Guest blog: Mercy – humiliated and used

This week’s guest blogger – the fabulous Violet Grey (@v_greyauthor) has already written two incredible posts here: on how much sex millennials are having and what it means to be a submissive feminist. I love her political posts, but I also adore her sexy writing, and you’ll understand why when you read this gorgeous femdom story about a guy being humiliated and used. Take it away Violet…

Mercy: Humiliated and used

You tell me, in detail, how you want to be tied up. Humiliated and used and have your cock milked until not a drop of cum is left in those gorgeous balls of yours. The thought of you whimpering as I edge you, while struggling against leather straps is delicious to me, and I have to fight the ever growing urge to reach between my legs and satisfy the throbbing in my clit.

You blush while you tell me your deepest fantasies. You’re so cute when you blush. We talk limits, safe words and set a date. You’re to come home from work, undress at the door and wait for me in the bedroom.

When the day comes, you do just that. Sitting on the bed, I recognise the familiar pad of your footsteps up the staircase, when – naked as Adam – you make your way to the bedroom. You stop mid-stride when you see me.

“Christ!” you gasp. “You look hot…”

I grin, smoothing my hand over the latex corset that pushes up my tits, polished to a high shine with lube, heels and gothic makeup.

“You like it?”

Your eyes light up.

Like it?”

My eyes wander over your nakedness. Of course, I love what I see, especially that gorgeous cock that’s already hard and ready for me to play with. Maybe we’ll try putting it in a cage like you mentioned, if this goes well.

“So…” I say, “Are you going to crawl to me, or do I have to make you?”

That adorable blush settles in your cheeks. I want to see more of that blush tonight. As instructed, you crawl across to me. I take my chosen collar for you: a frilly collar of black lace with a pearl in the centre, fastening it around your neck. You hate frills in our everyday life, but that’s what you asked for specifically. Humiliate me with the frills, you said.

It doesn’t take long to get you all tied up. Face up on the bed, cuffs around your wrists and ankles, arms spread out at your sides, bit gag in your mouth. I laugh as the lube in my hand touches your cock. I made sure it was nice and cold. You gasp and squirm.

“Aww, can’t you take it already?” I tease. “But we’re just getting started…”

I work your cock in my hand. Your eyes close with a little moan.

“No coming until I say so, is that understood?”

A Yes, Mistress comes, muffled from behind the gag. I smile.

“Good boy…”

I edge you again and again, laughing and admonishing you more as you plead through your gag to let you come.

“You honestly think I’m going to let you come?” I say. Your fists clench in your cuffs. “Pathetic. No stamina at all…”

So many words leave my claret-lipsticked mouth:

Pathetic little slave… Pathetic little slave and his pathetic cock… I’ll train that cock to please me whenever I want it… Mistress doesn’t have to edge you… You’re just a cock for me to play with…

With every mocking word, your cheeks grow redder. You wanted me to make you blush.

“Awww…” I gently swirl my finger around your nipple. You practically squeal as I squeeze it between my fingers. Pushing my tits in your face, I tease my lips against your ear.

“You’re such a cute sub for me…”

I straddle your face, teasing my bare pussy against your gagged lips. I pour more lube on your cock and mercilessly begin to pump it in my hand, letting go every time you get remotely close, getting wetter every time you struggle and beg. The room is filled with your whimpers and my evil little laughs.

“Pathetic little slave can’t even make his mouth useful…”

You groans tickle between my legs. You’re growing so desperate now. Your cock is thick and rock solid, my fingers stroking against the veins, tasting your tip on my tongue. Claret coloured lipstick smudges along the sensitive skin, mixing with the lube. Good, I think, it’ll remind you who you belong to.

I get off you, this time straddling your legs, teasing your raging hard cock with the tips of my fingers. Your eyes widen. Oh, you’re so close… You beg so well for me. I have to hold everything in me back not to just ride you here and now. But I have another plan. My eyes lock with yours.

“You can come now…” I say.

With a soft moan, your eyes close, body growing languid as your hips start to jerk, a series of grunts growing louder as finally, white cum starts to spurt from your cock…

…when I let it go.

I watch as you struggle and beg in disbelief, as more dribbles out on to your stomach. You’re so tense, cock twitching while you groan loudly to the ceiling. A devilish smile spreads across my cheeks.

“I said you could come,” I say simply. “I never said you could feel pleasure from it.”

I’ve never seen you blush so red.


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