Tight fucking, being smothered and my favourite sex position

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

This is my favourite sex position: me face down. Head buried in the pillow. Heat that borders on claustrophobia. Legs straight, and slightly parted. He kneels above me, ideally holding his dick in one hand, using the other to squash and pinch and slap my arse. There’s a vulnerable feeling – being exposed and examined and used. Occasionally spread.

When I lie like that, sometimes he spits on me to get things started. On his dick, onto me, onto the palm of his hand so he can rub it against my cunt.

He lies on top of me – his full weight, and more. Pushing down, wrapping his big arms around my chest. Hooking his hands underneath my shoulders and pulling me down so he can fuck me deeper. I squirm a bit, pushing my arse up to meet him, angling it just right so he can get in as far as possible. If I want to I can grip the bars of the headboard, using my arms as leverage to fuck back, but often I don’t. Fucking back spoils one of the things I love about this position so much: being smothered and squashed and contained.

Tight and still. Like I almost can’t breathe. I imagine that I can’t move beyond the odd wriggle.

The sensation of tightness is the best bit – the warmth and weight of being smothered. Like human bondage. His legs and arms pin me down, and hold me still while he fucks the heat into me.

When I lie like that, he always leans forward and whispers that I’m a good girl.

Wait – perhaps his voice is the best bit. It’s dark with my head face-down in the pillow, but I can hear him breathing in my ear, whispering encouragement and praise of the kind he knows I don’t need. He tells me I’m good and he says ‘that’s it’ as he slides all the way in to the base. A slight moan. A louder hissed ‘yes’. Each stroke accompanied by a harsh exhalation of breath, and the gentle rush of it past my ear.

Things get quicker, and he pulls me tighter. His arms close more forcefully around my shoulders, my chest. Sometimes he’ll bring a hand up to clasp around my neck, and I gasp an ‘nnngh’ of appreciation.

He doesn’t know this, but I push my head further into the pillow, and my wriggles get more purposeful – I’m willing him to be less gentle – to choke me harder as I get closer to coming.

There’s nothing graceful or visual or impressive about my favourite sex position, and perhaps that’s why I like it. You don’t see it much in porn – two people smooshed up close together, the top body hiding the best bits of the one underneath. It’s rarely recommended or lauded as one of the ‘best sex positions’, which I think is why I wanted to write about it. Lauded it ain’t, but it’s still my favourite.

There’s no element of performance or stamina or flexibility. It’s just two people perving on the best things about each other – getting as close as possible and fucking as hard as possible, using whatever they can for leverage and lust. The intense closeness of his strong arms – did I mention how I fetishise his arms? – gripping me hard. The feeling for him as I wriggle a bit beneath him. Whispering and grunting just loud enough that the other one can hear it – not a broadcast, but a sticky secret.

Tight and close. Human bondage.

When we fuck like this the only thing I can really control is my cunt, so that’s what I use. Clenching, squeezing, until he feels the same warm, wrapped tightness on his cock as I feel in my chest and stomach. Until his breathing matches mine – ragged and quick and urgent.

As I pull it tighter around him so he pulls his arms more tightly around me. And the sensation of his dick along every inch of the inside of me pulls me closer in to orgasm, which makes my cunt clench harder in turn.

Sometimes he tells me ‘that’s it,’ and ‘good girl,’ as the squeeze and spasm of our tangled fuck means we end up coming together.


  • Russell says:

    Yup. And each hand full of squashed boob.

  • Beard Of Awesome says:

    This is a good one. Works for us too. I feel like a lion, that footage when lions mate, and the forearm across her neck…. *shudders*
    I’ll be in my bunk….

  • RB says:

    Asides from the arm across the neck (which is a hard limit for me), YES. Yes yes yes. The world completely melts away when he’s pressed over you, around you, inside you, and you can’t move except to push back on his cock and moan into the pillow. Mmm… x

  • Fiddy says:

    That’s the favorite position of my SO as well. Though I don’t really hook under her shoulders that way cause I’m always afraid of hurting her. And the neck thing too, I’m always afraid of hurting her even though she has a thing for choking.

  • Mmmm…..A sticky secret. The best description of that soft sexy exchange. That’s going to stick with me for a while. This is one of my favorite positions too, although, I prefer to have my hands tied up at the same time.

  • Chris says:

    You mention heat. For me perspiration is one of the most notable features of fucking this way. It isn’t just the slipperiness on the skin, like full-body lubricant. It’s that I’m a middle-distance runner and very fit, and during any kind of vigorous activity, my body’s temperature regualation kicks way in. Perspiration drips off of me, in this case from my nose, eyelids, forehead, and chin onto the back of a woman’s neck and into her hair, onto her shoulders, and onto the pillow all around her face. I probably perspire four or five times as much as the average man, when so engaged, and it’s a bit like being outside in a light rain on a hot summer night.

    Even though you can’t see my face, you know of the effort I make toward our pleasure from the drip, drip, drip touching your flesh and hair from behind.

  • Rapunzel says:

    sticky, tight, ragged, tangled fuck

    GOTN whenever I read your stuff I’m reminded of this quote from Hemmingway:

    “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use.”

    Fucking hell you are good.

  • Paratethys says:

    I like this position (although it’s as much an idea as a position), but with one variation: instead of both arms under the shoulders, I use one across her neck. So there’s a bit of light strangling going on, and I can use the other as I/she pleases. Grabbing her hair, or pushing it out of the way so i can sink my teeth into her neck, or whatever.

    Ahem, excuse me for a moment…

  • Jo says:

    Damnit! I should never read your blog when I’m in a public place. No one should be this turned on in a Dunkin’ Donuts. This is one of my favorite positions because my clitoris is rubbing against the mattress (or carpet…) while having my whole body being pushed back and forth, so I’m more likely to come. *thinking dirty thoughts while eating munchkins*

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