Making her cum: she’s such a good girl

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous story about making her cum during a threesome is written and read by Robyn of Robyn Eats Everything

From this perspective, with my face between her thighs, her body looks so beautiful. The undulation of her belly into her chest into her breasts is art. When she moans or gasps or wiggles, there is a wave in her flesh, a delicious rippling which continues into the horizon of her.

I could simply look at her body all night. But I only catch glimpses, right now, as my tongue laps at her clit.

When she first widened her thighs, I fell in love. Her cunt, her clit, her lips, her curve; everything was perfect to me. Everything was tantalising, and I felt an immediate need to taste every tiny part. And now, my tongue is slowly edging its way up from being buried within her tight hole to play with her clit.

She makes the most noise when I gently suck on her. I do it partly so I can steal a look at her face, twisted in pleasure. I see that he’s playing with her nipples again. After sucking, I spit on her clit, making it as wet as my tongue for when they meet again.

I think I have a little climax as she cums against me. My cunt is certainly soaked. My tongue is right in the fold between her clit and her hood as she releases and I quickly envelop her clit closely with my mouth and kiss it as though it’s my lover, as that ripple in her body becomes ever greater.

Making her cum has become an addiction for me; I never want to stop.

I lean back and replace my mouth with fingers. After rubbing her swollen clit gently, I twist my hand and press my thumb into her needy cunt, while my finger continues to swirl around her. She likes this. I hook my thumb upwards, making a C with my hand, and rub and rub. Harder and harder; relentless.

I rub until she cums again, whimpering into his chest, her feet shaking in the air. I love being able to watch her this time.

I plunge my fingers deep inside her. Fuck, her cunt is so much tighter than mine; the slick walls immediately grip me. I hold my fingers perfectly still and she fucks herself onto them. Sliding her cunt up and down, using them. She’s such a good girl.

I watch her fuck me for a while, occasionally curling my fingers into her. But then, I need to taste her again. I need to make her cum, again. I finger-fuck her deeply as my lips suck on hers.

This is her loudest orgasm yet. As my tongue rapidly flicks her clit, she grips my hair and bucks against my face. Earlier, there were whimpers and moans and gasps; now, she screams. She screams as I bury my face deeper, press my tongue firmer, move my fingers faster. I want everything right now, all of her.

But, I slow to a stop. Someone else wants her too.

I move behind her, my lips scattering across her shoulder as he fucks her. I’m almost holding her in place, on her side, as he breaches her over and over. Right now, I’m so jealous of him; that’s my wetness he’s using. I want to be him. I want her all to myself. My fingers reach across her smooth hip and contact her clit once again, like old friends reunited. There, I hold a tip against her nub for a few seconds, before pushing forward between her lips.

She turns and kisses me, our tongues softly grazing each other. I moan even louder than she does. When my fingertips meet his dick at her entrance, I pull back to circling her clit hard; I know now how much she enjoys that.

I only notice he’s cum as her cunt becomes flooded, her clit becomes deluged. My fingers become soaked with him as he pulls out. I lift them away and to her face, feeding them into her mouth. She purrs with appreciation.

I almost shove him away in order to place myself between her thighs once more, to lap the cum from within her. To make her cum one last time.


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