BlueMotion Nex 1 panty vibrator: a dirty little secret


Bluemotion Nex 1 panty vibratorEver wondered what it’d be like to be stimulated in public by an eager person with a vibe control in their hand?

This is the first post in my Sex Fairies project (where anyone can request a sex toy they’ve always wanted, and make some of those dreams come true). When I started it I was inundated with awesome suggestions and requests for toys, but one toy got more requests than any other: The BlueMotion Nex 1 Panty Vibe. Why? Well perhaps it’s because it’s futuristic and stuff: the vibe sits in your pants and is controlled by an app on your phone, meaning you can give your handset to someone else and let them dial up or down the vibrations. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of very few sex toys you can use in public without being arrested. Perhaps it’s just because, well, it looks really fucking fun.

The aim of the Sex Fairies project is less about reviewing toys (because lots of bloggers do that really well already) and more about the overall experience. When you’re given a toy you’ve been wanting for a while, does the hotness live up to expectations? We gave a knicker vibrator to a submissive, horny lady and asked her to let us know…

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Porn: not all of it is for you

when you're offered more of something awesome, try not to say that you'd rather have less

Picture by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

As the sun will rise every morning, so each day an internet commenter will decide that something new is The Worst Thing To Ever Have Happened.

I’m not prone to slagging off commenters – you who join in below the line, adding critique, debate, praise and hilarious jokes about this one time you fell off the bed while fucking – you are a valuable and incredible part of the internet. Sniffy bloggers like me don’t have a monopoly on opinions, and frequently the contribution of thoughtful, awesome people adds loads to a topic, or makes me snort coffee out of my nose when they drop a particularly hilarious pun. Comments are incredibly valuable: I’d be a liar if I told you differently.

But there is one kind of commenter who can fuck utterly off. And it’s someone I had only made passing acquaintance with until I started working for hot porn site Dreams of Spanking. It’s this person:

“Eww. Why on earth would you post two men going at it?”

“Sorry, but this just isn’t my thing AT ALL.”

“What the hell is THAT?”

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Guest blog: the gang bang


If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a post or two, you’ll understand how I feel about gang bangs. Specifically ones in which I’m the main participant, and the other participant is a rugby team. Sadly it’s a bucket list dream I’ve never fulfilled, but it’s one that this week’s guest blogger has – he was a member of the gang.

They met at a festival and he became a regular booty call of hers whenever she was in town. What I like about their story is that, while gang bangs are often presented as ones in which the guys are the most active participants – egging each other on to filthier things as the woman passively receives their attentions – this lady set it up herself. The guest blogger (who I’m going to just call Anon) was invited to a party, and she told him what she was planning.

What she was planning was really fucking hot.

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Blogger removes all that icky adult content


UPDATED 25th Feb – jump to why the Reddit image cull is not the same.

UPDATED 27th Feb – well, what do you know? Google’s reversed the decision and has now said it won’t delete adult blogs. However, given that Google could change its mind at any time, and given that it has a long history of trying to rub out anything sexy, I’d still be really wary if I were you, and much of what I’ve said below still stands. Beware omnipotent companies with the power to delete chunks of the internet. 

Another day, another pathetic attempt to remove bums from the internet. If you’re a sex blogger and you’re hosted on Blogger (so if your url is or or whatever) you need to either scrub your blog shiny-clean and start focusing on tulips or chilli recipes or something, or you need to migrate it to another site. Best to go self-hosted, although beware your host: I once had a heart-stopping 24 hours during which Bluehost decided that my site was too disgusting for human consumption and shut the whole thing down.

Advice, info, and all that stuff on the Blogger issue can be found over on Write Sex Right.

I know loads of people are still using Blogger for their sex blogs, and others are using WordPress. I’d advise you to get off both of these if you want to make sure you’re safe, and go self-hosted. Even if you don’t post pictures. Even if you think your blog is relatively tame compared to others. Even if you don’t run ads or use affiliate links or have much traffic: move it or lose it.

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