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Guest blog: Couple fantasies about sex clubs

Sometimes when we’re feeling horny, my partner and I will live out fantasies by telling each other stories. Pretending we’re in a group of people, and describing who’s doing what to who, and how hard each of us is coming. I’ve wanted to write a post about these couple fantasies for a while, because it’s a tip I recommend to others quite a lot – if they want to consider threesomes or group sex, for instance, but they’re nervous about putting it into practice. It’s a fun, hot way to explore these fantasies in a safe environment, and this week’s guest blogger – Neo – has beaten me to the punch, with a superb, almost real-time description of what happened when he and his wife engaged in a mutual fantasy about sex clubs. Enjoy…


G is for ghost ship – Ghostly pirate erotica

This supernatural pirate erotica, by sex blogger Ella Scandal, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Girl on the Net

I awaken to the sounds of creaking and dripping and the groaning of tired wood. It’s so dark tonight I can barely see past the end of my nose. Not that it matters. I know exactly where I am. I don’t need to see the ocean beneath me to feel the waves. Along with the sun and the breeze, they’re my only constant.


Spitroast – At the mercy of these two dicks

This spitroast story, by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu, originally appeared on her website.

I was being spit roasted…

At least that’s what it felt like

Bent over and fucked doggy style whilst deep throating an eight inch long, two inch thick juicy rock hard cock


Is a spitroast my sexual holy grail?

What is the ultimate, best kind of sex? Oh, sure, we all have our favourite positions and our ultimate fantasies: bucket-list fucks with hot celebrities or specific sex toys we’ve always wanted to try. I have plenty of these myself. But is there one thing, above all others, that I’d give my eye-teeth to do?


I would like for two dudes to fuck me in a very specific way: the spitroast. And I don’t just mean me sucking on one gent while the other fucks me from behind. I mean a properly co-ordinated spitroast: all three of us moving in harmony, so that the force with which the first guy fucks my mouth pushes me more tightly back onto the other person’s dick.

And vice versa.