Yes. These pictures are actually me. Yes. I am far more disappointing in real life.

Professional sex blogger, audio porn producer and pervert. Amateur anxious mess.

I write real-life sex stories and occasional horny fiction.

I also ramble about feminism, consent, online dating tips, mental health, the business of sex blogging and other topics that are vaguely adjacent to these things.

If you recognise me from the pictures and think you know me, please keep quiet about it. If you are a journalist or potential client, get in touch here. If you want to advertise with me, read the advertising page. All other questions are covered in the FAQs.

Since 2017 I’ve been producing ethical audio porn, and as of 2023 the audio porn project is now by far the most visited section of my site, so technically there should be two ‘about’ pages here: one for the audio project and another for the blog.

What’s GOTN [the audio porn project] all about?

Many years ago, a couple of blind website users got in touch to let me know it wasn’t that sexy hearing erotica read aloud in the robotic tones of their screenreading software, and they asked if I’d start recording them. Six years, dozens of contributors and hundreds of stories later, the audio project now provides a huge bank of aural smut that’s completely free to access. Please do link to it, share it, and support the project on Patreon if you’d like to help keep it going.

The aim of the project is to share as much fabulous smut as possible while also paying creators, showcasing a broad range of other incredible sex writers, introducing readers/listeners to horny new perspectives and ideas, and generally embracing the variety and beauty of human sexuality.

What’s GOTN [the blog] all about?

The blog itself is a personal one – I, GOTN, pull my heart out through my cunt and smear it all over the internet.

In the process I hope to challenge sex stigma and spark fucky joy: not everyone is going to have or want sex in the same way, but everyone should be allowed the freedom and space to explore consensual fuckthings with a giant grin on their face and a bucket of lube by their side should they so desire.

That’s not to say I’m relentlessly ‘sex positive’ though: often embracing sex means reflecting critically on the ways in which we do it or discuss it. Also, I am firmly of the belief that introspection and obsessive navelgazing about the ‘why’s of what we choose to do with our bodies is fun and valuable in and of itself.

Who is ‘Girl on the Net’?

I’m an incredibly average London-based woman on the threshold of 40. Fan of DIY, cider, punk rock, and cheap dates. I appreciate any and all support you can give me, because this really is all run on a shoestring budget and a hell of a lot of goodwill.

If you can support me on Patreon, you get a tonne of bonus content and my eternal gratitude. Even if you only ever give me £20/$20 (roughly one year’s annual subscription at the lowest possible tier) you are more supportive than 99.9% of all other site visitors, and your contribution truly does make a huge difference!

If you can’t afford to do the Patreon thing, please don’t worry: that funding and the generous help of my sponsors helps to keep both the blog and the audio porn free for you. If you’d like to shower a bit of love on my work or that of the incredible guest writers/readers you find here, shares are incredibly welcome too. Plus, of course, any lovely comments you care to leave below the line.





  • Dan S. says:

    “But if they go too far and start speaking with the glazed-eyes, drooling lust that we’d expect from men at the end of a webcam, people shut off”.

    Some of us love this in a girl.

    But them some of us had an utter pervert as our first girlfriend and were ruined for “nice” girls.

    More please.

    And yes, I have cracked one off, thanks for asking

  • Mr Archer says:

    That website your friend has (with the pics) has a virus linked to it. Shame. Because I wanna see those pictures, now…

  • girlonthenet says:

    Ouch, good spot – thanks. I’ll let him know.

  • hh says:

    Just found your blog and we’re enjoying it!


    HH & Lo

  • ps says:

    Brilliant! I had thought the photos were just some stock photos of models off the internet, now I know your a fittie I will be paying even more attention!

  • Jack says:

    Hi whatever your name is, You sound like a very saucy nice girl would you come to Perthshire, Scotland and make love to me? your cleavage is very very sexy. I would love you naked and wet on top of me very soon. xxx

  • Me says:

    Discovered your site today. Unfortunately I di so a work.

    Your writing is delicious and has given me a series of throbbing boners today, the last one as I read your site on the train. To my horror I looked down to see the clear outline of my hard cock through my suit trousers. I fear the woman opposite me who was half-reading the Metro got at eyeful.

    I still haven’t taken care of it but I will…!

  • g says:

    I wanna gangbang your cunt hard n cover you in cum

  • Hairy Highlander says:

    Nice to (kind of) be able to put an image to the girl in the book…

    Take care,


  • Louise Butler says:

    Logged onto your site after seeing you mentioned in Glamour mag (if my memory serves!), so glad i did. Have been following your blogs for last few months and love it!!! Such a relief that you write about what some of us women think about sex, or what we want to try!! Yes, we are just as horny as men and yes we love sex. Girlonthenet please keep up the good work, literally!! :) x

  • Ivan says:

    hey there!! stumbled onto your blog and found it really interesting.. really loved the sex with a stranger post. FYI, i’ve always wanted to bang a random female stranger as well.. awaiting more adventrous posts and stories! keep it up girl! :)

  • Lola says:

    Have Amazon stopped handling your book? I just went to buy it after downloading a sample (OMG it made me hot!) and it’s not showing the book at all. Hoping it’s a glitch! Keep up with your sexploits!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hello! Thanks for asking – I actually just heard back from the publisher about this – there’s been a bit of a problem with my book (not sure why) but it disappeared for a short while. Should be back on Amazon shortly! I’ll drop you an email when it’s up. And thanks – delighted that you want to buy it =)

  • Ivan says:

    I’ve been reading some of the posts you’ve made, as well as some of the articles you’ve posted for other media, such as the “Can women get sex whenever they want” article you made for The Guardian, and I gotta say, I’m really liking all the stuff you’re putting out there. Very honest, intelligent, and for us men, informative.

    I have always agreed that slut shaming is a horrible construct endorsed by modern social conditioning, and I’m really glad that there’s a girl out there, brave enough to freely speak her mind on the net for others to listen.

    Hell, I’ve even shared this with some of my male and female friends in the hopes of helping the former to truly understand women, and encourage the latter to feel more free to speak their minds.

    Keep on being awesome!! I look forward to reading more from you! ;)

  • Sangsara says:

    How the heck do I subscribe to your blog? I can’t find a form anywhere

    • Girl on the net says:

      There’s a subscribe box in the top right-hand corner (or if you’re on tablet or mobile you’ll need to scroll down to see it) but lots of people have said that, so I will have my website designer publicly flogged. And then ask him to make the subscribe box more visible =)

      • massage_me_deep says:

        I’m on mobile, and I cannot find a subscribe box ANYWHERE! I’ll volunteer to flog your web designer (I have a thing for computer guys anyway)…

        • Girl on the net says:

          Dammit, that’s annoying. I’ll subscribe you now so check your email/spam and you should get a confirmation. Blog’s getting redesigned soon so I’ll sort it out!

  • massage_me_deep says:

    “even if that company happens to be a crowd of guys explaining the filthy things they’d love their girlfriends to do, I’m usually met with disbelief or awkward banter: you don’t really mean that, do you? They think it’s weird. Women can have a healthy appetite for sex, but they can’t be perverts.”

    Not only that, but if you show even a slight interest in sex and a willingness to talk about it frankly, that becomes the focus of every bloody conversation with a man!! If you have a healthy appreciation for sex, if you actually enjoy it, suddenly you are this indiscriminate slut who will bang ANYONE. Since you are willing to TALK about sex with them, they reason, you must be willing to go through with the actual act with them. It never occurs to these men that you enjoy talking about sex because it’s a fascinating subject, and one that you have plenty of experience talking and being open about, that it DOESN’T mean you automatically want to fuck anyone with a cock. It’s frustrating and insulting and makes being yourself when dating very difficult, because in order to be the kind of girl a man actually invests time into building a relationship with, you have to not show that part of yourself until they are already invested in you. Otherwise, you just become fodder for their personal spank banks and then they disappear when you no longer want to talk ONLY about sex!

  • ThisGirl says:

    Absolutely enjoying your writing and will be purchasing your book first thing!
    I’ve re-read several times since I found your blog from Rori Sweet’s Top 10 list, and found that I had to pause at the same place you did in the Buttsex entry. ;)
    It is so lovely to learn that I’m not alone in being a sex-obsessed female. Looking forward to my new subscription, and many thanks!!

  • Nick says:

    Thank you. You have been a dirty secret I have enjoyed these last few months, coming out of depression and a collapsing marriage, your writing has been a big part of my, well, awakening. It’s nice to know there are other people out there who can be as disgustingly filthy and unashamed! May all your orgasms be toe-curlers! Big love xxx

  • Andrea Harding says:

    I personally think you are just great. Women don’t talk enough.
    So many problems and things we would rather not talk about because they are embarrassing or because we
    don’t want anyone to know that we might have a little problem with our intimacy issues.
    Thank you for being here… and for being fun and sometimes funny but always honest….Andrea

  • john says:

    Thank you for that Rick Astley surprise appearance, made my evening.(reminded how much i enjoyed that song)

  • dean says:

    I think most of the immature dickheads who try to find out who you are,and send you messages about what they want to do to you are just little boys who I don’t think know how to pleasure a woman,who think if they girlfriend had a sex toy would count that as cheating on them put it this way little boys its not just about dipping your wick it about how you make a woman feel and seeing the pleasure on a woman’s face after they multiplied orgasmed and the embrace of each others body’s before and even more after this blogs not for little pr–ks who used to wan bam thank you unfulfilled woman I’ve had my fun women are laughing at you and I am to and before you think who’s this geek I’m not a geek I’m not intelligent enough to be one in just a normal guy.

  • Jojo says:

    Hi GOTN,
    Love love your your blog, perspective and utter hotness! Can’t wait for the second book, any idea when it is going to be published?
    Question.. And sorry if I’ve missed anything written previously.. Gushing, squirting? I’d be very interested in your thoughts and experience ..fairly recent discovery from a newbie who isn’t quite sure whether to go with it or fight it!!!
    Thanks 😊

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh I am SO JEALOUS! I can’t squirt (or at least, I have never managed it so far) but from watching it on porn it looks like it would be an amazingly satisfying thing! I wrote a brief thing about it a while ago (although it’s mainly on my sadness when guys say ‘come on let’s make you squirt’ and itdoesn’t happen). http://www.girlonthenet.com/2013/04/23/squirting-female-ejaculation-gushing/ I say go with whatever feels comfortable and fun and safe for you =) You might also want to check out a blogger called Epiphora, who writes a lot on squirting and is generally awesome.

      And re: book – it will be out at the beginning of March 2016 =) Thanks for asking!

  • dean says:

    Hello GOTN, I’m really interested in becoming a sex toy tester but I’m not very good with computers,but I am pretty good with words and most of the time talk filth as some people say but that’s they’re problem not mine lol but I’ve tried a couple of sites but they either want you to have your own blog or write about 50 to 100 words on why they should pick me followed with a link of what toys I like but I cant seem to send the link with what I’m writing as I haven’t got a computer I’ve only got my mobile phone could you help me?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Blimey – I’m not sure how I can help you tbh. Most sites will be mobile-accessible, but it depends on the company you’re trying to submit to. If you want to be a serious sex-toy tester (i.e. if you want to do more than one or two reviews) then you will need to set up your own blog. Check out sites like wordpress (you’d want a custom install on your own domain rather than one on wordpress itself if you’re doing adult content) or google how to set up a blog. It’s quite complicated and I don’t have time to talk you through the whole thing, but CaraSutra.co.uk has some great advice on her site.

  • Rachel says:

    This blog is incredible. After years of serious relationships full of ‘vanilla’ sex, I’ve finally begun experimenting and working out what I enjoy, what I want to try and finding the right people to explore and experience things with. Your Feeling Full page felt as if you’d crawled out of my brain, and wrote down my thoughts.

    Thanks, and please continue to be sexy, dirty and self aware! x

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey – thank you so much! Delighted you like it, and good luck with all your experimenting – it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun =) xx