My cunt aches, and this is not a metaphor

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I want you to find a hard, cylindrical object. A bottle of deodorant or a broom handle will do – as long as it won’t break in your hand. Now grip it as tight as you can. Squeeze. Really squeeze, like you’re trying to crush it in your grasp. Do your muscles hurt? Good – hold for a few more seconds. Now let go. Feel the tingle in the crook between your fingers and your thumb. Note the absence of that object, feel how your empty hand almost hurts now it’s not there. That is how my cunt aches ten seconds before you fuck me.

The cunt ache. It is not a metaphor, it’s a real, physical sensation. As real as the cramp you might get after an early-morning run, or the heat that warms your palm when you pick up a fresh cup of coffee.

When I say ‘my cunt aches’, this is what I mean.

When you kiss me firmly and whisper ‘good girl’, that’s just the start of it. A shiver of pleasure – literal, physical, real – will trickle through the blood that flows to my crotch. But my cunt doesn’t start to ache… not yet.

If I’m holding your cock in my mouth, I’ll probably start to get wet. But this isn’t the cunt ache I’m talking about either. I can sometimes feel the liquid soaking through my knickers, or drips of it tingle on the lips at the entrance to my cunt, but this is rare. More often this wetness is so delicate I don’t feel it, and it takes me by surprise when you slide your fingers down to touch me and moan ‘oh… wow… fuck, you’re so wet.’ It makes me glow with pride.

But the cunt ache is so much more. That ache comes much later, when you’ve made me wriggle and wait and beg for it.

Through kisses, and touches, and blow jobs, and the slapping of your naked palm on my bare skin… the ache is building. It’s a physical sensation: a grip-like pain. If you turn me on without putting anything inside me, my muscles start to tense and strain – in the absence of cock, my cunt muscles squeeze around nothing.

The ache doesn’t settle along every inch of my cunt, rather it sits at the entrance, where my wetness drips out before your eager dick slides in. Barely noticeable at first, just a gradual warming sensation: a circle of heat and mild discomfort. But the warmth builds inexorably to a burn, increasing incrementally every second you do not fuck me.

Again, I cannot stress enough: when I tell you my cunt aches, I am not speaking in riddles. It literally, physically hurts. That feeling of burning muscles and gripping-round-nothing.

It aches like your stomach when you’re hungry, like your eyes when they’re strained. Like your arms when you’ve carried six bags of shopping up three flights of stairs to help a neighbour.

My cunt aches, and that feeling is physical. It aches emptily – desperate to be filled and stretched and used.

That’s why when you kneel before me with your hands parting my thighs, and the head of your cock placed tight against the entrance to my cunt – at exactly the spot where it aches – you can have me promise anything if you’ll only relieve the pain. That’s why I buck my hips and try to push against you, and why I’ll mewl pathetically if you take that dick away. Why I don’t care who you are in that moment, or what you’ve done, or whether you love me: all I know is that you made me ache like this, and I’ll give you anything if you’ll fuck that pain away.

So remember this when I look you in the eyes and beg beg beg you to fuck me: I am not always doing it for pleasure. Sometimes I am doing it so you’ll take away this pain. Pleasure will come later, on the second stroke or third or fourth. But the first stroke? When you slide your dick all the way in? When the thick, taut head pushes through that clenching, aching heat, stretching it out and then soothing away the desperate need to be fucked? When you shove it inside – right up to the base – after making me wait for so long? That’s the stroke I need the most. That’s why the first one’s the best.

As my aching cunt finally grips and clamps round something – the cock it’s been aching for all this time.


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  • OxyfromSg says:

    Well that’s just perfect ❤️

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Cor, wow. Never quite thought of it like that…

  • N says:

    Your post hit me right in the feels, bringing back the memories of the battle I had with the healthcare providers, when all I wanted was to be taken seriously. My cunt used to ache, too, but I was not able to eroticise it. Quite the opposite – I started associating peak arousal with pain, even though I knew that after a while it would eventually be fucked or wanked away.

    This year I was diagnosed with pelvic floor muscles hypertension, which apparently happens to many people who are often stressed, anxious, have a sitting job or do their Kegels incorrectly (or the combination of all, which was me). It took me over 2 years to be referred to a pelvic floor physio who is now teaching me how to avoid hypertension and relax the muscles, helping me return to my “normal”.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh wow I’m so sorry you struggled with pain here. I don’t think what I’m describing here is the same thing necessarily – it’s definitely not causing me any distress or anything I want to visit a doctor about. It’s quite a pleasurable ache, and I wouldn’t say I’m ‘eroticising’ it, rather it’s been part and parcel of my sex life ever since I started fantasising. I fully get why this would be distressing if it were intense pain, though, and I’m glad you found a solution for the pain that was causing you so much worry.

  • Golden Hare says:

    Amazing writing.

  • Oh my, this is sensational ❤️ and I mean that as in it’s AMAZING writing, but is also giving me the sensation you describe, God, so so good ❤️ what a description!

  • Tempe says:

    I like this description, especially the way you focus on the ache, rather than getting wet. I too feel the ache (though not as strongly perhaps), rather than the sensation of getting wet (even if I am very wet). However, the question that always gets asked in erotica or sexy chat is “how wet are you?” or “are you getting wet?”. I’m always like “possibly, but can’t really tell!”. But if my pussy is actually throbbing… then yeah, I know what’s going on down there.

  • Victoria says:

    I feel you. Reading this helps me understand myself a lot better. The cunt ache is my fetish. I used to think it was because my perviest boyfriends would practice non-touching, filthy talk. They’d just tell me what they were going to not do, or do, and just make me wait, exposed. Of course this was 30 years ago, and my husband wasn’t interested in sex at all. I had to compartmentalize my sex drive (formerly enormous). But I’m free and in the last few weeks, I have woken up. My cunt aches and it is delicious. It’s all about the empty, the ache, and then the cock. Thank you so much for your sex positivity. Liberating!!

  • Dave Matters says:

    Yes this is a thing, especially for men who think jack hammering all the way is to prove you are macho

    It kills the cunt, and can make it ache for days, so go easy now dudes

    Be cool.



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