Guest blog: My tryst with a burlesque goddess

Image by the always fantastic Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger is the fabulous @EuphemiseThis, who has already graced these pages once before with a story of forbidden fucks and lustful yearning. Today she’s here with another glorious tale of sexy longing, this time for a burlesque goddess who bore a striking resemblance to her ex…

My tryst with a burlesque goddess

When it comes to women, or non-binary babes of the femme persuasion, it could definitely be said that I have a type. I’m drawn to big eyes and full lips – bold features slightly too big for the face they inhabit – and I once dated a mesmerising burlesque performer who fitted this description perfectly. One particularly memorable Saturday night we were at an invite-only members event where she was performing an infamous act I had heard lots about, and I was very much looking forward to seeing it for the first time.

At the start of the evening I chatted to friends and, as the performance time approached, I felt someone squeeze through the crowd behind me. I turned and saw Scarlet in her costume and a brand new wig, replacing her usual luscious curls with a short sharp bob. I gasped in surprise, partly because of the striking new look, and partly because she was now pressed up against me in an extremely skimpy outfit. Before I could say anything, she breathlessly whispered in my ear: “Do I look like her?”

I instantly knew what she meant. My ex, Cari (another femme with big eyes and full lips), had that exact same hair colour and cut. I hadn’t thought I’d mentioned my ex a lot, and certainly hadn’t realised Scarlet knew I was still a little hung up on her, but it was suddenly clear that she knew exactly what that lost love meant to me. As she walked onto the stage to a cheer from the crowd, with one last look in my direction and a cheeky wink, my head was spinning with filthy passionate thoughts of both of them, slowly merging into one beautiful goddess.

Scarlet’s adoring audience lapped up the performance and, despite her only glancing in my direction once or twice throughout the whole thing, I felt like every single second of it was just for me. Every bump of her hips, every time she peeled off a garment and caressed the bare flesh that had been revealed. Every moment where classic tease morphed into utter filth felt like foreplay, and I revelled in the anticipation of what she’d got planned for me once her moment in the spotlight was over.

When she left the stage and disappeared from view, I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the show. All I could think about was Scarlet. And Cari. And the thought of fucking both of them, together. The thought of both pairs of beautiful lips on my naked body. A fantasy that I’d never had until Scarlet planted it in my head, and between my legs, only minutes ago. My eyes scanned the side of the stage and I spotted her, wearing the purple satin robe I always borrowed when I stayed over, and an expression that practically ordered me to come to her.

As the crowd continued to cheer for the remaining performers on the bill, getting worked up into the sort of delightful frenzy that only cabaret audiences can achieve, Scarlet and I found a booth at the side of the room which remained unoccupied due to a poor view of the stage. As I slid in to sit next to her, I opened my mouth to speak and was surprised by two fingers across my lips and a firm shake of the head. Apparently this was to be a wordless encounter.

I followed her lead from then on. She leaned over to kiss me, pausing briefly with her lips tantalisingly close to mine in order to check just how much I wanted her. How much I wanted the fantasy that she had created. My breathing gave away my desire instantly and she began the kiss delicately in order to prolong my breathless anticipation for as long as possible. The fingers that had touched my lips now tucked my long hair behind my ear, before tracing a trail down the side of my face, down my arm to the hand that was resting on my thigh, then up my thigh towards the other place where Scarlet had planted the fantasy.

My skirt was short and my knickers were small, already damp from thoughts of these two gorgeous women who were now entwined in my mind. With my eyes closed, I imagined each of them as the one whose fingers were now pushing aside the small piece of fabric covering my cunt. Even when I opened my eyes ever so slightly, the spell was not broken – it could be either of them. Or both.

As she finally began to kiss me with the forceful passion I had expected, Scarlet simultaneously plunged those two long fingers into my now dripping wet cunt. While the crowd continued to cheer all around us, she expertly and discreetly fucked me, knowing that trying to suppress my usual moans and screams was taking every bit of self control I had. Once my shudders had subsided, she slowly slipped her fingers out and across my throbbing clit, before touching them to my lips once more. I hungrily sucked them clean as she whispered in my ear:

“Do I fuck like her too?”


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