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Milked by strangers: lubed up, tied down, wanked off

Can I interest anyone in a story about a guy getting his dick milked in a cold, clinical manner by person or persons unknown? That’s what this post is about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I vigorously masturbated over it. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of people getting their dicks milked at the moment, mostly thanks to a particular twitter account I follow which consists of amazing videos of exactly that. Scroll to the bottom for the link to it, and be warned that just like this post, it’s NSFW. 


Meet and ride: a casual sex story

This post, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

We met in a club, it was a pretty standard night out

I was just happy to fling on my glad rags and shake off the stresses of the week.

I didn’t expect to meet you, but I wasn’t sad that I did…


When he pulls out but doesn’t quite make it…

When we’re fucking, and he’s just about to come, there’s always a split-second moment when he has to decide: hold back or let go? If he pulls out quickly and closes his eyes so he can’t see the wet hole of my twitching cunt desperate for him to shove it back in, he can deny himself an orgasm now, but keep it in the bank for another fuck half an hour later. If he lets go, he gets that delightful thudding pulse running through his cock, and the wave of satisfied release as he dumps spunk inside me, but the chances of us fucking again shortly afterwards reduce dramatically. It’s a tricky decision. And sometimes it’s one that he doesn’t get to make.


Guest blog: Weird wank – I control his dick

I love it when people tell me about unique, sexy concepts that haven’t occurred to me before: a new way to control a submissive, a new sex trick, a cool atmosphere they managed to conjure during a shag. This week’s guest blogger – @OxyFromSg who writes erotica with Phedre Sinclair at this blog right here – has exactly that: an unusual and kinky arrangement, which he’s loosely titled the ‘weird wank’. Before we start I want to let you know that he has sought permission from the guy he does this with, who’s happy for him to write about their dick-controlling antics. Enjoy!


Guest blog: How self-imposed chastity improved my life

When I think of chastity, usually I picture it as something that one person is imposing on another. In the past, the closest I’ve come to chastity play is telling partners not to come for a few days before they next see me, so they can give me a huge load of spunk. So when this week’s guest blogger got in touch to pitch a piece about self-imposed chastity, I was really intrigued. Meet Thomas, who’s here with a fantastic guest blog explaining how self-imposed chastity significantly improved his life…