Cum in my eyes: I miss getting facials

Image by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor

I miss getting cum in my eyes. I miss the delicious final moments of fucks spent with men who want to choose where they’ll splatter their load. I miss those split-second ‘inside or outside’ decisions during which they’re thinking about all the different places to jizz – face, tits, arse, cunt, hair, feet… I miss looking up at a guy’s face, twisted with pleasure and effort as he beats his cock for the final few strokes, before letting go and splashing cum all over my upturned face. Yeah, I miss facials.

It’s not that my partner and I don’t do facials any more: the option is still on the table. It’s just that the pleasure of having him come in my cunt seems to always win the battle, in that moment. And why not? I fucking love it when he comes inside me, and yes – I can usually feel a lot of detail. At the moment someone starts to ejaculate their dick throbs like the pulse on your left wrist. Go read what it feels like to get pumped full of cum if you’d like to know more, and when you’ve read that you might understand why I rarely give that up to ask for a facial instead.

But still: I miss them. I miss the feeling of hot spunk pouring onto my face. Especially given that with facials, you get an instant indication of just how much spunk someone had inside them all along. If you think it’s going to be a particularly big load, what better way to show it off than to splatter it all over my face?

Cum in my eyes: drawbacks

Let’s deal with the obvious drawback: it hurts. I don’t know how much of my lifetime I’ve spent with a cold, damp flannel clamped to my face moaning ‘argh the pain the pain’, but it’s a lot. I am 99% sure that somewhere on these pages I’ve spent at least a few hundred words moaning about the drawbacks of spaff that sprays everywhere, and the subsequent stinging that results, but hey! We often get nostalgic about things when it’s been a while, don’t we? Forgetting the irritating parts and remembering only the moments that shone with joyous horn. Besides, plenty of the things I enjoy cause me pain: being flogged, for instance, or getting brutally slammed against the kitchen counter so the fake-marble edging digs in and makes bruises on my hips. Sometimes I worry I’m not getting enough pain – I crave pain, if it’s linked to pleasure, and I get a sense of pride if I’ve had a truly dirty fuck that leaves me whimpering ‘ouch’ in the afterglow.

When I used to date other men, and some of them were super-keen on facials, the pain of getting cum in my eyes (and up my nose, and in my mouth and hair and on my headboard and down my neck and… oh God too horny now, must pause for a wank) highlighted that this particular type of cum shot was different. Special.

The fact that it hurts means – in my experience – it’s rarer. And rightly so. Few people get off really hard on pain, especially when it’s a stinging chemically burn in their eyes rather than a stinging caney burn across their bottom. As a result, people who are good at fucking won’t ever give you facials without checking in first. And those who love giving facials will be aware that spunk can burn.

Result? The act of coming on my face is a special kink, rarer than coming on my tits or arse or thighs or anywhere else. It happens only at someone’s express request, and therefore I find it much hotter. This isn’t just you enjoying my cunt so much that you pour hot spunk inside it – this is you deciding that the thing you want most is to pull out and have me turn round, face turned upwards towards your rock-hard cock, eyes wide in anticipation of the torrent of cum you’re about to rain down upon me.

Yes. Please.

“It’s the cum in their eyes”

A long time ago, on a trip to Amsterdam with an ex partner, I picked up a pile of porn DVDs to take home as souvenirs. The fact that I was buying porn DVDs will probably give you an indication of just how long ago this was. Anyway.

The benefit of DVDs as opposed to online porn is that they come in plastic cases with screenshots of the action, so you can lie on the bed having a wank as you rifle through the collection, holding each DVD up in turn and scouring the images on the back until you find one or two that ‘do it.’ That’s what this guy did, at any rate.

I’d emerged from the shower, having just started getting ready for a hot night out (spent mostly in DVD/sex booths, if you’re interested – we were never able to miss an opportunity for seedy perving), and when I re-emerged into our hotel room I found him lying on his back on the bed, dick in hand, beating himself off to the images on the back of a DVD. He gave a brief start, and that delightfully sheepish I’ve-been-a-naughty-boy look, until I gestured to him to continue with his wank while I continued getting ready.

“What’s hot?” I asked him, keen to put my finger on exactly what it was he was horny for, so I could store it in my repertoire for later. The words caught slightly in the back of his throat (hot), and his voice trembled with the rhythm of his hand rubbing vigorously at his dick (double hot), as he turned to me with pre-orgasm semi-closed sexy eyes and said:

“It’s the cum in their eyes.”

I will remember that image probably for the rest of my life – him lying on the bed with his jeans halfway down his thighs, cock in hand and face twisted with the effort of nudging himself to orgasm, and telling me “it’s the cum in their eyes.”

Like I say: it’s a pretty special kink.

I miss facials

All this is to say I miss facials. Not in a ‘woe is me’ way – I am not swooning on a fainting couch, weepily begging passing strangers to whip their dicks out and spaff all over me (although let’s make a note of that, because in a post-Covid world when we no longer have to social distance, it’d be one hell of a fun bukkake scenario) – it’s just that facials generally fall just one or two places below the ‘ideal’ way to end a fuck, and as such they’re rarely woven into my sexual repertoire.

The closest I’ve come to a proper facial recently was when we tried out a spitroast with our fucking machine and the robot shagged me hard enough that my partner’s dick slipped out of my mouth and gave me an accidental drenching. But deliberate facials are few and far between and as I might have mentioned one or twelve times already: I really miss getting cum in my eyes.

But the beauty of Kink of the Week (which this post was written for – click the logo below to read more sexy posts about facials!) is that it reminds me of kinks I’d forgotten I had. Sex acts which have, like the act of getting cum in my eyes, fallen slightly down my ‘to-do’ list in favour of other things. Then I think about them, write about them, obsess over them, until the desire to remind myself what they feel like gets so strong that ‘facials’ automatically climb the priority list.

What I’m saying, I guess, is that just the act of writing this post has taken my brain to a very facial-focused place, where all I can think about is the possibility of going downstairs to where my dude is working at his desk, slipping under that desk so I can fuck him with my mouth, pausing only briefly in the proceedings to look up at him with eager eyes, open my filthy wet mouth, and ask:

“Do you want to come on my face?”

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  • At one point when I was young I found my uncles porn stash and it was on VHS….VHS…..can one even see the cum on VHS?

  • James says:

    There is a magical I-don’t-give-a-fuck-where-it-goes-ness to cum in the eyes. And there are two gorgeous subsets of it (providing the receiver is into the whole thing and it has been discussed obv).

    One is a normal facial that accidentally includes that. There is a super hot idea of wanting the facial so much that whatever happens as a result of that doesn’t really matter. Just a hot, total acceptance. Just give it to me no matter what!!

    The other is the deliberate one. And it’s nasty. In both senses of the word. Like, it’s two people working out how they can possibly make a facial more taboo. Facials being something which (reductively discounting everything else around it) is just a bit of warm liquid hitting skin – these people have decided how to make it *hurt*. The hotness being someone very, very deliberately embracing a thing that is usually gone at lengths to avoid. That’s the thing they want and absolutely nothing else. It’s borderline malicious, in the hottest way possible. Of course that concep broadly applies to all forms of pain/pleasure within sex, but there’s something really, gorgeously, uniquely *wrong* about a person on their knees, looking up at you prying open their own eyelids, waiting, *just* so you can (temporarily!) fucking blind them with a beautiful waterfall of thick, violent, stinging cum. And for that moment in time, a huge part of their actual perception is quite literally nothing but spunk. Amazing.

  • Nairobi raha says:

    Haha facial are a fetish that i have i have come across this post from a blog i was reading and i really liked this article

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Ah, I wish I could give myself a facial, but it’s just difficult to get the aim right. :) Requires a certain flexibility and an awkward posture…
    Having tried it with others though, I totally get the appeal though. Maybe not the ‘cum in my eyes’ part, but the rest of it. :)

  • Regular reader says:

    Loved this one – had a similar thing for facials for a long time. Just thinking about one of my favourite and most intense ones I ever gave.

    So, I’m spending some rare time with a girl I’m close to. We’ve played a lot in the past and shared fantasies, but it’s been a while, and for a couple of reasons, we aren’t fucking. It’s more a make-out session with a lot of teasing and building up each other’s frustrations. We’re very much talking hours of desire and denial.

    We know each other’s buttons intensely. Lots of kissing, groping, grinding against each other and staying almost clothed. She’s usually quite sub, but this time she’s pushing it and daring me, trying to get me to be rougher. We’re both getting off on bringing things to the brink and denying it. She’s stroking me, using her mouth on me over my jeans, while showing me how wet her fingers have been after they’ve been inside her… and I know exactly what she wants.

    What she wants being a fantasy we’d talked about a long time ago but never fulfilled. I love degrading her, and she loves begging me to. A little later, her dress is open, she’s face-down on the floor and I’ve been fucking her hard with her toys. I’ve called her the names I know she loves, choking her, and slapping and spitting on her face. It’s as intense as anything we’ve ever done.

    While I’ve been stroking over my jeans the entire time (and she’s been helping), she hasn’t been allowed to actually touch or take me properly. So,I finally undo my jeans and push my cock hard and deep into her mouth and throat. And I hold her there until she’s overwhelmed and gags on it, at which point, I stroke my cock, now covered in her own spit, over her face and then push her back face-down.

    One side of her face is on the floor, and I’ve got one knee down by her shoulder, so I can reach down and hold her hair while I stroke my cock right in her face. She’s struggling to look up at me, as the backs of my fingers rub on her face while I hold my dick so close to her and wank it faster. And then I cum, hard after hours of teasing. Over the side of her face, from her cheek to her forehead, over her nose, her eye and in her hair – and on the floor. I let her move, and some of it drips onto the rest of her face. She looks at the drops on the floor and then looks up at me nervously, realising something she’s told me she fantasised about before. So I tell her to lick it up like a good slut, which she does.

    She’s almost dazed at this point, but isn’t ready to come down completely either. She says she doesn’t want to wipe it off her face yet, and lies back on the sofa with her vibrator. “I *need* to come with your cum over my face,” she says as she puts it hard on her clit.

    A bit later, she admits that she’d cleaned the floor just before I got there, hoping that exactly that fantasy and detail would happen. Turns out we know what each other wants very, very well.

  • Bee says:

    I am so envious you get to feel him cum inside you, I am dead in the inside and feel nothing so I like to see him come instead. And whilst the cum in the eye thing does nothing for me, it never fails to make us giggle after the initial ‘ow you fucker’ reaction!

  • Lennie says:

    I’m good at fucking, but the first time I regret that I didn’t ask the girl first. I never did it again. I still bad to this day about that.

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