Guest blog: My OnlyFans is more than just a job

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Today’s guest blogger is Rose of On Her Back – check out her blog, Twitter and OnlyFans! That last one is the reason she’s here today – to tell you all about why she started up an OnlyFans, and how it swiftly became more than just ‘a job’ during Covid, but a much-needed confidence boost and welcome addition to her sex life. 

CN: discussion of weight loss

My OnlyFans is more than just a job

A year ago in March, I entered the world of adult entertainment. It was something I had wanted to do, but not something I believed I ever would.

I grew up thinking that all sex workers were women who had been forced into the sex working industry. When I became a sex blogger, I learned that wasn’t true: most sex workers are very much in control of their lives.

When COVID-19 struck, and I didn’t have a job, I started my OnlyFans after trying ManyVids a few times. It wasn’t a hard decision: I wanted to earn money at home, and I wasn’t comfortable getting a job outside. So I set up my OnlyFans account and started filming and shooting.

OnlyFans has made a significant impact on my self esteem. While there are shit-people around, I didn’t get many of them on my OnlyFans. Instead I got to know my new COVID-heavier body, and I loved it.

Early on, I invested in some skimpy lingerie and quickly learned that just wearing the lingerie was exciting. And then, oh boy, seeing myself in that lingerie in pictures just blew me away. My curves, my chub, my hips, and my breasts mesmerize me. On top of that, people pay to look at me. If that isn’t a confidence boost, I don’t know what is!

Having an OnlyFans became an important part of my sex life. Shortly after moving to our new state, my wife developed a chronic illness and partnered sex slowed to an almost complete stop. Soon, OnlyFans became my sex life, and I am so thankful that I have this outlet.

I tend not to interact with my followers too much. I dress up (down?) with makeup, fake eyelashes, and skimpy lingerie, and I set up my equipment to film myself masturbating.

Because of OnlyFans, I learned how to edit, photoshop, and film. I discovered that filming is not half bad on my phone and I found a new love of ring lights. Now, I know how to take pictures at a flattering angle, if I so choose, and how to take downright silly photos.

The photography and computer skills I learned because of OnlyFans have helped me with my sex blog, too. I now post photos on Molly’s Sinful Sunday meme. Regardless of where my life takes my OnlyFans, I will keep posting these erotic photos on Sinful Sunday.

I pay to follow some other creators, supporting the friends I have met as sex workers. Part of what I make goes back to the women I follow, and I’ve made friends through the platform too – I met up with a fellow sex worker who I now see every weekend since we met in person.

For me, putting my body on display was intimidating but so powerful. I do not know how much longer I will be doing this full time. In fact, I haven’t for a while. My life is changing, and other (self) employment opportunities have arisen, but my OnlyFans still significantly impacts my sex life.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made as an adult. Viewing myself as a sexual being, and knowing that other people do too has boosted my self-esteem. While I’m trying to lose weight for my health, I’m going to miss my chubby curves.

With or without OnlyFans, I will keep prancing around in lingerie while I write. I will continue taking photos of my sexy, chubby self, and damn right I am going to share them on my blog. Looking at my erotic self because of OnlyFans has helped me begin to love my more considerable body. Going into the adult entertainment world has been good for me. I have made friends, I have grown to like my body, and I have discovered I have a love of lingerie and looking at erotic photos of myself. I did not think I would ever like looking at myself in a sexual way.


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