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VR porn sex games: 3 hot things to do in virtual reality

My boyfriend bought the VR pack for his Playstation. Thanks, in part, to this fantastic guest blog about VR porn that went up just before Christmas. Naturally, while he was immersed in testing out all the cool VR video games, I busied myself making a list of some of the VR porn sex games we could play.


Guest blog: How – and why – to watch virtual reality porn

It’s Christmas, so there’ll definitely be some of you who receive tech or vouchers with which to buy that shiny new VR gadget you’ve been hankering after all year. So this week’s guest blogger, Tim Roberts, has kindly dropped by to talk you through the joys of virtual reality porn. How to get hold of it, why you should pay for it, and – naturally, because it’s here, and he knows exactly the sort of horny writing I like to publish – an in-depth, sexy exploration of why virtual reality porn is so hot.

Guest blog: Watching VR porn as a trans man

This week’s guest blogger, Kelvin, is a sex blogger – he writes at KelvinSparks.com and tweets @ksparksreviews. He got in touch recently with an idea for a guest blog about his relationship with VR porn, as a trans man who experiences gender dysphoria. I’m obsessed with virtual reality porn mainly because it does something that standard porn can’t: it allows the viewer to get closer to inhabiting different bodies. Find out how VR porn has helped Kelvin and his trans girlfriend experience something totally new…


Black Mirror sex tech: dreams, reality and forever

Almost any advance in technology has a sexual application. Smartphones? Porn, obviously. Virtual reality? Porn, obviously. Internet of things? Connected sex toys. Which you can synch with your porn. Obviously. So in any good sci-fi, there are plenty of examples of tech that either has been or could be used for filthy, sexy purposes. Given my love of creepy phone-fest Black Mirror, I have some thoughts on the latest series, and how the gadgets that features could have a sex tech application. Consider this post to be very spoiler-heavy for 3 episodes: Men Against Fire, Playtest and San Junipero.


Virtual reality porn: a deliciously pervy side effect

I’m going to talk more about virtual reality porn at some point. It’s a massive topic, with tonnes of scope for putting yourself in various amazing pictures, and I hope that as the tech comes down in price people will come up with yet more creative and exciting virtual reality porn scenarios. I’m secretly hoping I might be able to score work writing them, so hit me up if you’re a porn producer with a massive budget and a desire to branch out.

However. For now I want to tell you one thing that – since it was mentioned to me – has had me mesmerised with possibility:

Guys wanking while watching VR porn.

Yeah, I know. That sounds… obvious? But let me paint you a picture…