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Guest blog: Crying shame – degradation and humiliation

No sooner had we recorded some of @JenetalTorture‘s amazing guest blogs as audio porn (check out her first one – a hot first-time estim session – here) than she had racked up a brand new adventure to share as a guest blog. One so far beyond the kink-levels of her previous posts that it gave me a new insight into the meaning of the word ‘degradation.’ As well as degradation, the following post contains humiliation, ABDL (which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover) and ageplay. Everyone in this post is a consenting adult well over the age of 18, but this note is here so that if you don’t consent to read about these kinks, you can click away to less pervy pastures. This guest post also features messy diapers, piss, snot and a valuable lesson for people like me who sometimes like to call ourselves kinky: no matter how horny you are, there’s usually someone who still has the capacity to out-kink you. If you don’t know who that is, it’s probably Jenby.


Humiliated in the urinals (erotic fiction, also with audio)

While I work on commissioning more guest audio porn (there’s still time to submit before 1st June if you would like your work turned into audio porn!), the usual guest slot will be filled with improv erotica: stories inspired by suggestions from Patreons, who have chipped in some amazing scenarios. They give me a name, a kink, a location and an object and I try to write these into fun pieces of horny flash fiction. This week’s piece about being humiliated in the urinals is a lovely excuse to wallow in a kink I adore but rarely get to do (and therefore write about): watersports/piss. Obviously don’t read/listen if that’s not your thing – there’s plenty of other audio porn here


Guest blog: Getting paid to pee isn’t as simple as it seems

I’ve had some serious fun with golden showers/piss play/water sports in my time, but today’s guest blogger has something way more helpful and specific for those of you who’d like to try it yourselves: tips! Using stories from her time as a dominatrix, when she was getting paid to pee on people, Uncensored Kiss is here to bring you a trickle of joy in the form of some pissing top tips. How to pee standing up (if you don’t have a penis), and the best ways to practice so you don’t get stage fright.


More and harder – gang bang erotica

Recently my Patreons and I started a fun game where they give me prompts (name, kink, location and object), and I use them to try and write something that ticks the boxes and (ideally) is nice and wankable. This month I am working busily on a super-secret project that only they know about, so I hope they won’t mind if I borrow a little story from behind the paywall and put it up here for you to enjoy. This is a piece of gang bang erotica which was written off the back of the following prompts…  Name: Laura, Kink: Gyno chair, Location: Swingers’ club dark room, Object: rope, tied to chair.

Note: contains piss and, obviously, a gang bang. 


Summer fucking: all that filthy, sweaty sex

This gorgeous tour through dirty thoughts about summer fucking is written by Quinn Rhodes, and originally appeared on hir website. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

It’s summer, and all I can think about is fucking. Even when it’s too hot to fuck, the heat just seems to be making me more and more horny. My mind is filled with filthy thoughts and I’ve pulled a few of these together to share with y’all here, in lieu of a blog post that requires me to think of coherent points. I’m far too turned on for that.