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Guest blog: My tryst with a burlesque goddess

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous @EuphemiseThis, who has already graced these pages once before with a story of forbidden fucks and lustful yearning. Today she’s here with another glorious tale of sexy longing, this time for a burlesque goddess who bore a striking resemblance to her ex…


Guest blog: The forbidden fuck

You all know I have a kink for lustful longing, right? Intense desire, that fires you up and makes you tremble, which may or may not ever be requited. Please welcome today’s guest – @EuphemiseThis – who’s here to talk about lust, longing and a forbidden fuck…


Casual dominance: take things away from me

This might sound weird: I like it when men take things from me. Not large things, like my dignity or my house. Or even small-ish things like my life savings. I like it when they assert a kind of casual dominance – taking inconsequential things from me, with an attitude that tells me I couldn’t possibly object.


Twitter crushes: inevitable, annoying, but really really fun

I have a giant Twitter crush. In fact, I have more than one giant Twitter crush. The problem with Twitter is that it is a window into the sexiest thing about someone: their mind. The extra problem with Twitter is that it’s a curated space – people use their Twitter accounts to tell jokes and stories, or post funny pictures of weird things they’ve done. In short: it’s a place where all the guys I would usually fancy get to show off the things I am most attracted to.


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On celebrity crushes (part 2: crushing on porn performers)

Given my apparent inability to meet celebrity crushes and speak to them like a normal human being, I have made a quite concerted effort not to meet my heroes. At events where interesting science-minded people give talks that make me fall in love with their knowledge, I’ve usually steered clear of them at the post-talk drinks, run away if I see my friends with them, and all but hidden in the toilet if I bump into one.