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Guest blog: When her button presses my button

A month or so ago, I abused my power made great use of my platform to post a shout-out on Mastodon for a guest blog that could satisfy one of my long-term curiosities. I wanted to know: what does it feel like to have someone come on your cock? I am, perhaps obviously, fascinated and intrigued by all the different feelings that people with dicks get to experience that I do not, and I figured one of the lovely articulate sex-nerd perverts who followed me might be up for explaining this in detail. And one was! Not just anyone, either: the lovely Starcross, who runs his own blog at Starcross Stories (some of which are available as audio porn too!). His post is so perfect – exactly what I was looking for – that I read it three times before I even started uploading it here to the site. Please enjoy this fabulous explanation of what it feels like to have someone with a vagina come round your cock…


Of whiskey, guitars and sex in cargo holds

This gorgeous story about fucking a hot guitarist is written and read by Carolyna Luna, and originally appeared on her website. 

Ah, Blondie’s! I fucking loved that place. I always arrived before ten to snag a prime spot at the bar. It was the best vantage point to enjoy the local bands that frequently played there. It was also where Sheila, the bartender, liked to lean whenever she could sneak in a break to offer naughty banter. That night was no different.


Guest blog: Husband sitting – keeping him entertained

I am so delighted to welcome Missy back to the blog today – Missy writes (and posts stunningly horny photographs) over at Focused & Filthy, and she’s featured here before with an absolutely incredible piece about completing the cum ‘hat trick.’ The ‘hat trick’, of course, refers to getting cum in each hole – mouth, cunt and ass – over the course of 24 hours. WHAT A CONCEPT. Here to cement her reputation as a pioneer of Cool New Sex Concepts, today Missy is going to introduce you to the idea of ‘husband sitting.’ If you like openness and sharing in your relationships, you might want to make a note of this…


Emotional honesty: this guy restored my faith in dating

I can’t tease you any longer, my friends. It was cruel of me to do so in the first place. The fun little trilogy that started with a dating challenge and moved on to me and a hot guy swapping sex stories is just that: a trilogy. It’s not the first chapter in a brand new erotic romance. Fuck it, though, he and I had a lot of fun, and personally I find it fitting (and deeply satisfying for my overall philosophy) that the guy who restored my faith in dating didn’t do so by being the perfect match, but by embarking on our dates with genuine emotional honesty. When I set out on the initial challenge (‘ask out the hot man who works in my shop’) it wasn’t about whether he said ‘yes’, only about whether I was brave enough to ask him in the first place. Likewise, the success of our dates didn’t come down to whether we kicked off a serious relationship, but whether we met as equals with a genuine desire to find out if we matched. The fact that we don’t match is no more than a footnote. The headline is that we found that answer swiftly, respectfully, and while having a fair bit of fun. Shop Man Part 3. Let’s do this.


No worries if not!

Here are a couple of dates when I’m free – sorry for being such a forward-planning diary twat it’s just that I’m very busy and I’d really like to see you so it’s better if we book it a long way in advance. Let me know if either of these works for you. No worries if not!