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Oculus Rift headset - the fanciest way to watch VR porn

This week’s guest blogger is Sara, who you’ll have met before in her amazing post about what happened when her girlfriend released her from chastity. Today’s guest blog contains an equally hot scenario and I am not sure what I love more about it: the sheer intense hotness of the fuck, or the skill and patience which was put in to making it perfect. As someone who’s a big fan of VR porn sex games, I am in absolute awe of what happens here, and I hope if you got similar gifts for Christmas, it might inspire you to see if you achieve similarly orgasmic things…

VR sex with a twist

If I’m honest, I’m not much of a birthday person. I don’t see the point in cards, and while I’m always grateful for gifts, I don’t really expect to get any. The past eighteen months haven’t been the best so my enthusiasm for the whole thing was lower than ever. I think that’s why my girlfriend, Charlotte, decided to do something a little different this year.

About two months before my birthday, she started dropping hints that she’d thought of the best gift. To begin with, I didn’t think much of it. I figured she’d likely buy me a copy of a video game I’ve been too cheap to buy myself, or possibly a fancy sex toy. I am always open to receiving extravagant playthings; who isn’t?

She was strangely persistent about this mystery gift—nods and winks and subtle little remarks peppered in conversation. My birthday seemed more exciting to Charlotte than it has to me since youth. As the date drew closer, both her hints and eagerness grew in frequency. I must confess, by the time the eve of the big day rolled around, she had coaxed me into a state of anticipation I’d not experienced in quite some time. What was I getting? It started to sound like she’d discovered the Fountain of Eternal Youth discarded in her back garden and I was to be the recipient.

Charlotte arrived after work with an overnight bag that quickly drew my attention. Since half her wardrobe occupies mine, she doesn’t tend to bring one. She’d not explicitly suggested anything sexy as a gift, but my mind has a tendency to go that way. I wondered whether it might be a costume, or perhaps some new bondage gear to try out. A few thoughts to make me tingle, at least, as I eyed the holdall.

Hurrying me through to the bedroom, she unzipped the bag and presented me with an unwrapped pair of pricey noise-cancelling headphones. It seemed a little odd to have built that gift up for two months, but I was nonetheless delighted. I’ve often complained that my headphones don’t block out enough of the local racket when I’m trying to work.

I was standing up to kiss and thank her, wbut Charlotte pushed me back down.

“I’m not done yet,” she said with a coy wink. She instructed me to set the headphones up. The noise-cancelling function requires an app to work correctly. Bit of a faff if you ask me.

Once I’d finished, she fished her Oculus Go from the bag and connected my shiny new headphones to it, popped it on her head and started waving the little remote around. I had to giggle a bit. People with VR headsets on look ridiculous. She suggested I undress if I wanted the full effect.

It clicked where this was going.

I must admit to a little trepidation at this point. I’ve no problem masturbating in front of Charlotte, but the prospect of doing it while watching some porn that she couldn’t see and being unable to see her myself made me a little nervous. What if I looked ridiculous?

Nevertheless, I complied. Charlotte had put thought into this, so the least I could do is play along, right? I stripped off. She instructed me to lie down flat on my back, brushed my hair out of the way and told me to slip the headset on, press the centre-view button on the remote when it was in place then count out loud to ten before starting the video. With that, she popped the headphones on my head, and the world fell damn near silent… until the video began.

I lay naked in a bright, peach-coloured room. Of course, it wasn’t me. My boobs aren’t that big, and I don’t have a tattoo on my abdomen, but the illusion soon felt real.

An angelic, blonde woman entered from the side wearing a robe. She smiled at me, and I followed her hands as they moved to my body.

I jumped.

Hands caressed my real-world body — Charlotte’s hands. They ran up my stomach and cupped my breasts, fingers circling and brushing my nipples. As the gorgeous blonde leaned in, so did Charlotte. I felt the hot breath on my neck, the soft kiss on my lips, the tongue flicking over my nipple. When the blonde disrobed, my VR avatar reached out for her breasts. Compelled to do likewise, I reached out and found the boobs in front of me. I massaged them as a nipple pushed against my lips, encouraging my tongue to circle and mouth to suck.

Fuck me, I was wet. Just the realisation of what was happening sent my brain into a semi-orgasmic cloud. It didn’t even matter that the headset made some of the kissing and licking a touch restrictive. I was enthralled. My hand instinctively reached to finger myself, but Charlotte guided it back to my side. I got it—that was her job.

My virtual lover began teasing my pussy with her fingers and tongue. My real lover did the same in near-perfect synchronisation. I forgot myself entirely as I sank into an alternate reality. The headphones blocked the outside noise, delivering every moan and whisper with perfect clarity. I don’t know my avatar’s name, but in that moment, she was Sara, and I was her. Meanwhile, an incredible woman — nay, two incredible women — worshipped my body, enchanting me in two overlapping worlds at once to form a beautiful whole.

I tried to stop myself from coming, if only not to throw Charlotte off but I couldn’t. One of those orgasms that not even the most devilish of dommes could halt thundered through my body. My head sank back, and lower half writhed as a fireball of lust set every nerve ending aflame in ecstasy. Charlotte’s hand gripped my spasming leg while she continued to please my already very happy pussy.

A minute, maybe two later, and the video transitioned to a new scene. Now the blonde woman held a strap-on in her hand. I have no idea how Charlotte got hers on so quickly, but she did, slipping inside me at precisely the right moment. Her hands gripped my shoulders, her breasts brushed against mine, and she fucked me with without skipping a beat. The sound of the dildo slipping in and out of a wet hole in my ear matched each thrust into my dripping cunt. More kisses on my tits, my lips, tongue in my mouth. Fingernails scratched my sides and gripped my hips. Even spit dribbled on to my slit at just the right moment.

My avatar didn’t climax as many times as I did, but my own shuddering orgasms didn’t throw off Charlotte. When the video ended, I lay satisfied and despite having laid down for the whole encounter, exhausted. My hands rested on my chest, my body still quivering from the sensations I’d experienced.

Gentle hands slipped the headphones from my ears and then unstrapped the headset. My eyes adjusted to the light and there was Charlotte’s beautiful smile welcoming me back to reality.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered and embraced me with a kiss I never wanted to end.

When the post-orgasmic haze dissipated, I had to know how the fuck she did that: Two-months of near-daily practice and loading the same video on her phone to guide her. Another reason for the gift of the headphones, it turned out.

Clever girl.


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