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The switch: “Now, it was my turn…”

This fabulous switch sex story is written and read by Robyn of Robyn Eats Everything

I like it when an old fuck gets back in touch. They must have been reminiscing about me, my body, maybe what I can do with my mouth. They must have been feeling horny, feeling excited, feeling perhaps a little desperate. The first time round must have been good enough to merit a sequel, hopefully. Knowing someone is thinking about me that way, taking time over memories of me, is delicious.


Why can’t I put an ice lolly in my vagina?

Google Trends tells me that people only really began searching ‘lolly vagina’ in earnest in July 2022. Yet as long ago as 2019, we were being warned in The Metro not to put lollies in our vaginas to try and cool down. The Mirror, too, chipped in by reiterating the warnings. As did Grazia. In 2020, when most of us were busy trying not to catch the plague, the Daily Star reminded us to also remain vigilant against frostbite on our fannies. Now, as a deadly heatwave grips the UK, the links and warnings start circulating again, with new outlets chiming in to help curb what appears to be a trend of people shagging ice pops to try and stay cool in the heat. I imagine these will only increase exponentially as climate change continues to radically alter the make-up of the planet while the people in power make token gestures that aren’t even close to enough. But how useful are these warnings? Are people actually putting ice lollies in their vaginas? What are the risks? And most importantly… why can’t I fuck an ice lolly if I want to?


Reconnecting with the Sex Scientist – a true sex story

This gorgeous true sex story is written by E L Byrne of Lustitude, and is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

I can hardly explain how it had been almost two years since we had seen each other. Two years since our flesh has touched, since I’ve heard his crazy laugh in person, since his lips touched mine, since we did incredibly delicious erotic things to one another. I mean the whole world knows why, but it just didn’t compute in my head. Then I saw him. (Insert big sigh here) What a wonderful feeling after all this unintended time away, neither our dynamic, our companionship, nor our attraction had waned. It was as strong as ever, and I can admit to feeling a total resurgence of my crush on him. Enjoying all the little “oooh” moments again. It’s been lovely.


Greedy: I got a Godemiche Morpheus and deleted my dating profile

No one ever tells me to my face that I’m greedy, but I am. Right now I trip through life with only a vague idea of what I want, but a raging certainty that I definitely need more of it. More. More drinks, more nights out, more catch-ups with friends I’ve not seen since Covid. More joy, more lust, more playfulness. More sex. More of those evenings which start with a pint and end up with you all tumbling into someone’s flat so you can welcome the dawn together with burgeoning hangovers and the sparkle of brand new friendships. More threesomes that make me feel like it’s my birthday. And because this is a post about the Godemiche Morpheus, inevitably I’m greedy for far more wanking too.


3 great pegging positions that are not doggy

I don’t think doggy is the best position for anal, but that’s probably because I’m not especially visual. I get why someone might enjoy the whole ‘you look down and watch it go in’ thing, it just isn’t my favourite part. In porn, I am broadly turned off by extreme genital close-ups, preferring instead to watch the twisted, horny joy on someone’s face as they slam it home. I get why many people would like the view you get when pegging in doggy, though, and there are definitely other delights too, like the way you can grab someone’s hips and pull them back onto your dick while you’re pounding away. But today I want to talk about some of my favourite alternative pegging positions.