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Guess what?

I’ve written a book.

It sounds so simple when I write it down like that, but it’s actually taken a bloody long time, because I kept having to break away from writing it to fuck the people who are in it, and masturbate vigorously while thinking about them. I am incredibly excited about this, and I really hope that some of you are too.

It’s not just a random collection of blog entries, or a fictional depiction of my most torrid and disgusting fantasies: it’s a memoir.

I wrote it for the same reason I started this blog: because despite pioneering work by countless women, we’re still a bit weird about sex. We still refer to ‘female masturbation’ in hushed tones, as if it’s something unusual and rare. We hear that men think about sex every six seconds while women will feign headaches to get out of it. I see men being portrayed as one-dimensional sex-driven automatons and women as the grudging servants of their sexual desires. I don’t recognise these women, or these men, and I never have.

Everyone’s unique, and has a different take on sex. This book’s about my take on it, and it’s written for people like you, who have unique takes on it too. I’m wrong a lot of the time. I’m ranty, irritating, occasionally amoral and I use the word ‘fuck’ far too often, but I’m honest.

I wrote this book because since I started writing my blog people have emailed me and said “I wish I could be so open” or sent me filthy fantasies of their own. I wrote it because I didn’t just want to tell people what I’d done, but to explain why I’m glad to have done it. Why I’m not cowering in a corner regretting the number of guys I’ve done and the variety of things I’ve done with them. Why I’m not ashamed.

So if you fancy reading a ranty, sexy memoir, please do buy my book when it’s out. All of the pertinent info is below, and I’ll update you soon with links to where you can buy it when it’s released. I just wanted you to be the first to know.

Girl on the Net: My not so shameful sex secrets

It’ll be out around the end of May, published by Carina UK – the new digital imprint from Harlequin UK.

If you’d like to get an alert when it’s available, please subscribe via the box at the top right of the blog. If you’re a blogger and you’d like a preview to review, just drop me an email with the subject heading “I’d like to review your book, GOTN” (or something similar) and a link to your blog, and I’ll send a list of people on to my publisher.

Thank you, you are all amazing

Finally, a massive thank you – when I first started this blog (back in September 2011, for those who like history) I was worried about a number of things. Would people be mean to me? Would they out me? Would they ignore the blog on the grounds that I am a tedious pervert?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised on all counts, and bowled over by how kind you’ve all been – reading the blog, sharing it around, leaving thoughtful and interesting comments, emailing me your thoughts, stories and cock pictures, and above all not telling me to sod off. Thank you so much to everyone who has ever left a comment, liked a post, retweeted something, or just told your friends to read it. It genuinely means a hell of a lot.

Please keep doing it, because without you I am not a successful sex blogger: I’m just a girl, sitting at a laptop in her pants, masturbating over stories I tell for my own amusement.