On butt plugs

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

When I first started getting into sex – and I mean really into sex, past the initial ‘oh bloody hell this is awesome’ stage and into the ‘I wonder what it would be like if I did this unusual thing’ phase – I gave butt plugs a fairly wide berth. Hitting implements: fine. Vibrators: no problem. Role play: as long as it wasn’t too funny. But butt plugs seemed like a strange and unusual thing.

I love anal sex, but the main reason I love it is because of the whole atmosphere – his grunting, delicious desperation as well as the feeling of his dick meeting tight resistance. Butt plugs seemed a bit pointless: I don’t have a prostate, so why would I want one there? What’s more, I felt a teeny bit nervous about using one on a guy. Worried that I might do it badly and it’d either be totally underwhelming or – worse – hurt.

As with many things, I was spectacularly wrong.


We talked about it first. He told me that he liked it: that feeling of being full. My head was full of pictures: him lying on the bed, naked from the waist down, reaching to push something firmly into himself. Him: sitting at his computer, with a plug snugly inside him and braced against the seat of the chair, frowning in concentration as he rubbed himself to climax.

I wanted to see that first hand.

“Are you going to use that on me?” he asked. I waited for a while, putting on the kind of face that covered my nervousness with controlled indecision.

“Nope.” I put it on the chair. “You’re going to use it on yourself.”


Watching him lube up the plug then wince with concentration as he slid it into himself was just the start. As he sat down slowly onto the wooden chair, his face displayed a beautiful tortured dilemma: ‘I like this. It feels good. But I feel so dirty.’

“How do you feel?”


“Touch yourself.”

He gripped his cock firmly and started sliding his hand up and down. He twitched and trembled with a combination or nervousness and arousal. I could see the tension in his neck, and the taut effort in his thighs as he tried not to rest with too much pressure. He didn’t want it in too deep straight away – he wanted to take it slowly. He swallowed, rubbed harder, relaxed a tiny bit. Let the plug slip slightly deeper into him.

“How do you feel?”

“Still…” he rubbed harder “…dirty.”

I sat on the edge of the bed getting hot at the sight of him. It was his face, mostly. The flickers of competing expressions and emotions as he stroked himself towards a climax that he was both desperate for and ashamed of. I couldn’t believe there could be such a difference between watching him wank and watching him wank like this: with a plug holding him firmly in a place where he was conflicted about his joy.

I had rarely wanted him more.

Good boy

I stood over him and pulled the crotch of my knickers to one side. He looked up at me and I gave him the kind of grin I’d usually save for afterwards: gleeful, ecstatic, overjoyed by this intensely new thing. I loved that this boy was so utterly on edge – aching from the plug and tingling through his dick and desperate to come right in front of me.

I straddled his legs, wrapped my arms around his neck, and lowered myself onto his cock. Gently, for the first few strokes, I slid up and down him – my cunt getting wetter and hotter at the sounds of his plaintive moans.


“Please what?”

“Please… harder.”

“Fuck you harder?”


“You want to feel me fuck you hard so this plug is pushed deeper into you?”

“I… yes.”

“Say it.”

“Please fuck me harder. I want to feel it inside me. Deep inside m… Oh God. Fuck. That deep inside me.”

So I fucked him harder – much harder. I rode his dick in a swift, jerking rhythm, grinding his arse into the chair and the butt plug deeper inside him. I rocked back and forth so he could feel it pushing against the inside of him from all angles. I gripped the back of the chair and pulled on his hair as he cried out. I felt the tension in him every time I slammed down to the base of his cock – the solid, hard strokes that drummed the base of the plug against the chair, and the tip of it into the boy.

There are other stories to tell about butt plugs – when they’re used on me, or other ways I’ve used them to make guys whimper. But this was one of the first introductions I had to butt plugs. From this point on, the main thing I associate them with (and the reason I always keep a couple of different types in my sex toy drawer) isn’t the play itself – the specific acts or moments or even the feeling as one is slipped inside – it’s the expressions. The looks of lust mixed with uncertainty and a heavy dollop of need. It’s filthy not just because he likes it but because of the way he likes it.

Finally, too quickly, before my thighs could even think about aching, he came. One final grunt of satisfaction and anguish and lust, and his cock twitched hard inside me. He buried his face in my chest and offered a wholly unnecessary “thank you.”

As with any toys mentioned here, you’d be helping to support my site by buying butt plugs from my affiliates using any of the links on this sex toys page. If you’d like a specific butt plug recommendation, my favourites at the moment are these Doxy butt plugs – buy direct from Doxy using my affiliate link and you’ll get 15% off and free shipping if you use the code GOTN15. 


  • Scott says:

    Butt plugs feel amazing. They make your orgasm SO much more intense, in my experience anyway. The only problem is that once you realise that bigger is better, when it comes to that particular sensation, you have to keep buying bigger plugs!

    • Girl on the net says:

      You know what you need? You need one of these. That way you can adjust size as you get used to a smaller size… *nods wisely*

    • Azkyroth says:

      The other problem is that, in my experience, there’s a sharp discontinuity between “snicker” and “whimper” in terms of the diameter.

      The other other problem is that most of them have stems that are too short, which is probably a contributing factor.

      • Girl on the net says:

        Which bit is the ‘stem’? The narrow bit?

        Agree on snicker and whimper though – when it’s me receiving the butt plug, I think less is definitely more.

        • Mike says:

          My wife puts my butt plug in and then climbs on top of me and rides my dic says she loves to watch my eyes roll back in my head and after I cum she sits on my face while I lick her clean

    • thomas says:

      i know what you mean, I too have to buy bigger.
      I enjoy the feeling that I have something in my ass.

    • Thomas de Jong says:

      I too enjoy plugs and I am 70 yrs and still going and playing with my penis. I can only take a 2″ diameter plug as there is no more room. I use most of the time a tunnel plug but I start off with a smaller diameter and then take it up to 2″. When I am in the shower I lather myself and insert two fingers and than the other hand (fingers) goes in and that is how I stretch my ass a bit and the plug slide in so easy.

  • This was so ridiculously hot.

  • This is my fave ever post on this site. Am consumed with lust reading it. Woe betide the next bloke / vaguely sentient being who crosses my path :o

  • I still find the idea of anal play scary but this story was really, really hot. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog…….and your book. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what I like about butt plugs and boys. I top it off with some more humiliating remarks on the dirtiness of the situation, just to watch the look on his face fill with more shame and yet so turned on..

  • Exhibit A says:

    I adore butt plugs and I adore your writing, so this post was always going to do it for me. Great stuff.

  • Larry Archer says:

    Isn’t it good to be dirty and I especially like the butt plugs with the horse’s tail.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oooh, I have never had one with a horse’s tail. However I have spoken to someone who has offered to write me a guest blog on pony play. I have all of my fingers crossed because I am fascinated by it, and I would *love* this as a guest blog =)

      • Mikael says:

        They make em with horse tails, bunny tails, gems, just about anything you can imagine really attached just right there on the end.

    • HornyJay says:

      Do you use it on ypurself? Please share?

  • KitKat says:

    Omg that was hot!

  • Roger says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! That’s the hottest thing I’ve read anywhere in a long time.

  • AussieGal says:

    Haha I had a good laugh reading it from this perspective. It was also quite erotic. Great story :)

  • A perfect example of why more couples should experiment with butt plugs! Hot story, please write more!

  • AC says:

    Incredibly hot blog, this one. Still a major taboo for many straight men, anal play, which is quite sad because plugs are so much fun. That feeling of being full is unlike anything else. It all feels good though – fingers, plugs, strapons – whatever. Took me a little while to broach the topic with my other half, but when I did I found out that she was incredibly turned on by fucking me or watching me sit on a plug or a dong; it took our already fantastic sex life to a new level.

    AC x

  • Kinky says:

    I’ll have to try that with one of my plugs. Have to say I’ve been doing solo anal play for many years. Not all toys were man made, lots of fruit and veggies as well as objects like bottles, bedposts, handles…too many to list.
    Always felt ashamed or perhaps worried to tell my partner/gf at the time until recently she is fantastic nothing to worry about.

  • Mick says:

    Very nice! I have been into solo anal play for a few years now and can defiantly say it’s the best sexual fun I’ve ever had. I really think people experiencing it are missing out big time. It’s just a hard time trying to find other girls that would agree to fist me. *Sigh*

  • kinkyb says:

    Wow that was hot… it is both the feeling of being full and it being dirty that does it for me. It all began with an old girlfriend putting ‘some’ fingers up there when we were having a drunken 69… now I have a selection of different sizes, and a huge inflatable one, doesn’t vibrate though. You should try some large, heavy ‘jiggle balls’, then have him fuck you. The shaking inside against his p-spot will drive him crazy, guarantee it.

  • Glenn says:

    I usually keep my anal play separate from my relations with my wife except for the rare occasion when she’s feeling butch and straps one on. I usually start out with a plug, then work my way up to a 2″ dildo. I was riding the dildo and heard my wife come home, so got off the dildo and put the plug back in. She was horny so we had sex. The feeling of getting my prostate bumped with every stroke I put in my wife started me tripping out. I must have cum for about a minute or more>) I recommend this heartily…

  • Mike says:

    Literally just started anal play on myself because my gf is the first to be not only open to the idea but very turned on by the thought of me having something rubbing against my prostate. Just last night we lubed up the toys and STARTED with the intent of her just stimulating me with a vibrator. What ended up happening was us in bed for an hour and a half, smiling, groaning, scratching, and sharing of each other. She wanted more from me so I decided to teach her how to suck on my organ while simultaneously applying oscillating pressure on my “G spot”. She ended up being so good that my length and girth was at a size I have never seen before! She was so excited to find out that if she just wanted a bigger me all she had to do is press the ” bigger button”. She was so advenerious that night that we had a bullet in her backside a vibrating cock ring on me and some prostate play. I had such a good time that I am actually looking for a toy I can use on a regular bases! Also just found this blog in search of butt plugs will come back for more !

  • Charlie says:

    I stumbled across your blog while doing research on anal plugs, and this is the most hot and sexy stuff I’ve ever read and I couldn’t be happier with the timing! Every now and then, I get in the mood to experiment with fingering myself and found that I’ve achieved some of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. But I was very nervous about talking about it with my wife, because, to me, I felt any anal play on me was crossing the line into homosexuality even though I had no desire for men. I love my wife very much and wanted to put a new spin on our sex life. Last week, I finally put my stupid misconceptions aside and worked up the courage to talk to her about it. She was all for it! I’ve been waiting all week for the weekend to go to a toy store and buy some anal toys and the anticipation has been killing me! So now, I read your blog (and have read several more of your entries and love every one!) and my desire is just killing me! Now if you excuse me, I think I need to read this a third or fourth time. Maybe more. :)

  • Lacrymology says:

    Hi, maybe a bit harsh for a first comment, but I just felt it might hit the right spot to let you know that I’m a programmer, and I enjoy sitting at my computer with a plug in while coding. Cannot do it when there’s serious work needing to be done, but it’s fun when I can spare a bit of concentration, and usually very rewarding

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh. My. God. Have you any idea how many of my specific and intense kinks this hits? The answer is all of them. ALL OF THEM. This is the hottest comment I’ve read for quite some time, and now I have to go for a lie down to think about it properly. Thank you, kind stranger!

    • HornyJay says:

      Very hot

  • Kinky Lad says:

    Great post. Been using plugs for awhile although love anal play with variety of things especially if it milks the prostate. Curious about inflatable plugs never tried any as yet.

  • unsure says:

    I have been using a anal toy for awhile solo.so I took a pic of it inside me and showed it to my gf and she said she didn’t like it, so I want to see if I can get he to try it on me and hopefully change he mind.

  • Scott says:

    I’ve never tried a butt plug, but a few weeks ago I bought a basic vibrator from a discount rack at an adult shop. I had this article stuck in the back of my thoughts for months but was too shy about getting one, even if it would only be me who knew I had one. I finally decided try it out for real because reading GOTN’s articles made me realize that, at least in my own head, I was turned on by pegging fantasies.

    I did not realize I was gonna get so ‘hooked’ on it. Literally from the first night I tried it too. It makes me feel so calm and relaxed, like blissfully relaxed. Good for someone like me because it helps relieve some anxiety. There’s no shame either, I just feel so excited to go into my room all alone at night and pound myself out until my butt gapes wide open. Thank you to the sex-positive feminist pornstar Bobbi Starr for making me curious about gaping. I reach total bliss as I hear those constant suction-cup-like noises, because then I know I’ve really gone to town on myself. I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like having a woman do this to me. It would make me feel so fulfilled and wild to have a woman pound me into submission. Still a virgin though…..but wouldn’t it be fun to lose it by way of pegging?

    Oh well. I bought a new vibrator today so this is a set future for me. I love this so much!!

  • Holy shit that was hot, definitely trying this soon….

  • young@endowed says:

    I started the plug a short time ago…like try 3 hrs lol and i must say….im loving it….

  • Amy says:

    If anyone is on the fence about butt plugs, they should read this post! It’s gritty, raw, and so erotic!

  • lauren says:

    what butt plug would you recommend using on a guy for his first time? scared of using anything too big on him!

  • Martin says:

    i am a man and i love playing with butt plugs but my most erotic sex is having a beautiful woman go to town on me with a strap on.

  • Davey says:

    First came small toys, then they got bigger until they didn’t fit the first time, or second, or third. And it became a mission to reach that wonderful pop feeling as they finally slid in. But my god, slide into some latex leggings to hold all the lube in and every activity became so hot. Wahing, ironing, cleaning…

  • Not on the fence says:

    My new boyfriend uses butt plugs while masturbating and only told me this last week about them and his desire to be pegged etc. And, I kind of was on the fence about how I felt about it. And I was thinking I probably wouldn’t do any butt stuff with him.

    This post has completely changed my mind and I want to do this to him!! Thank you!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh thank you so much! I’m delighted that it’s inspired you, and I hope you both have lots of fun =D

  • aheadn2hands says:

    You better believe it. Cumming’s hotter with a buttplug in!

  • Ric Carter says:

    I got into ass toys in my twenties. I’m now in my sixties, and still love them. Two inch diameter is my comfortable limit at the time, and I really see no reason to stretch further, although some men who have tried to enter me were too big for penetration. As much as I would like to accommodate them, we can’t suit everybody. I love to have people watch me put in a butt plug.

  • Sam says:

    Will but plugs work in hell? What method will the devil use satisfy us.

  • Tittus77 says:

    Will butt plug make my penis bigger(longer or fatter)

    • Girl on the net says:

      Not really, though if you really enjoy prostate stimulation (as I know lots of ppl do) then you might get a harder erection.

    • Thomas de Jong says:

      No your penis will not grow bigger or fatter you might use your penis more often than not with a plug inside you. While I write this I have my 1 3/4 ” plug inside, wonderful feeling.

  • Xavier Foxx says:

    Well, a friend of mine told me that I should try a buttplug. So me being my curious self, I did. To make it more appealing, I used a foxtail buttplug. (I like soft fluffy things). It was a best move ever. It made everything about my orgasm so much more Intense. Added to that, the tail was just over the top…the feeling of the soft fur in my ass was just overwhelming.
    So it’s great. It’s really great.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ahhhh yes! I *love* furry butt plugs too. Not sure I get the same pleasure from the tickle of the fur, but I do enjoy the playful, animal thing =)

  • Malcolm says:

    I’ve always had a fascination about being naked and having things in my ass, it makes wanking very intense. My first object was a cigar tube. I was ashamed and excited all at once. I once went to a prostitute and she used a dildo on me. It was intense and I licked and fingered her pussy afterwards till she came, then fucked her. I bought myself a dildo and taught myself to ride it. I would watch porn and then let the dildo simulate the movements of the cock in the movie, making me feel like the woman and the man. I got more daring with my dildo. At night I would venture naked outside in the garden and dildo myself while wanking. The thought of being caught added to the adrenaline rush, especially doing something so taboo. It was more thrilling than the time I drove 600km stark naked from the coast back home. My work has also taken me to remote locations and on one memorable occasion I was working on top of a mountain one night. I didn’t have a dildo with me, but I had a bottle. I stripped naked and managed to fit the neck of the bottle up my ass. Wanking like that while “at work” was an adrenaline rush because of the guilt and shame and excitement. And of course the farmer might show up unexpectedly. I dare myself to complete certain tasks which adds to the excitement. Some of the tasks would be: I must let the dildo slide in and out of me 30 times at a specific fence post in the garden before moving to the next fence post. I have 8 fence posts. I wank and don’t allow myself to cum. I make a rule that if I cum, I must go back to the starting point. I’m not allowed to go back in the house till I’ve completed the course. I leave all my clothes in the house. I went through a period of denial before finally accepting that I’m bisexual. Being bisexual has helped me live out many of my kinky fantasies. I met an older man with a huge cock and once I drove naked from my house to his house with my dildo firmly wedged up my ass. That was such a huge turn on for me and for him…and I felt it! I could barely walk the next day and my ass stung for a week. I still have many unfulfilled fantasies, one of which is a group of women watching me wank while i dildo myself/being dominated by a man/dominated by women with strap-ons etc. I’m into pegging/femdom/bdsm/cfnm/cmnm/oon/cmnf/cfnf/lesbian/gay etc.

  • Dean says:

    My GF and I have both never experienced this, at present we have experimented with rimming and finger (tip). The other day we went out and bought a small plug for me. My tight ass can’t wait for her to penetrate it for the first time.

    We have planned for her to massage me loosen me up and slide it in. Flip me over and give me oral while I lie on it or she wants to manoeuvre it while giving me oral and finally we love the idea of her riding me while it’s in.

    Thank you for the inspiration

  • dearladyblogger says:

    Loving this convo string :). Very interesting

  • Mark says:

    Just ordered my first butt plug and can hardly wait. I’ve dallied with ass play for many years and it has always led me to more arousal and powerful climaxes.

  • Dave says:

    Over the past year and a half or so my wife and I have put anal play into our sex lives. It started by just me playing with her with a finger and progressed to me trimming her and fingering her. I will say that timing her is so fucking hot I can hardly contain myself. I have fantasized about her pegging me but have still yet to bring it up. One night as I have my ass up towards her head as I’m running and fingering her as I feel her hand feeling around on the bed but I was so into what I was doing I paid no attention until I felt a cold wet feeling on my own as as she starting rubbing lube around my hole and then she put a finger in and I couldn’t help pushing myself back onto her finger until b.c.i reached back myself and put my finger inside myself along with hers. She immediately began to moan and buck her hips as she starting ducking me faster and harder with her finger until we both came at the same time. This was by far the most mind blowing orgasm I have ever had. Shortly after I went and bought a strap on for her to use but still haven’t talked to her about it. She has in the past six months taken it upon herself to use a small vibrator she has on me. She gets so turned on and aggressive when she does this and I love it. Based on her reaction to our anal play do you think it would be safe to just pull the strap on out one night and ask her to take me?

    • Dean says:

      By what you have said I am are she will be up for it. Might be worth bringing it up and talking about it first. If she agrees then perhaps set a date. Let the excitement build. By the time it comes around you will both be gagging for it. Let us know what happened.

    • Wives slut says:

      Oh for sure, most women love it if your cock is dripping. I’ve been married twice, they both love fucking and fisting my ass. My cock grows a half inch bigger and fatter, not to mention I shoot cum uncontrollably. I’m addicted to my ass being pounded while she rides away, cum dripping from all sides of me. So hot

  • Thomas de Jong says:

    I am a 70 yr guy and always enjoy the feeling of having something in my butt. I had the feeling when I was 11 yrs old. I would just use a pen or something els that was not thick. I enjoy lying on the sofa with the plug inside and spread my legs apart so she can see the plug and the wide open hole.

  • Sluggo Magoo says:

    Every little kink goes a long way. I found that an instrument in my ass makes me harder and the experience is better. Now every I masturbate I have a vibrating dildo up there and as I stroke my cock, I stroke my ass as well. Sometimes my girlfriend will work the dildo but most of the time i want it that way when I’m along. I started wearing women’s pink panties this spring. Sometimes I go to the local strip club and the girls that know about my fetishes will stick their finger up my ass during a lap dance when I’m only wearing the panties. They love it too and love to give their underwear. I was thinking about ordering these stainless steel but plugs with the fake jewel in the back. I think that would be cool..

  • Brady Breezy says:

    My wife has recently started fingering my ass, I used to think it was weird until she started tickling it and i let her do a little more and a little more, now I’m really getting into it more and more. I never thought I would like it, and she gets into it. The other night she went all the way in with her finger and fucked my ass good while she sucked my head off, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever felt. So I went and got a fantasy kinky box that has a bunch of different things in it, and it has a butt plug in it, I cant wait for her to use it on me. Maybe tonight! I cant wait for the experience.

  • joe says:

    Great stuff. Now, take it to the next level – get an electric buttplug and set it to deliver random pulses while she is sitting on top fucking you. Unbelievable experience for both…

  • Manicmike says:

    Yeah one day my girlfriend left a toy around and I try it out and it felt good going in but it took a while once I did I jerked off for about an hour I get off three to five times a day I’m a true Scorpio I’m all about them secrets I love panty shots upskirts sucking on girls panties coming in them and making them lick it out so hot right when I’m ready to come when I pull it out I come very hard a lot my cock is as hard as it’ll ever be I c** all over the place also beats feel really nice to put put them in pulling out slowly and when you’re ready to come pulling out a little fast to come like crazy I know a lot of girls like it get some really hot I’ll start there pussy every little bit of juice that comes out of them just like honey I love women I love pussy I love pussy I love women I grew up in Virginia beach girls might as well be walking around in their underwear Holly walk down the beach tripping over my tongue God knew what he was doing when he created them angels

    • Manicmike says:

      That was anal beads not beat beads they feel good coming out slow and right when you’re ready to come pull them out a little faster I guarantee show love to see that load maybe even swallow it for you manicmike

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi Manicmike – your comment got caught in the spam filters because you included your email address in the message copy – I’ve removed your email from the comment, and just FYI I’d prefer for you not to leave contact details in comments anywhere. I cannot guarantee anyone’s safety if they meet in the comments here on the blog, nor guarantee any email addresses genuinely belong to the poster, so I have to strip those out. Best, G

  • Thomas de Jong says:

    I am now 73 and sit behind my laptop with a two inch diameter plug in my ass and twisting my nipples hard. This plug is for me the most comfortable in my ass and I can leave it there for hours and I wish that I had the nerve to go shopping or go outside and mingle with people in the mall. Now I put those pink nipple suckers on my tits till it hurts. My nipples can only go an 1 1/2 ” inside but I cannot find any that is larger or I would have found them. Not only that I also put cream on my tits and I noticed my mammary glands are expanding so I am not flat chested anymore and that too is an enormous turn on for me getting bigger tits, nipples and a but plug in my ass what else do you want.

  • Thomas de Jong says:

    I forgot to add. Every evening when I take a shower before I go to bed I lather my breast with soap and sit on my shower seat and penetrate my self with a plug while I wait for the lather soap to absorb in my breast.

  • Thomas de Jong says:

    While I read these horny stories I had to find my butt plug and stuff it in my ass, as I write this all down my ass is full. This morning I had a shower and after I lather my breasts with soap I also lubricate a dildo and stull it in my hole and I sit there on my shower stool with my plug in my ass, what a fucking good feeling that is. I live in a condo so in a few minutes I go to the mailbox with my plug inside me. I have to stop typing often as my fingers reach over to my tits and I rub them, squeeze, pull and my best feeling is when I pinch my tits hard, very hard while I sit behind my laptop in a thong, plugged and rocking back and forth on my chair feel the plug inside me and watch these short videos where boys help each other. Thinking about all these fun things makes my breathing goes faster and flip my stretched tits up and down. Oh shit I can go on for ever.

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