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Someone else’s story: sexual anticipation

You know how sometimes something’s so good you can’t keep it to yourself? When you’ve done something utterly disgusting and you just have to tell someone?

I’ve annoyed/amused my best friend no end by occasionally texting him to let him know whether I got laid and how I got on. And once, in a rather misjudged boast, I told him that the morning after I stayed at his house, I’d sat cunt-first on one of the bedposts in his spare bedroom while a boy I was with tried to fuck me in the arse.

Don’t give me that look – I wiped the bedpost down afterwards.

Well, the point I’m tortuously getting to is that sometimes girls send me these stories. About what they’ve done, about what they want to do and (in the case of the lady in this post) what they’ll be doing soon.

I enjoy these stories almost as much as I enjoy the cock pictures. At my request, and posted with her permission, I hope you enjoy the following story too…

Guest: anticipation

I have pictured this for so long. How decorous we will be in public then, as soon as we are in the hotel room, you push me up against the wall. You kiss me fiercely, one hand clutching my breast, the other slides up my thigh, under my skirt, two fingers push inside my pants, inside me and finger fuck me to oblivion.

Or maybe you’ll put a finger on my lips, tell me to be quiet, to kneel, you’ll make me wait as you slowly undo your belt – I will be gasping for you, my mouth dropping open, expectant.

Or maybe we’ll fall on the bed, ripping clothes as we struggle to join.

I want to feel your hips buck under me, your cock pulse inside me. All I know for sure is that first time we will still be clothed, our joint impatience predicts it. Then afterwards we peel each other down to the skin and really start to explore.


  • Totally anonymous username says:

    Nice… I’m generally very keen on naked bodies, but there’s a lot to be said for impatient, hungry, clothes-on fucking.

    (Just in case you don’t get notifications, I left a couple of comments of this type on two of your posts last week.)

  • the other side says:

    Then there is the other side of this anticipation … that anticipated in the mind of the one anticipated.

    Beginning with early exchanges in which the tentativeness of “could it be? does she think …?” is flimsily concealed beneath playfully flirtatious words followed by extended fantasies of them suddenly appearing in front of you … to the point where meetings are arranged …

    … imagining getting to the hotel early, to avoid having any wasted time because the desire to just fuck and fuck has been building up for so long (will she see through that? does it matter?). Checking out the room, lying on the bed, touching myself a little (don’t want to get too excited yet!) … thinking about the moment when the door opens:

    I know what I will do: I will hold her. I will kiss her. I will hold her tight to me … then the imagination begins to roam …

    We are tight to one another, she forces her hand between us onto my stomach and runs it down over my cock. She can feel how hard it is beneath my trousers. She begins unbuttoning as I kiss her neck and run my hands all over her body, feeling the shape of her breasts, her stomach, her hips, her thighs.

    We are tearing each others clothes off now, clumsily in a panic to get at each other. My cock is in her hand and I am running my hand through her wet pussy. I push her onto anything that is nearby – a sofa, a bed, a table it doesn’t matter – I kiss up the inside of her thigh and want to taste her, licking her clit, hearing her moan with pleasure, feeling her writhe against my face; we turn and she takes my cock in her mouth as I do this and I feel as she licks under the head and takes its full length. Eventually, we move again, all of our bodies touching at each instant, and I slide my cock inside her – by now so hard – I push as deep as I can go, feeling her all around me … and we fuck and fuck, first going deeper, then playing around then edges, until, at last, my cock is throbbing with cum as deep inside her as I can imagine. I push and push again until I cum. She bucks and writhes. We are covered with sweat. We kiss. We lay there. We sigh. Then we laugh.

  • The imagination is a great thing, getting all worked up just thinking about the endless possibilities. Love it!

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