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Guest blog: How not to do polyamory

I’ve been honoured to host some fab guest blogs on ethical nonmonogamy over the years – like this guide on how to cultivate compersion or this lovely piece about the realities of open relationships. Often, though, it’s as intriguing to learn from other people’s mistakes as their successes. So just as I’ve tried to write guides on how to be bad in bed before, this week’s guest blogger, Alex, is here to tell you how not to do polyamory. Or in his own words…


Guest blog: The forbidden fuck

You all know I have a kink for lustful longing, right? Intense desire, that fires you up and makes you tremble, which may or may not ever be requited. Please welcome today’s guest – @EuphemiseThis – who’s here to talk about lust, longing and a forbidden fuck…


Guest blog: Open relationships are more boring than you think

I’m really excited to introduce you to this week’s fantastic guest blogger. Molly Quell is a writer who is in an open relationship, and when telling people her relationship status she’s often confronted with some fairly inaccurate assumptions. She’s here to debunk some, and explain what her love life really looks like…


Guest blog: How to cultivate compersion

A while ago I asked people to teach me how to feel compersion. I wanted to get my head around the idea of my partner being with other people, and build on the happy/horny feelings that sometimes sparked, without triggering a whole world of jealousy and insecurity. So massive thanks to this week’s guest blogger, the fabulous non-monogamous Amy of CoffeeAndKink (@CoffeeAndKink), for submitting such a gorgeous, personal explanation of what it’s like for her, and how to cultivate compersion in relationships.


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Guest blog: my partner fucking other men

Today’s guest blog pressed a lot of my buttons – and not the ones that are normally pressed when someone tells me a horny thing. As a mostly-monogamous, keen-to-be-more-open person, I have struggled a lot with my internal double-standard. My ideal relationship consists of one guy I love very much, who gets off on letting me fuck other men. Fucking other men is, it seems, something I truly want to do. Hearing about him fuck other women? Not so much.

Today’s guest blogger is Sir, who tweets with his partner Subbie @SirandSubbie on Twitter. He wants to talk to you about Subbie fucking other men, and I’m grateful not just because he’s sharing some pretty raw, emotional stuff, but because he’s managed to sum up quite a lot of my feelings (both rational and irrational) about this very thing…