Two things: No on Prop 60 and romantic blogs

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The bad: Prop 60 – vote no!

You’ll probably heard of Prop 60 if you’ve been following me on Twitter. It’s a very bad law, which someone is trying to introduce in California. In essence it is aimed at making all adult performers wear condoms during sex scenes, and so there are many people who might look at it on the surface and go ‘hey, maybe that’s reasonable?’

It ain’t.

In fact, Prop 60 would mean that Californian residents could individually sue those involved in making adult movies. So it’s an invitation to harassment for anyone with a grudge against an individual, or a general hatred of porn. Prop 60 – for this and many other reasons – is opposed by APAC (the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee).

Rather than simply re-hashing all their arguments here, I’d urge you if you have a vote on Prop 60 to check out the website and read up on why so many adult performers are against this law.

Then vote no on prop 60.

The good: everyday romance

It’s freezing cold at the moment, and so my thoughts turn to lovely warm snuggly things. Massive blankets, hot chocolate, and squishing up against people on the sofa. This week, A Couple Of Kinks wrote a blog that gave me a whole bunch of gooey feelings, so I thought I’d share it here so more of you can read how gorgeous it is:

“Home is where he says “hello beautiful” before he’s even around the corner to look at me. Where he comes over to give me a frosty autumn kiss before taking off his shoes, his cold nose bumping into mine.”

Read the full blog post here.

Bonus: Eroticon 2017 schedule now live

In case you missed it last week, the Eroticon 2017 schedule is now live! Woo! So if you’re a sex blogger, writer, campaigner, or someone who wants to become one of those things at some point, check out the incredible line-up of speakers and grab your ticket.


  • Sophie Rose says:

    I’m from California, I read your blog, and I voted No on Prop 60. Such a ridiculous concept, allowing Californians to sue porn performers for not wearing a condom. I cannot understand what they were thinking.

    However, I do know that for the uninformed that choose to vote, on its face, it may feel like a move to fight porn for those who do not appreciate it. Thank you for drawing attention to the facts about this laughable proposition.

    • Azkyroth says:

      Buried deep in the law was a provision that would require the state to provide head of the organization that wrote and promoted it a salaried position enforcing it if they didn’t set their own up, and you’re wondering what they were thinking?

  • techreader says:

    I voted No on Prop 60. Partly because I generally vote no on MOST of the propositions, and even with SEVENTEEN statewide ballot propositions (pus a few more for each county) it was easy to mark them all. No on all the tax hikes. No on the constitutional amendments. No on new bond measures, since California wastes far too much money for them to actually need more. And regarding Prop 60, no on anything that gives more power or authority to the government. Government in general is too big, too wasteful, too involved, and too expensive.

  • techreader says:

    Oh, one other point; so many people vote early or by mail in California that you really ought to have made this post about 2 weeks ago. Remember that in 2 years, when there will be ANOTHER pack of stupid propositions to rail against. :-)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Yeah, I know =( I’ve been meaning to write something on it for ages, I just haven’t been able to do all the things I want to recently. Glad you voted no though!

  • JoSmith says:

    . Well done. You’ve condemned porn performers to dangerously working without condoms. The porn indistry abuses women. You are in denial. Haven’t even bothered to explain to your sisters why. Just say there’s ‘a reason’ capitalist anti feminist fascists like you are trampling all over women and girls rights. You should be ashamed.

    • Azkyroth says:

      2/10, too over the top. Poe better next time.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Porn performers are predominantly the ones lobbying against Prop 60. I’m very glad they won. I don’t understand what your purpose is in being here – the comments you’ve left show a total unwillingness to actually read/listen to what I’m saying, and they spit so much bile that I can’t believe your aim is to persuade me to change my mind. So what are you actually here for? Just to vent because you hate what I believe? That’s pretty shitty. All your future comments will go to pre-mod. If they’re useful, I’ll let them through. I’ve no issue with disagreement but you’re making the comment section a horrible place to be, and that puts off other people from commenting. Disagreement, if it’s constructive, is fine. Telling me I should be ‘ashamed’ because I have different beliefs to you is unnecessary and doesn’t contribute anything to a useful dialogue.

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