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Guest blog: No hoes barred – total power exchange

SHE’S BACK! My favourite kinkster – Jenby Doll – who has written so many incredible guest blogs for the site (and recorded lots as audio porn too!). I get so excited when her name pops up in my inbox, because I know what I’m about to read will be both funny as fuck and kinky as fuck too. Without further ado, here’s Jenby to tell you all about her TPE (total power exchange) relationship…

Note: this story contains kink, power exchange (duh!) and age play, including the use of ‘Mummy’ as an honorific. Everyone in the story is over 18.


Guest blog: Crying shame – degradation and humiliation

No sooner had we recorded some of @JenetalTorture‘s amazing guest blogs as audio porn (check out her first one – a hot first-time estim session – here) than she had racked up a brand new adventure to share as a guest blog. One so far beyond the kink-levels of her previous posts that it gave me a new insight into the meaning of the word ‘degradation.’ As well as degradation, the following post contains humiliation, ABDL (which stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover) and ageplay. Everyone in this post is a consenting adult well over the age of 18, but this note is here so that if you don’t consent to read about these kinks, you can click away to less pervy pastures. This guest post also features messy diapers, piss, snot and a valuable lesson for people like me who sometimes like to call ourselves kinky: no matter how horny you are, there’s usually someone who still has the capacity to out-kink you. If you don’t know who that is, it’s probably Jenby.


Guest blog: Smokeshow – use me as your human ashtray

Just as there’s something exciting about hearing the letterbox go and seeing a handwritten card instead of some random spam from Sky Broadband, so my heart leaps when my inbox pings and instead of a boring press release it’s a guest blog pitch from Jenby! WOOOO! Today the fabulous @JenetalTorture is back with another gloriously fun, sexy account of a kink I’ve never tried myself: being a human ashtray.


Guest blog: One smol step – ageplay and ABDL for dummies

Over the last few years, I’ve come to think of @JenetalTorture as something of a kink correspondent. She boldly fucks in a variety of different creative ways, and pops back in occasionally to report on such fascinating things as erotic hypnosis, bimbofication, pony play and lots more – usually with a healthy smattering of excellent puns amidst the hotness. My personal favourite of her posts so far is this incredibly creative use of smart tech to fulfil a surveillance kink – extremely cool and right up my nerdy little street. Today she’s here to share her horn for ageplay and ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover), a kink which sits further outside the mainstream than many of the others I publish here, to the point where when she pitched it to me it was with the line: “How much ABDL action do you think your readers will go for? Just, hypothetically?” Let’s find out shall we? Like many kinks, ABDL and ageplay aren’t for everyone, and I’m aware – as with some of my own more intense fantasies – that this piece requires careful framing so you understand that everyone involved is a consenting adult. Please do read the content note carefully before scrolling to Jen’s piece.


Guest blog: Decoration piece – under lock and key

As ever, when Jenby’s name pops up in my inbox, I strap in for what is definitely gonna be a fun and kinky ride. In the past, she has treated us to such awesome stories as being a service sub stashed under the table during a poker game, being hypnotised into becoming a bimbo, as well as literally being surveilled using smart tech in one of the most creatively-horny scenes I have ever had the privilege to read about. Honestly, it’s just all absolute gold and I am honoured that Jen (@JenetalTorture on Twitter) is kind enough to share her adventures here. Today’s piece is all about being put under lock and key: trapped, teased and tortured.