On being restrained: what’s hot about being tied up

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I’m an impatient person. I don’t want you to try to fuck me – to tease me gently and have me panting and gasping. I want you to put your dick inside me. I want you to push it into my cunt before you’ve barely got my knickers down. To a certain extent, I want you to act like you don’t care how I want it. That’s one of the reasons I love being tied up…

But the problem is that you might not actually want to fuck me like that. Although I like to imagine that you want it quick and hard and angry, you might want to do things more slowly – take your time over taking me. How do we solve this dilemma? Well, you need to shut me up. You need to stop me from bucking and writhing and sitting on your dick when I’m tired of the foreplay. In short: you need to tie me down.

Don’t take it slowly

The best restraints are the quick ones – handcuffs (without pink fluff, ideally. I have never yet come across something pink and fluffy that makes me slick my knickers), velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, bondage tape, gaffer tape, chains. I like restraints that don’t need long set-up or complex knots. But any way is fine to be honest. I’ll be good and hold still while you tie me because I know that when I”m tied all the things I want to happen will happen – namely, the things that I know you want to happen.

Take what you want

Some people say the best thing about being restrained is the feeling of being restricted – the tightness of the rope around your wrists, ankles, chest – a tightness that, like the tightness of a corset, restricts your breathing slightly and makes you mildly panicky in a way that makes your cunt wet. They’re right, of course – that stuff is hot. But I think the best thing about being restrained is that it makes me shut up – stop thinking – stop needing you to fuck me in a certain way. When I’m tied up I know I’m getting fucked and I know that you can make me wait for it.

You can do what you like to me. I can’t roll over or touch myself – I can’t touch you. I can’t writhe into a different position so your cock hits me in just the right spot. It’s deliciously frustrating, and at the same time I know that for you it’s deliciously satisfying. You can tie me exactly how you like, so I’m barely a person with my own desires and decisions – I’m a neatly-tied and packaged present for you.

Being tied up: the hottest way

Recently a boy tied my ankles to the bedposts. Not the bottom bedposts, with my hands cuffed to the top, spreadeagled open wide for him to lie on top and fuck. He lay me on my back, made me lift my legs into the air. He bound my ankles tightly together and then secured them to the bed just behind my head. I was folded in half, exposed, open, but with my legs crushed tightly together. He had to force his dick into me as I squeezed against him, gripping the rope around my ankles with my hands and feeling his cock pushing hard and deep – so fucking deep – inside me.

The feeling of restraint was hot, but not as hot as the feeling of being used. He grabbed the ends of the rope and braced himself, hauling on them with both hands, pulling my legs further – my cunt tighter – as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me.

He called me a good girl as he came, and as he undid the knots I reluctantly accepted my freedom back.


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  • Dirty London says:

    Not often I read something that makes me immediately need to wank. Pretty much described EXACTLY how I’d want to fuck you.

  • DW says:

    Probably shouldn’t have read this on the train. Cue the awkward boner.

  • Girl says:

    I think we’re sleeping with the same guy, because someone recently did that to me as well.

  • Indeed. Tie me up, gag me, blindfold me and fuck me till I am a tearful, choking mess. It’s not about what I want. It’s about what you want and you shall take it the way you are inclined at that particular moment.

    My favourite is being on my knees, ankles tied to the bedposts and my arms crossed between my legs and wrists tied to my ankles. An open, fully, available trussed up fucktoy.

    Being fucked from behind, with the guy using his tie wrapped around my mouth to tilt my head backwards, (as if I were a temperamental horse that needed restraining) to make me arch my back so he could fuck me deeper into me was a brilliant piece of improvisation.

  • Let me say, thank you. For writing this post and for making me think, actually, yes. Hell yes, THIS! I totally agree. I am not the tease me, play with me girl. I never have been. I am the fuck foreplay, be rough with me slut who fairly often (in the past anyway) has put men off with this liberal attitude! If only I had thought then to give them the control like this I would have been far less ‘toppy form the bottomy’!
    Lily xxx

  • Caramella says:

    My ex tried to tie me up one night using his rock-climbing ropes. He faffed around FOREVER trying to get the knots right while I shivered in the cold and he sprayed grit and dirt all over the bed. Bondage isn’t very sexy under a duvet, either.

  • Daisy says:

    This is amazingly hot. And my hot man read it out to me, which made it even hotter.

    Had we not been on our way out, I may well have dragged him upstairs and demanded to be restrained there and then.

    I needn’t have worried – as soon as we got home, I was naked and tied down, not knowing what he was going to do to me first.

    I nearly came before he even laid a finger on me…

  • Lexi says:

    Fuck yes! :)

  • Yingtai says:

    How am I going to get back to sleep after reading THIS? I miss bondage SO MUCH for EXACTLY these reasons and no sensible dom is going anywhere near my doomed joints and nerves. But at least I’ll have your words as a substitute!

  • Susan says:

    I love being tied up nude. My husband and I are into bondage big time. He ties me down to the bed naked. Then blindfold me the he ball gag me. I love being naked and helpless. Then he takes his sweet time playing with me. I don’t know what he going to do to me. Sometimes it hot wax. Or ice. Or a whip across my naked body. Or play with me with my sex toys. One time he took me out in the country. Had me to strip nude. Tied me down spred eagle. Ball gag me. Then went off and left me there for a few hours. When he returned, we had some great sex. We live out in the country. There a old barn behind our house. Some times he takes me out there and ties me up tight and go’s to work and leave me there naked and helpless for the day.

  • M says:

    Loved the story GOTN! Have been into bondage for a long time. Had a great time a few years ago when almost every night we’d do it: I could tie my girl in any position I wanted and do whatever: (light) spanking, feet tickling, put toys on her…what made it special that just every once in a while she wanted to swap roles (in her words “to take revenge”)which of course I didn’t mind. I felt the same sensations as you being slowly put in a pretty good hogtie – that slight reduction in breathing, that moment when the ropes are tightened and you know there’s no escaping from it.

  • Carol says:

    Damn this was so hot. My boyfriend did something like this to me without even asking and I LOOOVVVVEEEDDD it! But it also planted a seed in my head, wondering what it would be like to turn the tables. So, without asking, one night I shoved him down on the bed, cuffed his hands and ankles spread eagle, teased him, rode his face for a looooonnnngggg time. I love getting head, but there was something about literally making him jam his tongue into me that turned me on like nothing else. Once I’d orgasmed a couple of times on his face, I rode him till I was completely exhausted.
    Question – am I weird that I actually like dominating my guy more than I like being dominated? Does anyone else really get off having their guy tied up and helpless?

    • Girl on the net says:

      You are DEFINITELY not weird! Dominance/submission can go any way you like, as long as you and your partner are both up for the scene you’re playing! If you’d like to find out more about female domination, you should totally check out Ferns’ amazing blog: https://www.domme-chronicles.com/ She’s fantastic and has lots of femdom content (as well as some amazing books!). The only thing I’d say is that it sounds like both of the things in your comment so far happened without asking, and although it’s brilliant that you both had an amazing time, if you want to explore this kind of play further it’s worth starting some conversations with your boyfriend so you can both get a feel for what you want and don’t want, and make sure you’re both always able to communicate consent (and withdraw it if things get too much – especially with bondage this can sometimes be tricky if one person has their hands tied and their mouth full!). But yeah, as long as you’re being consensual and having fun you are DEFINITELY not weird – congratulations on exploring your dominant side =)

    • Goose says:

      I’m a natural Dom but honestly there’s little sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Hot.

  • Mr Plums says:

    I get very turned on by hearing you describe your feelings when you’re tied,restrained and used.I’m so vanilla and stuck in treating women ‘well’ yet crave the occasional bit of consensual BDSM. I enjoy giving a woman pleasure and also teasing to prolong the anticipation of my tongue,fingers,cock or toys ramping up the eventual orgasm.
    This scenario really appeals to me knowing its truly consensual and allowing my dominant side to combine with my desire to satisfy my partners needs.

    And to Carol – when I’m between a womans warm thighs,preferably stocking claddded,I love having them squeeze my head trapping my face in that hot wet cunt.Feeling her hips grinding into my face.It being used as a fuck toy with a probing nose against her clit and a darting,probing tongue lapping up those delicious juices.
    Not being released until all her orgasm has built,exploded and rippled through her body.I guess I’m probably a secret femdom fan !

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