No touching today – a chastity story

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This gorgeous chastity story is written by Cara Thereon, read here by Sherryl Blu

She was a horny mess.

He’d woken her with kisses on her inner thigh, his lips skating up her leg until she’d parted them with a sleepy sigh. Strong hands slipped beneath her to grip her ass before sliding to her waist just as his lips had fastened to her vulva.

“Oh.” She didn’t open her eyes, letting her back arch as his tongue dipped into her cunt.

“Good morning, my slut.”

Moaning, she spread her legs wider, palming her breasts. He sometimes woke her like this, claiming her first orgasm of the day with his mouth. Sometimes, he fucked her, filling her with cum before he left for work. She’d try, and usually fail, to keep from touching herself while she was at work herself. He seemed to have a different plan for today.

His mouth worked hard at her, sucking her clit and tonguing her until she was tugging at his hair and begging. Instead of giving her the release she desperately needed, he lifted his mouth and slipped something thick inside her. It most certainly was not his cock.

“What-” Her eyes popped open and before she could ask what it was, he was trapping it inside her with some kind of strapped contraption.

“No touching today.”

Glancing down the line of her body, she found him smiling up at her. She also found soft leather strap that circled her waist. Another strap connected below it to run down between her thighs, spreading her labia and nestling between her ass cheeks, before connecting to the strap around her waist at the back. She stared in disbelief, jumping when he reached up to tweak her nipple.

“A little chastity Tuesday. Something to keep your mind on what I plan to do to you tonight.”

She touched all along the leather, feeling the way every movement would keep her on edge. “But… but I have to work today.”

“I know. It’s why I didn’t put the butt plug in too.”

He was up and getting dressed, leaving her flustered and unbearably aroused. The thick dildo inside her made her antsy. She was slick, frustrated, and she hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. Something he was quick to help her do.

Pulling her from where she lay, he turned her around and spanked her ass until she was hopping on her toes. He bent her fully over the bed, not missing the way her hips pushed back into him as he pinned her down. His kissed her neck before sinking his teeth into her shoulder, drawing the most animalistic noise from her.

“I want you on edge and ready for me all day, slut. I want you eager and wet for me. I want you so desperate for me you’ll let me fuck you anyway, anywhere, I want.”

She was desperate now. Shaking and needy. How the fuck was she going to make it through work? She whimpered as he lifted off her, missing the weight of him.

“I know you can do it.”

Standing slowly, she tried to keep her mind on the work she had to do. She was reaching for panties when he stopped her.

“Wear a skirt. No panties.” He turned her toward him to lay a sweet kiss on her face. “See you tonight, my slut.”

She leaned against the vanity, barely hearing the front door close. Her hand went to her cunt, feeling along the belt. The strap was wide enough to prevent even the lightest of touch, but she’d be able to use the bathroom. She pulled her hands away, unsure how she’d make it all day. Chastity Tuesday, her ass. More like frustration Tuesday.

This awesome chastity story is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of Cara’s amazing work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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