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Guest blogs: a selection of amazing sex stories

So: each week on Friday I publish a guest blog. They vary from super-hot sex stories to adorably romantic tales, through beautiful rants and sometimes all three. Since I started I’ve had over 60 of these amazing snippets of other people’s sex lives and opinions, and I’ve got plenty more in my drafts folder.

Instead of posting one this week, though, I’m going to give you a few choice pieces from the archive. Why? Lots of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, some of these were written a good long while ago, before I had lots of traffic. So bumping them gives the writers some love. Secondly, because I’ve been re-reading guest posts to try and work out what I can and should try to commission for future blogs, and I remembered how awesome they are. Thirdly, I care a lot about guest blogs: they aren’t just cheap content to chuck online. I always try to write a wrap, get it signed off by the writer, and promote the blogs so they get a fair shake. But this week’s been a tough one, and I’m exhausted, and for the first time in a really long time, I’ve failed to do that. The fact that I have failed brings me out in a cold sweat, but I hope you understand, and I really hope you’ll check out some of the gorgeous writing in the links below.

Let’s start at the beginning, with a first-time fuck that smashes all expectations:

“The night it happened wasn’t a Monday. It was Good Friday and we’d booked a cheap hotel room so we could stay out later, go to a club and kiss some boys. Except, it being Easter and all, kissing boys didn’t feel like enough. ‘I’m going to lose my virginity tonight,’ I told best friend, not really believing it would happen, but stashing a three-pack of condoms in my handbag nonetheless.”

Next: that kind of super-special filthy-hot sex that just doesn’t come round every day – with a bonus picture from the event itself:

“One look from a lover can last you a lifetime.

She was kneeling in front of me, naked. This happens a lot.

She was breathless too. Not from thrashing about, I realised – though there had been an agreeable amount of the bouncy stuff prior to this particular moment – but from something more subtle. A tiny gasp, reminded me that some joys are so exquisite to contemplate, that you momentarily forget to breathe. This doesn’t happen as much.”

And a teasing tidbit of anticipation:

“I have pictured this for so long. How decorous we will be in public then, as soon as we are in the hotel room, you push me up against the wall. You kiss me fiercely, one hand clutching my breast, the other slides up my thigh, under my skirt, two fingers push inside my pants, inside me and finger fuck me to oblivion.”

Romantic guest blogs

If you’ve had your fill of filth and you fancy a little romance, how about the lost art of kissing?

“A good kiss, a proper sensual smacker, starts slowly almost hesitatingly by not touching. The first of the senses to be engaged is sight. If anyone tells you that you shut your eyes to kiss tell them they’re doing it wrong. You must start with your eyes open. Look at your partner, look into their eyes, look at their face, the nose, the mouth, the shape of the lips, their colour. Enjoy this calm observation and appreciate this beautiful sight. Up close you can read the eyes and the mouth as they make the tiniest of movements, little dances of encouragement.”

Or perhaps this – a rhythmic ramble about crushes, which never fails to make me smile, and is a bit of a foreshadow of the blog I’ve lined up for Sunday…

“The thing is, you never know when it’s going to hit you. Sometimes, you’ll just be thirsty. It’s a cold, crisp October morning, and you just want a hot drink. So you’ll go into the nearest corporate coffee emporium and order the silliest sounding hot drink. While pondering whether you want one of those little caramel biscuit things, you realise that the barista is asking you a question. You’re just in the middle of saying “large” when you look up and meet her eyes. Christ. They have a piercing quality that burns through your skull. You manage to say something that sounds like “laaaarr-g-g-le”. She smiles slightly, and brushes her dark hair from her eyes.”

Have a lovely weekend, and apologies again for being lax. I’ve got some amazing guest blogs in the pipeline, and of course I’m always up for new guest blog pitches, but in the meantime please do give these older ones some love.


  • Me says:

    As someone that suffers from anxiety I know how you feel, like this is the end of the end of the world. I think looking at the past guest blogs is lovely, now I get 5 instead of just 1! When I was 6 my mother gave me a book called “Mistakes that Worked”. I highly recommend it. Everything from coke, to chocolate chip cookies, to post-it notes is in there. So this is just a mistake that worked! And I bet those past authors are extra grateful, and one week can’t matter *that* much to whomever the current author is.

    And me saying this might not help one bit, but I hope it does <3

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