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Cara Thereon is a erotic writer of color who blogs at Having kept a blog for over fifteen years, Cara works to stimulate the mind with a variety of erotic fiction that could appeals to a wide group of readers. She also explores some aspects of her life via non-fiction such as her mental health and how she navigates life. You can find examples of her fiction outside of her blog on such sites as or in anthologies like Lust In The Dust and Truth: An Eroticon Anthology.

Desperate – Quickie erotica

This gorgeous quickie erotica is written by Cara Thereon, read here by Girl on the Net. 

“Bit hot tonight, aren’t ya?”

She ignored his talking and pressed his back against the door so she could get to work on his clothes. He’d come straight from work, clad in a suit and smelling of sandalwood and coffee. The quickness of his reply to her text said he was just as interested, but all he’d done since she’d pull him into her apartment was talk.