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Good boy: you get the prostate play you asked for

This fabulous piece, in which you get the prostate play you requested, is written and read by Molly Moore and originally appeared on her website. 

You are such a good boy for me. I like it when you do as you told, like today, for example. The message I sent you on my way home read: “Be naked on the bed. Use the under-bed restraints and attach the ankle cuffs. I will be back at exactly 1pm. Be ready.”

And you were.


The four times I make you come

The first time I make you come is just for me. I’m not even going to bother taking off all my clothes. I’ll just yank my knickers to one side, hop on your erection the second it’s hard enough, and ride your dick till you fill me up with spunk.


Hot Octopuss Plex prompted some fun anal experiments

I don’t know if I’m allowed to just invent a piece of sex etiquette, like I’m the editor of NSFW Debrett’s, but if I were allowed to do that, I’d suggest an etiquette rule like this: if you’re fucking someone with a butt toy in, and you have the ability to hold it there while you pound them, you absolutely should. So for instance, if we’re fucking doggy-style, one hand laid on my butt with a steadying thumb against the base of the plug (not pushing in, just holding still) will calm my anxious mind and mean I can focus on the shag rather than the worry that I’m about to inadvertently shoot it across the room. This rule brought to you by a woman who – no matter how safe the butt plug or how secure it feels in my ass, the second you start to plough away I will immediately panic that my lubed-up arse might accidentally blast it at your stomach like a rocket launcher. My top concern with anal toys is not whether they’re going to get in, but whether they might just slip out. That was my key concern with the Hot Octopuss Plex, and why I tested it in ways that may seem silly to you, but which for me formed vital anxiety-calming prep before I (hopefully) get to use this during sex.


Guest blog: Why I started making my own dildos

I love a bit of kinky DIY – sometimes the hot things you want aren’t available in the world. Or at least not available to you – sex toys might be hard to come by or out of your budget or not quite perfect, so you find yourself cloning someone’s dick or building your own spanking bench or milking machine, just for the sheer fun of creating something sexy. When this week’s guest blogger got in touch to tell me he’d been making his own dildos, I was super excited to find out about the process. Be aware, though, that as a general rule I don’t recommend making your own sex toys unless you seriously know what you’re doing: some of the things described in this post are not entirely safe (anal toys need a flared base, and your materials need to be guaranteed non-porous before you insert them), so while I hope you can enjoy the details as much as I did, he and I are both bringing you this fun DIY adventure with a big sign stapled to the side of it that says ‘don’t try this at home.’


Guest blog: What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

Have you ever tried to describe what your orgasms feel like? Back in the ancient days of this blog, I ran a competition to solicit descriptions of orgasms, and it was fascinating and joyful to see how people described each one. This week’s guest blogger is describing a type of orgasm I can’t ever experience, and so inevitably I was thirsty for detail and absolutely delighted when his post hit my inbox. Please welcome today’s fabulous guest, who’s here to tell you what a prostate orgasm feels like…