The four times I make you come

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

The first time I make you come is just for me. I’m not even going to bother taking off all my clothes. I’ll just yank my knickers to one side, hop on your erection the second it’s hard enough, and ride your dick till you fill me up with spunk.

When I’m satisfied, it’s onto round two. The second time I make you come, it’s with my hands.

I take your wrists and cuff them behind your back. Make sure you’re comfortable, of course, then lube you up again until everything’s shiny and taut. Till your cock slips through my clenched fist easily, even though I’m squeezing good and tight. And I’m going to wank you off like that. Hard. Even though you’ve only just come.

The relentless nature of it when you’re still not recovered from the previous one makes you whimper and squirm, but you bite your lip and keep quiet for me, because you asked for this.

The second time I make you come, there are only a couple of squirts of jizz, but the power with which your dick twitches when the cum shoots out resonates through my arm. I respond not by letting go, but squeezing tighter.

Rubbing faster.

You say ‘please no,’ and I let go. Check whether you need water or a break, and you shake your head. But when I stand up, as if to walk away, you let out this howl of disappointment that rips at my heart, so I check in again:


You nod. Swiftly.

The third time I make you come, I use the machine. An automated masturbation tool that delivers relentless, robotic strokes – the kind that are impossible to achieve with mere mortal hands. Up and down. Up and down.

I show you how the machine works, before I slide your dick in. You watch it, mesmerised by steady rhythm that will never tire – hypnotised by the thought of it milking your raw, throbbing dick. Over and over and over.

Your dick, by now, is zinging with pain, and you’re not sure if you’ll make it through orgasm number three, but you’ve banged down a Viagra at the start of the evening, so it will be hard and ready for use right up until you actually say the safe word.

So your cock is hard, and your courage is wavering, but I squirt more lube out and slather you in it again. You twitch and whine a little in the back of your throat because I’m applying it quite roughly. Too much pressure, too much sensation. It’s all just far too much.

Then I slide your cock into the tight hole of the machine, and turn it on.


And up further.

You’re stoically silent for the first ten seconds, but then you start whimpering again. You can feel every single nerve ending in your cock – the signals it’s giving your brain all mean ‘stop’, even as your brain repackages those and implores you ‘no please don’t’. I watch the contorted expression on your face and contemplate taking a picture.

This time, when you come, it’s almost dry.

You pant and gasp like a defeated athlete, but we’re not in recovery mode yet.

The fourth time I make you come, I want it to be much more personal. First I’ll ride your dick once more, just for me. So I can come around the thick swell of pure pain that it’s now comprised of. Sliding from tingling tip to red-raw base, enveloping it with my soaking wet cunt, soothing the agony. Making it better.

Lulling you into a false sense of security.

Because once I’ve had my second go, it’s time to finish you off.

I’m gonna take both hands and lube them up again. Use one on your dick, and the other on your prostate.

There won’t be much spunk left, by the fourth time you come. But with one of my fists curled in a chokehold around the shaft of your cock, aggressively jerking it while you whimper like a whipped puppy, and the first two fingers of my other hand nudging right up against your prostate just inside your ass, pressing hard on the ignition that’ll kick-start your cum from the inside…

I’m sure that despite the agony you’re in, I’ll nevertheless be able to milk a few more drops of spunk from you.



This piece is fiction, so please don’t come at me in the comments to tell me it’s not possible. Neither is interdimensional travel, but no one complained when I wrote that, so there. If you do fancy trying some robotically mesmerising dick-milking though, there are actually two machines I have with which this kind of thing is possible, both of which you’ll hear about in a bit more detail later. 

One is the Fleshlight Launch, with Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit locked in (huge thanks to site sponsor The Pleasure Garden for providing me with the latter – as I say, longer post on it coming soon). Use the code GOTN10 for 10% off anything on-site. 

The other is the Autoblow AI, which a friend gave me a while ago. I have not yet used this one in anger, but when I do I promise you’ll hear about it. 

Buying through links on my site helps to support my work and keep me in lube that I can use on men who are kind enough to let me milk them. 



  • David S says:

    Oh. Oh my. Well that was an energising read for first thing on Sunday.

  • Big Spoon says:

    This may be fiction but it still borders on the believable for me. On two separate occasions I managed to come three times within a 10 minute time period, so to me this post straddles that wonderful line between fantasy and believability.

    • Girl on the net says:

      3 times in 10 minutes? FUCK. That’s incredible. I salute you, and also am extremely envious of anyone who got to witness that. This post was based off a chat I was having with a guy about forced orgasm, and both of us had seen porn in which someone was made to come more than once in short order, but three is the max I’ve ever seen even in porn.

  • Phil says:

    Have you seen yummycouple’s videos? The guy is incredible, he regularly cums two, three, even four times in succession. Big loads every time as well. There’s one video where he cums SEVEN times in under 10 minutes. The woman looks like a plasterer’s radio by the end of it.

  • Switchington Bear says:

    This is a really great piece and a lot of fun! Would be great to be the “victim” in a scene like this!

    I have often wondered if a Viagra (I’ve never taken one) would have this effect through multiple orgasms and allow a relentless cock milking to happen, would be interesting to know if anyone has tried it irl.

    This scenario is definitely possible btw, in the right hands! Personally, I’ve often come twice in close succession (few mins apart), not sure if I’ve ever done more. Over a day though I’ve easily got into double figures, my record since I hit my forties is 9 (which I’m secretly quite proud of). So if you’re prepared to spend some time it would be a fun day! Sorry if I’m giving too much info here btw!

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Wow. I cringed, but I also loved this one (at least as a fantasy).
    In real life, I find three times in 12 hours to be plenty! :D

  • Roland Ward says:

    Interdimensional travel i like it, damm right, it’s like fantasies, some girls like to actually act them out and some girls just like the thought of the fantasy, it’s for entertainment, reading, fantasising, well you name it, let’s face it, your a smart girl, i’ve always said, doesn’t matter where you are, upstairs, downstairs, indoors or out, what matters is the orgasm, well normally, depends on what naughty game you are playing, all the best sexy girl’. Roland

  • Purple Rain says:

    “Like a plasterer’s radio”

    Ooof. That’s a phrase to ponder…

  • fuzzy says:

    Not at all unbelievable. I regularly could come 3-4 times a day, sometimes within a 2-3 hour period up through my 30s. I can do it these days, but it takes several days of preparation (and subsequently several days of recovery), a viagra, and a dedicated partner along with oral, piv, anal, handjobs (and sex toys up to and maybe including a machine) — and the prostate stimulation is pretty much a required portion of the activity. Nonetheless, a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

  • Big Spoon says:

    It was definitely one of the hottest things I have done. The Little Spoon got to witness it and played an instrumental role in bringing it about. I did consider pitching it to you as a guest blog but wasn’t sure whether (a) “I can come a lot in a short space of time” would be an interesting enough post and (b) my smut writing skills leave a lot to be desired.

    (This comment was supposed to appear under your reply to my comment but the mobile version of your website doesn’t seem to let me reply to comments.)

  • slave sindee says:

    very hot i was twitching and jingling in my seat as i read

  • Paul says:

    I’m probably a bit late to reply to this now, but I just wanted to reassure you that your fantasy is DEFINITELY possible, no question about it. Me and my last girlfriend did it all day long a couple of years back and I shot my load 7 times for her in one day. This is the most I’ve ever managed in a day, either through masturbation or sex. Well, loads 6 and 7 were more like drops. The first three had nice, heavy spurts. I find the second load is often more intense than the first, so she let me do it between her ass cheeks. Then I think the third time, we sat and watched each other wank before coming again. The third orgasm is good too. The fourth will start to become difficult but still have maybe three spurts of cum. It reduces itself after that. I once heard of someone who did it 12 times in a day by wanking, but I don’t see it listed in the Guinness Book of records, so I guess it isn’t true. My girlfriend told me she came 6 times during the first session. Not sure if that is considered a lot or not though.

  • James in WI says:

    As some others have already mentioned, YES! This would definitely be possible. From a couple past experiences, and in a scenario that surprisingly doesn’t differ from yours very much, I know I’d be good for 4 O’s on occasion. (As long as it’s not a repeat of the same thing from the prior day or two.) That, and having a brief bit of recovery time between #3 and #4. Your 4th time with multiple fingers in ass would extract an orgasm from me in a manner that might be easier and faster to achieve than even #2 or #3.

  • Dorian says:

    Not sure why people would consider this to be so unbelievable, I almost always cum twice in 10 minutes, not because I’m not satisfied with the first orgasm but because the 2nd one is stronger and longer lasting. I also have to use a penis vibrator for the 2nd orgasm and I’ve only gone for a 3rd one on a few occasions.

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