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‘Premature’ ejaculation: spunk uncontrollably into my cunt

I’m a big fan of penetrative sex: it’s not the only way to fuck, but it is my favourite. I understand that some people don’t want their partner to ejaculate too quickly during penetration – they want their ‘turn’ to come before any jizzing occurs. The notion of the ‘two-pump chump‘, while shamey and horrible-sounding, does nevertheless express something that’s important for some people, and I don’t want to imply that their desires here are invalid. Nor do I want to invalidate your desires if you find yourself coming really quickly during sex and desperately wishing you could last a little longer. If you’re shagging me, though? Please don’t ever worry about ‘premature ejaculation’ on my account. Two pumps is fine. Even just one, to be honest. One of the hottest things you can ever do is spunk uncontrollably into my cunt.


MyHixel: can sex tech help with premature ejaculation?

There are some things I can’t do myself, and testing out a brand new device aimed at helping people with premature ejaculation issues is, sadly, one of them. Luckily for me, CJ Brook (@CJBrook_) was on hand to step in – valiantly and eagerly agreeing to put the MyHixel TR through its paces. MyHixel is one of my newest site sponsors – they used research on premature ejaculation to create a device plus app-based training programme designed to help you delay your time to orgasm. There are two different devices – the TR (reviewed here), which focuses on climax control, and the MED which is more tailored to premature ejaculation. How does ‘climax control’ training work? Penis-owner and excellent guest blogger CJ Brook is here to tell you. You’ve met him before, in this fabulous post about cloning his dick, and this other one on butt plugs and the joy of a great hotel wank. What did he make of the MyHixel? Let’s see…