debate’ (by which I mean broadly the arguments between those who think that All Porn Is Bad And Evil and those who don’t) is that those who are anti-porn are rarely interested in engaging with the specific problems in the industry – their blanket dislike of porn means they can just say ‘all porn is bad’ and have done with it. Performers like Charlie, on the other hand, are well-placed to talk about the ways in which the industry may be letting people down, and how ethical porn producers are working to change that. Take it away Charlie…


Two things: Trump’s travel ban and Trump’s travel ban

Two things this week can focus on nothing other than Trump’s travel ban. No, it’s not sexy. But I cannot think of anything else right now. So here we go.


Teenage sexting: who are we protecting, exactly?

This week, incompetent bellend Jeremy Hunt decided to wade in on the issue of teenagers sexting. This apparently terrifying activity could, he claimed, be stopped once and for all by blocking nude images from/to phones owned by under-18s, or using language filters to prevent cyberbullying.

“There is a lot of evidence that the technology industry, if they put their mind to it, can do really smart things,” he babbled, ignorantly.

Better people than I have already explained why, from a technology perspective, that’s absolute bullshit. But even if it were possible, it’s a ridiculous thing to do.


Repeal the 8th: sometimes you have to state the obvious

The reason I haven’t blogged about the campaign to repeal the 8th, and in fact abortion in a general sense, is for one rather boring reason: it feels too obvious. Abortion is a right, because bodily autonomy is a right, and I don’t need to hear the details of an individual woman’s struggle in order to understand that someone’s choices are their own.

But I’m writing today because sometimes it’s worth stating the obvious.


Two things: from the Women’s Equality Party

I was so down on Friday I couldn’t bring myself to post a guest blog. Sorry about that. It’s an absolute corker, too – super-sexy, as I’m pretty sure you’ll agree when I put it live tomorrow. I just didn’t want it getting lost in all the rage and sadness about Brexit. Anyway. I have a themed ‘two things’ for you this week – both of them relating to the Women’s Equality Party, and both of them bad, I’m afraid. Let’s get angry.