Guest blog: The forbidden fuck

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You all know I have a kink for lustful longing, right? Intense desire, that fires you up and makes you tremble, which may or may not ever be requited. Please welcome today’s guest – @EuphemiseThis – who’s here to talk about lust, longing and a forbidden fuck…

The forbidden fuck

Imagine a friend who you’d had a crush on for years and had thought was completely unavailable. Someone you’d longed to touch, kiss, fuck. Someone you’d had an instant connection with, and had fantasised about ever since you first met. What if you told that friend how you felt, saying you’d never act on your feelings if it was inappropriate (which it almost certainly was!) and then, one day, they looked you in the eye and said, “let’s go to a hotel.”

We were sitting in a rain soaked beer garden after I’d offered a no-pressure ear for his current life woes. One pint in, he shared two very important pieces of information: my feelings for him were very much reciprocated; and he was extremely unhappy in his marriage. This was almost too much to process. The beautiful man who I’d been lusting after for years, had been dreaming about me too.

Pressed up against each other as we sheltered from the now torrential rain, I held his hand as he spoke and it became clear that we were both aching to kiss one another but the moral implications were holding us back. Although he was unhappy, he still cared about his wife. Although I’m not monogamous, I am ethical. Well, until now.

I leaned closer and went for the forbidden kiss. When our lips met it was as if time had stopped. He kissed me exactly the way I like to be kissed and I was instantly caught up in how intense it felt to be this close to him. Our hands explored through our clothes and we became lost in each other. If anyone was watching, neither of us noticed or cared.

After what seemed like hours, we finally paused for a chat and he asked me if I wanted to go to a hotel room with him. Seeing my hesitation, I had to explain that this was due to a lifetime of planning every date and hookup – a lack of spontaneity rather than a lack of desire. But fuck it. I wanted him more than I’d wanted anyone in a very long time, and so my consent couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic.

The hotel room was small but absolutely perfect for our needs and we pretty much fell onto the bed in our excitement. Earlier that evening he had told me that he wanted to make me cum with his mouth, and I now shivered with delight as his tongue caressed my clit and he showed me just how hungry he was for my body. Unselfconscious sounds of pure pleasure filled the room as I tipped my head back and lost myself in the feeling of him.

It’s no exaggeration when I say that this man has the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, and all my blow job performance anxiety immediately vanished as soon as I saw it. As I stroked the shaft with one hand, I wrapped my lips around the tip before swallowing as much of his length as I could. I licked and stroked and sucked, taking him as far into the back of my mouth as I could and enjoying the unexpected feeling of gentle but firm pressure from his encouraging hand on the back of my head.

After a while he stopped me and returned his lips to mine, and so began the delicious ritual and anticipation that comes with condoms. I loved seeing latex getting rolled out over the entire length of that beautiful cock before watching it slide inside my aching cunt. God it felt so good to feel him filling me up while I looked into his beautiful eyes and then kissed him with every ounce of passion that had been building since we first met. We started off slow and steady, but it wasn’t long before my moans turned into a breathless request to “fuck me harder” which was met with perfect enthusiasm.

I could have fucked him all night, and would probably have continued for hours if he hadn’t admitted that he was probably not going to be able to cum. Eventually, we left the sweaty sheets and got dressed, checking out of the hotel and walking to the station while holding hands and grinning.

We messaged each other the next day – no regrets – but it took me months to get a grip on the fact this probably won’t happen again. That one night was worth it to know how it feels to be that close to him. How it feels to drown in desire and turn that longing, that ache for him, into a passionate reality. It’s worth it for the fact that it happened and was so much better than every fantasy I’d had of it beforehand.

Maybe one day this whole situation will work itself out and my friend will be more than a friend but, until then, whenever I wank I’ll be imagining riding his beautiful cock and watching the expression on his gorgeous face while he cums deep inside me.


  • Very arousing . . . and yes sometimes those “forbidden” liaisons make for lovely, spontaneous, fulfilling fun !!!

  • OxyfromSg says:

    AHHH so perfect and so familiar

  • t says:

    I found this post while I absentmindedly fiddled with my smartphone as I procrastinated on packing my backpack. When I finally put down the phone and finished packing I kissed my wife and kids goodbye and went to the train station to meet my friend. I took her to the hotel right away and started taking her clothes off as soon as the door to our hotel room closed.

    My point being, that was a very timely post, GoTN. Quite uncanny. (only in my case my marriage is neither extremely unhappy nor meant to be monogamous, so there was no forbidden aspect to it)

  • Moondog says:

    I had that forbidden kiss after a disclosure of mutual feelings, but we left it at that (with great difficulty). A few years on, with much pain on my, their and their now ex’s part, we find ourselves together. The sex is magical, but everything else is not easy.

    It’s always hard to know which path to take in situations like this xx

  • Phillip says:

    This is a great story! Something kind of similar happened to me and another whom I had my eye on for about forty years. Someone who knew my wife and someone I had never told the truth too concerning how she made me feel whenever it was time to hug goodby. There was a large and quite damaging explosion in my and my wife’s relationship. I went across the street and bought a lottery ticket. I don’t gamble, but there are occasions. “Not the two dollar scratchers, but the kind that pays big money!” I must have looked distraught because the woman behind the counter ask what I would do with all the money. I live In a trailer park and people are poor and rent is criminally high. I said “pay everyone’s rent for a month and get a divorce”. “No hanky panky, we split the money.” “If she really doesn’t like me that much then she shouldn’t have to live with me.”

    I then called my ‘friend’ whom I had longed for, for many years. We got together and went to a secret place I know of in the Botanical Garden. When the garden was laid out a spot was missed that needed no access. There is a little clearing with a black bus bench and the sort of plants that have dark foliage. Even dark purple foliage. THE GOTH GARDEN. That is what the very few of us who know of its existence call it. My friend and I sat and talked for about three or four hours and knew more about each other than we had ever known. She took care of business helping her parents move and she lives in the new city too. We were a long ways away, but not really. I like being in love. Even if it is unrequited. The time may come for us and I hope it does. I hope there is a way to have it all without hurting anyone. I don’t want much do I?

    My wife and I mended fences. It took a couple of years. The big explosion was indeed a big explosion and with more latitude to have more choices we might well have split up. Now it is time to live together and be together and truly be together.

  • Boo says:

    This is so hot. Thank you!

    There’s something extra special about the forbidden…

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