Guest blog: What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Have you ever tried to describe what your orgasms feel like? Back in the ancient days of this blog, I ran a competition to solicit descriptions of orgasms, and it was fascinating and joyful to see how people described each one. This week’s guest blogger is describing a type of orgasm I can’t ever experience, and so inevitably I was thirsty for detail and absolutely delighted when his post hit my inbox. Please welcome today’s fabulous guest, who’s here to tell you what a prostate orgasm feels like…

What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

You lie there, hands by your sides, adjusting to the pleasant sensation of feeling full.

You slow down your breathing.

You’re hoping for something rather special. Something eyes-rolled-back-in-your head, full-body-trembling, world-around-you-has stopped, special.

A prostate orgasm.

But, at least in the early days of learning this skill, it’s not easy to come by.

You try to zone out, thinking of nothing but the welcome intruder nestling inside you, gently – or not so gently – touching that one particular spot.

You’re tempted to clench, doing your Kegel exercises with your massager inside you. And, oh boy, that does feel good. Really good. And it’s so easy to get distracted, and play like that instead. But it’s unlikely to lead to where you wanted to go today, to a prostate orgasm.

So you lie there, trying really hard not to clench. You’re waiting – hoping? – that your body takes the initiative, and that your body reacts to the instability of your massager.

And slowly – despairingly slowly, sometimes – it does.

It starts an involuntary squeezing, which rocks the massager to and fro, with each squeeze causing the head of the toy to rub so delightfully against your most sensitive of organs, sending shivers of pleasure up and down your spine. If you thought the head of a penis was sensitive, or even just the frenulum (although wow can you have fun with that), in my experience these are nothing compared to the prostate.

The more you do it, the more your body knows what to do. Practice really does make perfect, and it’s the kind of practice you don’t mind doing anyway. Even if you don’t get to the orgasmic peak for which you’re aiming, it’s still unbelievably good.

You try desperately not to concentrate too hard, or get in the way of your body’s own movements. You know that just one squeeze would feel so good, but that it would destroy the build up. So you lie there, accepting the pleasure, and the slow – achingly slow – build up.

Your pulse quickens. Your breathing quickens along with it.

You’re close. Oh so close.

Your chest tightens, and you force yourself to focus on your breathing. You want what is to come to last as long as possible, and you can’t do that if you’re holding your breath. But nor do you want to lose focus, and have everything fade away.

A slight tremble. An involuntary spasm of your legs.

And it arrives.

The pleasure radiates out from your prostate in waves. You shiver. Your legs and arms twitch and tremble and shake. You see stars.

You focus your thoughts on your prostate, on the sensations, on the way that massager is rubbing, stroking, cajoling your orgasm out of you. The longer you can hold that focus, the longer you can ride that wave.

Pure, unadulterated pleasure, coursing from your prostate to every extremity, as if you’ve got electricity surging through your veins.

Thirty seconds.

A minute.

Two minutes. If you’re lucky – if you can maintain that focus – even longer.

The more you tremble, the more you shake, the more you sweat. My god, I didn’t know pleasure could feel like this. Why on Earth does no-one tell you about this?

And it subsides.

Perhaps you’ve been milked dry in the process, so you’re covered in cum, despite not touching your penis. Or perhaps you’ve orgasmed without spilling any semen at all, leaving you full for later.

You’re left, lying there, a helpless wreck, your body wracked by the pleasure so recently coursing through it. Your heart rate drops. Your breathing returns to normal. You’re still stuffed full, but now with the joy of fulfilment rather than anticipation.

Want to try a prostate orgasm? Recommendations!

Note from GOTN – all these recommendations come directly from the guest blogger, but I’ve included some affiliate links – these are marked with a * next to the link. If you buy from any of them I get a small cut, which helps me keep this site running. 

Many common toy sites carry prostate massagers. And, while a butt plug is good – so good – and might nudge your prostate, a dedicated prostate massage toy is designed with a prostate in mind, and normally your perineum too, to stimulate your prostate externally at the same time.

As with any anal play, start gently and small, with plenty of lube, and build up.

In addition to girth and length (and the biggest massager doesn’t necessary mean the biggest or longest orgasm), you’ll likely want to experiment with the material, and the size and shape and angle of the head. A smaller head means more pressure on the prostate, as does a more extreme angle, while a larger, or more shallow angled, head makes for a more gentle massage.

The Nexus Titus focuses so much pressure on my prostate that it makes my eyes water (fun for when I want that sensation), while the much larger Aneros Progasm* gives me a delicious fullness but a more delicate pressure on my prostate. The slimjim Aneros Eupho Syn Trident* is much thinner, giving scope for more movement, and thus more nudging – it’s harder to control, and so probably better when you’ve got more experience.

The nJoy Pfun plug, made of stainless steel, is ideal for longer play, but I wish it had a longer stem to aid retention (their larger butt plugs feel phenomenal and do not have this problem; I’ve yet to try a Doxy plug*), and the nJoy Pure Wand* is expensive and amazing, but the combination of its weight and short (for me) length for a manual toy means I have to temper the phenomenal sensation with the ache in my wrist.

Some massagers have vibrators built in. I’ve yet to find one which had more than an irritating, numbing buzz, so I rarely bother playing with those, but who knows… perhaps I’ll find a more grumbly, powerful massager soon. [Note from GOTN – Doxy does a cracking prostate attachment* for the Doxy 3*/3R* wands – thudding Doxy power but targeted to the prostate]

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a prostate orgasm first time, or even second time. It’s as much a mental thing as a physical thing, and the slightest distraction can tear down all your good work, killing the build up. But once you’ve got the hang of it, wow. And you may even find you can trigger a prostate orgasm without a toy in place, which must be orgasm Nirvana.


  • fuzzy says:

    I own a vibrating rotating prostate massager (a top of the line one). It works, but yeah it takes practice.

    I also own an njoy eleven. Which i am mentioning because you referenced the njoy (and I also own the pure wand which has been described more than once as “this thing is the devil” (because it will pull an orgasm out of you very intensely)

    The njoy eleven can get orgasms out of a thousand year old statue, never mind any mortal human who is willing to push it up inside themselves. Or maybe just rub it over themselves. Or maybe just wave it near themselves, I saw someone pick it up once and heft it and she started shivering all over.

    of all my sex toys — the butt plugs and dildos and prostate toys and vibrators, the e-stim kit (which is also good for prostate orgasms) — of all the stuff I have the njoy eleven is the ne plus ultra of prostate orgasm gods; one afternoon with some time on my hands when i was very relaxed i got 5 prostate ejaculations (and a host of smaller orgasms) out of it in less than 2 hours; then curled up and vegged out for the rest of the day. Ok maybe on the other than get the pure wand and work up to the eleven…

    blessed be

  • Nick says:

    I have a spot on buzzy that really hits the spot, can’t think of the make as I yeeted the box but it’s a black banana shape, USB charged, waterproof
    and has more modes than I need, also a fantastic Godemiche double bulb plug that fits the ol’ smugglers wallet perfectly (thank you for the recommend GOTN :))
    I haven’t mastered the hands-free stack blow yet but plug-in/vibe-on-underside-of-glans makes for absolutely incredible orgasms. Kegels wearing a plug really work well.

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Will definitely have to try this sometime! :)

  • Beth says:

    Hubby has HUGE orgasms when I put my finger in his butt while either giving him head or jacking him off. He and I for that matter, have to be in the right frame of mind. We both talked about how after all the years of marriage we never would ever have thought that we both enjoy anal sex. But if it’s done right nice and slow it is fantastic!

  • Anonymous says:

    This guest blog describes perfectly how it feels to have that kind of orgasm, I can totally relate. I remember my first one like it was yesterday because it was so mind changing.
    Lowering myself down on a vibrator that was not built for this use my already rock hard cock started twitching without even touching ist and cum flooding all over myself not as the usual fountain but a river that didn’t seem to stop for a while. Good times!

  • Anonymous says:

    GOTN herself commenting on my comment, I feel honoured!

    I might also write a hopefully hot guest blog on a similar topic.

    I pitched the idea to you on 15th of march this year but unfortunatly didn’t get a reply yet although I sticked to all your rules #twix ;)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, I’m so sorry – sometimes things get a bit lost in my inbox as I get a lot of mail. Thank you for the nudge, I will do a search on your email tomorrow and see if I can find it! If you don’t hear back from me soon pls do feel free to resend!

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved this! Has the guest author written any other butt stuff for you? Might they?

  • Cumfast says:

    I shall never forget my first prostate orgasm. I had read a lot about them and so bought an Aneros Helix Syn. My first attempts were fun but not getting to the objective of a hands free full blown orgasm. A side effect was the biggest hardest erections I’ve had since my teen years. However, it was just too tempting to clench and then grasp it and help things along. Yes, you get a very intense orgasm and huge quantities of jizz as your prostate empties out.
    I then tried the relax and “do not touch” approach. WOW – it took a while but the shakes and trembles were amazing. My semi hard cock was flying about like a manic creature with its own agenda. Eventually it happened lying on my back, my cock went rigid and and I thought I would pass out. A full dry orgasm that I thought would never end. I let my partner watch the next time and we had the most amazing fuck after my prostate orgasm. She was so wet and I was rock hard and took for ever to cum. Highly recommended.

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