Every single inch: getting your dick all the way in

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Bend over. Put your face in the pillow. Stick your ass out. Spread your cheeks. I want to get my dick as far inside you as it will go: all the way in. 

The people who fuck in my fantasies are often obsessed with getting it all the way in. And what I mean, of course, is that I have a fixation for dick being shoved all the way in. The size of someone’s cock doesn’t matter – what matters is whether the person fucking with it is as deep as they can possibly get.

In my fantasies, they usually do this by angling the person getting fucked: bending her over a desk with her thighs spread apart, for example. Or lying her on her side, curled into the foetal position on the edge of a pool table with her thighs pressed tight together and her cunt presented neatly in the centre, while each one takes it in turns to slide his dick inside. Sometimes in my fantasies I invent really specific spanking bench set-ups, to allow penetration at the perfect height and angle: bent over and strapped down tight, bum sticking out just far enough that the guy fucking her can spread his legs and plant his feet apart just in front of hers, yanking on straps and belts and her hair in order to maintain his balance. To drive his cock deeper.

To get it all the way in.

In real life, too, I am obsessed with this. That moment when he slams up against me, or simply presses up against me – firmly and slowly – until not a single inch or atom of his dick remains outside my body.

All the way in

What is it about this that makes it so sexy? I’ve always assumed that this ‘all the way in’ thing was more satisfying for my partners than partial insertion, although my assumptions appear to be wrong. You may find it works differently for you, but my current dude explained that as the head is the most sensitive part of his cock, getting penetration right down to the base doesn’t add that much in terms of pure sensation.

But sensation isn’t everything. What makes a particular thing sexy can’t just be reduced to the physical. There’s something about having his dick – his entire dick – inside me that goes beyond the simple thrill of the nerve endings beneath the skin.

The feeling of fucking, or getting fucked, is a delicious combination of the physical and the psychological.

Just the tip?

When I ask to be teased during fucking, it’s often assumed that what I want is some kind of edging sensation: where I’ll get rubbed and fucked until I’m close to coming, then abandoned until I cool off a little, left squirming with frustration that I can’t get orgasmic relief. But in fact the best way to tease me isn’t with promised climaxes or clitoral stimulation, it’s by withholding the satisfaction – the relief – of your dick going all the way in.

If I’m horny enough, my cunt actually hurts. It’s a painful, physical ache, the kind you might get in your muscles the morning after an energetic day. The entrance to my cunt throbs, and the only way to relieve is is to stretch and fill it with cock.

Sometimes when we’re fucking, he’ll start with just the tip. He’ll watch himself playing around the wetness of my vulva, mesmerised by the way the slickness of me transfers to the tip of his cock, dipping himself in and out of my cunt. Not with his whole cock – just an inch or two. Reliving, over and over, that moment reddit documents so eagerly at /r/whenitgoesin.

He’s not so much fucking me as giving me a taste of what fucking might feel like.

In and out. Just the tip. Over and over until I’m squirming.

Slicking the head of his dick against me and inside me until it trails shining liquid down my slit.

Interspersing his short, teasing, just-the-tip strokes with long pauses so he can wait to hear me whimper.

Feeling the ‘pop’ as the ridge at the head of his cock slides past the aching ring of pain that is the entrance to my desperate cunt.

Snatching brief glances at my face as I frown in frustration, and beg him for more than just this. More than the tip. Push harder. Stretch me further. Scratch that itch.

Until eventually, when I’ve waited long enough, and my plaintive mewling turns to guttural (“Fuck me”) demands, he’ll angle his slick cock just right so he can do it in one smooth stroke… before shoving it all the way in.


This post is also available as audio porn. Click ‘listen here’ above or visit the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Kris says:

    Well… That’s going to be a distracting series of thoughts for today…

    • Girl on the net says:

      *evil grin*

      • Sqrl says:

        #FirstWorldProblem but, one of the small disappointments of being appreciably endowed is you rarely get to experience All The Way In. And even when you do it’s often not pleasant for the receiver. Which isn’t great for you, yada yada yada.

        • Girl on the net says:

          Ah yeah I’m sorry, that must be quite frustrating. Have you ever heard of the thrust bumper? I was introduced to it at a trade show a while back, it’s designed to fulfil that purpose a little – where you can basically add a buffer of squish at the base of your cock to allow you to slam it home more effectively. It’s not quite the same thing, but I thought I’d leave the link here just in case it might be of interest. https://perfectfitbrand.com/the-bumper.html

          • Sqrl says:

            Hashtag What Will They Think Of Next. Have you uhm, given one a go? I assume because there’s still a link of physical contact, the lady also gets some of the benefit of that full body feeling?

        • Di says:

          I long for a cock like that, I play with extremely large dildos and like them “all the way in” , oh frustration !

  • Nick says:

    I love going up-to-the-kiwifruits in my lady, missionary, feeling her bum against my clockweights.
    One of the things about porn I’m not so keen on is the half thrusts.
    I know it’s for the visual but there is something more satisfying about making cheeks wobble with deep pushes.

  • E.L. Byrne says:

    Dang… no sex for a few days for me… not sure how I’ll make it! THANKS! LOL

  • RatMan29 says:

    My fave thing has been where it won’t go all the way in… so I wind up pounding on your cervix like a pile driver. Oh yeah!!

  • fuzzy says:

    Ok so I’m male. But I have the same fetish; I absolutely adore that “all the way in full pushing — move my whole body in tiny increments — once he’s all the way in every.last.fraction.of.an.inch”. And when I’m doing the penetrating it’s the same way, lol; I want to be in so far I feel like my whole body is trying to climb in and nestle down for a long winter’s nap. I can just stay there and hang out indefinitely, or at least as long as my partner continues to like it. whoof, just thinking about it all makes my ball sac curl and my cock twitch down at the root inside me. brrrwwwwrrr.

  • Oh, I love this and, yes, it’s something I’ve written about myself.

    I’m quite well-endowed myself, but out of the ladies I’ve slept with, only one has ever felt I was too big to fit in entirely (she was a tiny woman herself!). All the others have been appreciative of my size and, accordingly, they have all been a fan of the extra little push. It adds just enough extra sensation that I was once able to bring my then-girlfriend to orgasm merely by adding that push after a particularly energetic fuck,

    Protip, for those who are wondering: if you’re doing it right, this doesn’t take as much energy as fucking. If you’ve managed to get cramp or a stitch – or just run completely out of juice – during sex, you’ll probably want to spend a while connected, but with less movement (possibly just me?). As an alternative to re-starting the exhausting bump’n’grind, you can lift your hips up and press your cock forwards, deeper inside than before. It’s amazing, and possible to do even for the exhausted,

    If you pull out from there, all the way out, the tip can brush against her g-spot.
    (Possibly just me, again.)

  • researchingparis says:

    Just discovered the blog and moving through the archives at light speed (really *enjoying* it all), but wanted to just say a very firm thank you for this post. Best feeling ever. I may use this as a not-so-subtle how to guide :)

  • MorSuljyn says:

    Just a bit of physiological information here… awhile back, I read about a phenomenon in the vagina where it “tents” during arousal, making room for the impending visitation. I always figured this was why I experienced such an intense longing to be filled… it was an actual physical vacancy being created. Just my two cents.

  • Anna says:

    What is ‘ass’? We’re in England not America.

  • Df says:

    Because i am quite well-endowed, I bottom-out in women when I go all the way in. The feeling of a cervix on the end of my penis is amazing. And my lovers tell me it is intensely satisfying.

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