Guest blog: Couple fantasies about sex clubs

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Sometimes when we’re feeling horny, my partner and I will live out fantasies by telling each other stories. Pretending we’re in a group of people, and describing who’s doing what to who, and how hard each of us is coming. I’ve wanted to write a post about these couple fantasies for a while, because it’s a tip I recommend to others quite a lot – if they want to consider threesomes or group sex, for instance, but they’re nervous about putting it into practice. It’s a fun, hot way to explore these fantasies in a safe environment, and this week’s guest blogger – Neo – has beaten me to the punch, with a superb, almost real-time description of what happened when he and his wife engaged in a mutual fantasy about sex clubs. Enjoy…

Couple fantasies about sex clubs

I’m a normal guy, I think, and I have simple turn ons: I love to see my missus dressed sexy, thats a big turn on for me. Other guys looking and perving at her in sex clubs gets me excited too – I have no idea why. And I really love dirty talk, that gets me going. But to encourage my other half to talk really dirty I have to get her in the right zone, so this is where some role play and fantasy help her into this naughty space…

It’s a Saturday night, we’ve had a few drinks, she’s slightly tipsy on red wine and I’m feeling horny as hell. So as I place her glass down next to her I lean in to give her a kiss and say:

“I’ve put some very naughty clothes of yours in the spare room and I would really like you to go put them on… and some of that fire engine red lipstick you have. You know… the really slutty one.”

She does as she is asked with a slight roll of the eyes and a sexy smile. While she’s getting changed I prepare the bedroom: the nice sized dildo that I know she can take the full length of, large Doxy wand and a bottle of white lube that looks and feels like cum.

After a few minutes she’s ready. She has the highest black heels on, and a very short black pleated skirt – it isn’t short enough to show her arse, but if she were to bend over too far I would definitely see everything – and a bright yellow crop top that barely covers her tits. She has no underwear on at all – if she lifted her arms up too far she couldn’t help but expose herself to me – and the brightest full lips. She looks so slutty it’s untrue!

As I walk in and see her I say: “You look absolutely delicious!”

She says “Really? I hadn’t noticed…”

I ask her if she would mind tidying up the spare room a little bit, there are things that need picking up off the floor and putting away. I sit down on the bed to watch her – I’m already fully hard and stroking myself in my shorts. At one point she turns round, looks at me and says:

“I hope you’re not perving up my skirt.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, “I just can’t help it – with you being dressed so slutty.”

As I stand up from the bed I say, “I think you need to come with me into the bedroom and impress me, and if I’m impressed you might get a little treat…”

We go into the bedroom and she can see all the toys at the end of the bed. I turn to her and I put my hand up her skirt – she’s soaking wet. I slip a finger in her pussy and lean my head towards hers and say:

“Can you imagine if we were in a sex club right now? With you dressed like such a slut, I think you would get a lot of attention.”

“Do you really think so?” she asks.

“Of course you would,” I reply. “They’re all looking at you right now, checking you out, wondering if you’re here to just watch others or if they might get to touch you… It’s up to you but if you were to, say, go into the corner of the room where that chair is…”

I point at the white wooden chair in our bedroom, and she goes over and sits down – legs crossed at the knee…

“Any of those guys looking at you now?”

“Not really,” she says.

“Try uncrossing your legs and see what happens,” I tell her.

Her pussy looks amazing. She’s properly wet.

“There are lots of guys staring at me now,” she says.

“Good girl,” I tell her. “You are starting to impress me now. I like the fact there are lots of men perving up your skirt. They’re all thinking about what they want to do with you.”

Now I hold the wand vibe on her pussy. I have the pulse setting on it as I know she likes it but she can’t come unless its vibing at a constant.

“What else could you do to get all those men more interested in you?” I ask. She’s extra horny now with the vibe on her clit.

“I could take my skirt off?”

“That would really impress me if you did that.”

“Am I allowed to do that? There’s like six guys all looking at me.”

“Of course you’re allowed – we’re in a sex club in the corner of a large room, you can be a filthy cock whore while you’re in here. Do what you want. Nobody knows you or ever will.”

“Well I want all six of them over here, all wanking their dicks for me,” she says. Now this is the dirty talk I want to hear. All I’ve done is set the scene and she’s taking it over herself. Now I just need to help her along a little, see if I can get her to talk pure filth to me with as little prompting as possible.

“Go on,” I tell her, “just think you’re doing it for me. Be naughty for me.” So she removes her skirt, picks up the dildo and sticks it down to the chair. She puts some lube on it and starts riding it, straddling the chair it’s suctioned to. Now this is super hot for me to watch: she’s taking every bit of this six inch dildo. She’s taking it tip to base in long strokes, at her own perfect speed. I place the wand vibe back on her clit and she slows down slightly. Her legs are now trembling – I think it’s partly the vibe and partly because of her sky-high heels. That’s it now – she’s fully in the zone. Eyes closed and loving it.

“So what can you tell me?” I ask.

“All six of them have come over and they’re all wanking their dicks for me,” she says.

“You slag. I can’t believe you’re dick-squatting in front of all these guys. How does that make you feel?”

“Powerful and sexy,” she says. “They all want me. They all want to put their dicks in me. I’m sure of it.”

“Well… why don’t you stand up, spin the chair around and use the back of the chair like a handle? Give all those guys a better look at you taking that dick in your pussy from behind.” She does this straight away – the fact that she does exactly as she’s asked is so fucking horny, I love it.

While she’s riding her dildo I pull her head down so her chin rests on the back of the chair, and slide my dick into her mouth. This gets her excited and she rides the dildo faster.

“I think you need to get off the chair,” I tell her. “Come here, get on your knees and suck my dick – show all these guys how good you are at sucking cock.” She does it without question, and I push the wand vibe between her legs as she kneels down – it’s rumbling on her clit as she sucks my dick. She looks up at me and makes eye contact. This is very hot for me and I push my dick a tiny bit further into her mouth and she gags just a little. I put my hand under her chin and tell her:

“Good girl. Now I know you’re trying to impress me when you gag on my dick. Is there anything else you would like, while you’re being such a slut?”

She takes my dick out of her mouth and says: “Yes. I want to take two dicks – I want a pretty boy to fuck me.”

“Well..” I tell her, “There’s a young guy behind you wanking himself who hasn’t taken his eyes off you, will he do?”

“Yes,” she says.

I tell her to get on all fours. As she does this I lay the chair down behind her so the back of the chair is flat on the floor and its legs are against the wall. I go back in front of her, go onto my knees and start fucking her mouth. She’s on all fours with the wand on her clit.

“If I let this pretty boy fuck you, then I want something in return.”

She takes my dick out of her mouth and says – very fast:

“Anything! I’ll do anything if you let me have his dick in me!” The desperation in her voice is so fucking sexy, and as soon as she has finished speaking she goes straight back to sucking my dick – but faster this time. I ask her:

“Even that really naughty, slutty fantasy I told you about the other day?”

“Yes yes yes,” she says. “I’ll do it, if you let me get double-dicked.”

And there it is. Not ‘spit-roasted‘, ‘double-dicked’: I’ve never used that phrase before, pure filth coming out of her mouth and I love that.

“OK then,” I say to her, “I’ve just given that lad the nod, he’s on his knees behind you. All you need to do is back onto his dick.”

She starts shuffling back. She spreads her legs as she feels the back of the chair, her right hand is between her legs feeling for the dick. She seems desperate for it. Now this action of shuffling back, her hand feeling for the dildo, is alien to her: she’s never done this before. She’s fumbling around a bit, but it’s so fucking sexy to watch. I almost don’t want her to find it – I’m enjoying watching her tits pop out from under her tiny crop top, repositioning her legs round the chair… so fucking hot. I can’t help but put my dick in her mouth, reach under her and grab her tits while she’s trying to get this dick inside her. I know I’m not helping the situation by doing this, but I just want it to last a bit longer.

Then I hear a satisfying moan from her: she has the dick in her pussy.

“Back right onto him,” I say. “Tell me when all of his dick is inside you.”

“He’s deep inside me,” she says. So I put the tip of my dick on her lips and tell her to go for it – impress us both, you filthy little cock whore. So she does. Slides forward, her mouth swallowing my dick and back again onto the dildo.

“You like being double-dicked?”

“Yes, yes!”

I change the setting on the wand to a constant, low rumble, just the way she likes it, and as I hold it on her clit she starts moaning loudly. She is close to coming. I take the wand away and tell her in a low voice to keep taking dick and not to stop.

“I’m going to have to squirt my cum in your mouth very soon, and after I’ve cum I’m going to leave my dick in your mouth so you can’t swallow. As soon as this pretty boy has cum in your pussy and pulls out of you, that’s when I’m going to pull out of your mouth. I want all of these guys wanking their dicks to see cum trickle out of your pussy and out of your mouth at the same time. Let them all see what a dirty slut you are.”

I put the wand back on her clit and there is instant orgasm: lots of noise and body shudders.

It’s super hot. She stays where she is for now, letting me fuck her mouth until I eventually cum too…


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