Two things: Eroticon ticket pool and watersports

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Two things this week features the best sex writing conference in the UK (AKA Eroticon), and how to get a free ticket if you’re strapped for cash. After that, we’ll dive into watersports. Thanks to a leaked dossier, I’m not the only sex writer who’ll be paying January’s gas bill by writing articles about Presidential piss parties.

The good: Eroticon ticket pool

This year, Molly Moore and Michael Knight (of and This D/s life) and I took over the running of Eroticon. It’s an annual event for erotic creatives, previously run by the wonderful Ruby Kiddell (I have no idea how she did it on her own I suspect she has actual magic powers). I cannot fully express just how much this event helped me – if it weren’t for Eroticon 2014 I wouldn’t have the dream job I have now, where I essentially write about sex in exchange for money and wake up most mornings genuinely excited about the projects I’m working on.

Our priority when we took over was making sure that as many people could attend as possible, so since tickets went on sale we’ve been running a ticket pool: companies and individuals can chip in to cover the cost of tickets for people who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend.

Basically: free Eroticon tickets. We have 6 free day tickets to the event (you can pick which day you’d like to come), and we want to give them to people who couldn’t otherwise make it. It’s not a competition – please only apply if you think you meet the criteria. But I would especially love to see applications from people who haven’t come before – as you know, I am basically a sex blogging evangelist, and I would love for there to be more of us when Eroticon rolls round next year.

Applications close on January 20th. Apply here

Side note: stand sponsorship for Eroticon 2017 is sold out now, but there are still some opportunities. If you’re a company and you have a bit of budget, I have fun things you can do with it that’ll get you noticed among the sex writers, journalists, adult performers and others who’ll be there. 

The fucking hilarious: watersports and bitterness

I don’t know if the allegations are true, and to a certain extent I don’t care. I am – and will always be – delighted when Twitter gets flooded with piss-play puns. And the perfectly beautiful hashtag #watersportsgate was enough to make my heart sing. It’s not that I find watersports funny, or that I think it would be shameful for a politician to be interested in golden showers. On the contrary, I quite enjoy a bit of piss-play from time to time (especially if I’m staying somewhere that has a wet room), and I take my sexing very very seriously.

But sometimes jokes are a nice way to introduce people to a topic. Our initial giggles and ‘ooh, isn’t that weird?’s give way to a conversation that is more exploratory than dismissive. When the piss tweets started trickling in, I sent an email to my editor at Esquire offering a guide to piss play because holy shit people, THIS IS MY MOMENT. And I wrote another one yesterday for The Debrief which I’ll link when it’s up.

Although there’ll definitely be some people who are disgusted by their own kink when they find out it’s been abused by one of the most awful people in the world, I can guarantee you that there will be also be people who see the subsequent discussion and realise their fantasies actually aren’t that odd, and a little bit of wee won’t hurt them.

It’s certainly not a nasty kink like – to pick a random example – if someone had a small-minded urge to defile a bed someone they hate once slept in. That would just be gross.

FWIW I think the other allegations in the leaked dossier are far more terrifying if they’re true. But I cannot ignore piss stories when they bubble up. I just can’t.

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  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to avoid this one… what a story. On the one hand, no one should be mocked for their fetish, and there’s something concerning about completely unproved allegations about someone being thrown around for the sake of it. On the other hand: it’s Trump. He deserves it. Like with David Cameron and the pig, some stories are too good to verify, and so funny it doesn’t matter if they’re true.

    It would of course be ridiculous if *this* was the thing that brought him down, rather than all the real scandals, but all signs are that it won’t.

    What is disturbing, and I only discovered recently, is how ‘watersports’ are banned on many porn sites and other websites. Even though it’s just a bunch of harmless bodily fluids; even though most sites are based in the US, where AFAIK it’s not specifically illegal. It seems to be mainly due to the credit card companies not wanting to be involved with anything considered ‘icky’ or taboo. But if even the president-elect partakes in it, one has to wonder how long such a policy can stand.

    (There’s probably a similar article to be written on how Bill Clinton singlehandedly did much to normalise oral sex for 90s America, but it’s beyond the knowledge of this commenter.)

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