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The wedding night fuck: a NSFW story

Before I begin, allow me a minute to put off 50% of you: this is not erotic fiction about what to do on your wedding night. It’s not a post about a romantic fuck at the end of your special day, or how to arouse your partner on the wedding night even though you’ve been together five years and you’re bored of the sight of their bollocks by now. If that’s what you’re after, then please pick up your warm white wine and move on to another buffet: this wedding night fuck is dirty.


The night bus: a sexy story about cuckolding

Each month in 2016 I’m doing one day’s work for charity – so everything I earn on that day goes to charity (today it’s Against Malaria Foundation). I had a spare hour alongside my scheduled work today, so I offered to write a custom story if someone would donate some cash. This anonymous donor requested a story about cuckolding, and I’m delighted they did because it gave me this idea, which was so hot I had to have two wanks before I finished it. 

If you want a custom story, keep an eye on my Twitter feed around the end of Feb, when I’ll be doing another day like this.

In the meantime, if you like cuckolding too – get stuck in. 


Cuckolding: the least sexy word for one of the sexiest fetishes

Oh for the love of a man who wants to watch me fuck other men. Cuckolding – that’s the technical term. Cuckqueaning being the gender-flipped equivalent, where straight women get off on watching their guys with other women. I long for a guy who gets off on cuckolding.