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Guest blog: guys in the shower

There are certain places I’d give my right arm to get into. Gay saunas, comedy club backstage green rooms, all-male showers… Some of these are more likely than others – I’ve a story about the green room that I’ll tell you some time. But for now, awesome guest bloggers give me a glimpse into those worlds that I’d never get a guest pass to.

This guest blog, by Anandamide, is about guys in the shower…

Let’s call it ‘Soap’

I’m watching. We’re watching.

He must know; he knows we’re watching. He knows we know he knows we’re watching.

Soap and water, rubbing, lather.

The gym I’m in, the showers. There’s no way you stand there, naked and soaped, out in the open. The sauna looks out onto the showers, the showers split into cubicles and open, and this guy – this taut, tight, tall guy; soapy and soaked, hands sliding, soaping, slapping.

I’m watching. We’re watching. Some discreet, some blatant (me blatant); tinted glass looking out onto open showers, onto perfection.
Watching. Breathing. Wanting.

Soap. He pumps more soap, lathers, rubs across his firm chest, his rippling back. Down, down down his firm abs, his tight hips. Down.

Rinse, rinse himself in the cascade of water, pumps the soap.

Takes his time.

You don’t. You don’t stand in the open showers, in front of the sauna, in a gym full of gay guys, and put on this show without knowing they’re watching. Without wanting them to watch. So we watch. Some discreet, some blatant. Breathing. Wanting.

Pumps. Pumps the soap. Down, grabs his cock and slides, slides; pulls his balls and soaps his thighs, runs his hands up his arse. Balls slapping, soapy, between his hard thighs. His arse firm as passion, blatant, proud. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Rinse. Water cascades.

He walks from the shower. Walks toward the sauna, picks up his towel. Stands before the tinted glass, us watching, breathing. Wanting.
Stands proud and scrubs his towel, abs pumped, arse pumped, body pumped. Watches us, watching him. Perfection. Fucking perfection. Cock hanging, a perfect handful. Balls slapping, teasing, through the glass. Rubs himself. Rubs himself down.

Smiles, walks off.

If this gave you shivery hotness as it did me, then please do check out Anandamide’s blog, or follow his NSFW twitter at @hardlyshy. Oh, and you might also like the equally sexy and even more intense blog he wrote on puppy play.


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