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Guest blog: I bring him women to fuck

Today’s absolutely incredible guest blog is by Kaetana, and having read it (and re-read it, and re-read it) I am struggling to come up with any way to introduce it better than how she pitched it to me to start with. Kaetana explained that she has a recurring transgressive fantasy about being one of someone’s many lovers. Someone whose purpose was to bring him women to fuck. “Seeking out people tailored specifically to one man’s tastes and predilections, wooing them, maybe trying them out a bit myself (I’m a queer woman) and warming them up before serving them, ribbon-wrapped and dripping, on a silver platter, to do with as he wishes.” The simplicity and intensity of the way she explained this immediately grabbed me, then when I read the piece in full it absolutely took my breath away. If you enjoy reverse gang bangs and sharing partners you will absolutely adore this…


Precipice: kinky edging erotica

This stunning kinky edging erotica is written and read by Spencer Pritchard

Sharp ropes bite into my wrists with every involuntary squirm of my body. The stiff back of the chair that my hands are tied behind pushes my straining biceps. Every muscle in my body is taut. Aflame with the constant pressure of being kept on the edge of coming.


Edge of glory: delicious edging erotica

This incredible edging erotica is written by David of The Big Gay Review, and originally appeared on his website. It is read aloud here by Luke

I’m impatient. I am the type of person who will obsessively watch their tracking emails as soon as they get a dispatch notification. I’m always rushing ahead from A to B because I just can’t stand waiting. I’m the same with my orgasms. I want them quick, fast and lazy where possible. So the idea of being edged honestly does not appeal, personally.


Please may I not suck your cock?

You’ve got a fabulous dick, sweetheart. And I really do love taking it into my mouth and trying my best to get you to come down the back of my throat. But today I have a different request. It’s something I’ve been fixating on when I touch myself and think about you. And on the surface it won’t seem horny, but I promise you it really really is, just hear me out as I ask you… please may I not suck your cock?


In which I break a man’s spirit

When he tells me to be mean to his dick, I don’t think this is what he expected. But in the moment, I cannot resist. In the moment I realise that although I’m usually uncomfortable in the dominant role, there is one kind of power that I’m more than happy to wield. One way in which I am more than happy to utterly break a man.