Guest blog: My first e-stim session

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I’m really chuffed to welcome @JenetalTorture back to this blog, whose past hits include a delightful, funny and sexy post on impact play, as well as this excellent blog on vac play that definitely doesn’t suck. Continuing the theme of introducing you to fun, sexy kinks, today Jenby is talking about the delights of e-stim, specifically overcoming fears and getting stuck in to her first e-stim session ever – enjoy!

My first e-stim session

Electricity, then I feel it move me…

…Like a burning deep inside, something bursting me wide open, impossible to hide!

I’ve always had a thing for electro play, but very much from what I’d describe as a safe distance. For years my mind equated electricity with shocks, and unpleasant ones at that. From the annoying bursts of static you get off door handles to the rather more serious and ever-so-slightly fatal ones you get off lightning or the mains.

I would watch people getting zapped with cattle prods or disciplined with shock collars and find it incredibly hot, but was always too squeamish to seriously consider trying it in real life (incidentally, if you do want to try shock collars, make sure they’re specifically engineered for human necks, a pet shock collar is incalculably dangerous and likely to get you put away if you’re found in possession of one).

But what I always failed to appreciate was that there is far more to electroplay (or e-stim) than short, sharp, ever-increasing shocks. Someone recently explained to me that electrical stimulation was essentially having your muscles moved without your control, likening it to being a puppet for the current, and by extension the person applying it. Needless to say, me with my dollification and hypno kink, I found my ears pricking up at last.

So it was that I found myself on the floor of a dungeon, arms pinioned to my sides and calves bound with pallet wrap, having electrical pads stuck to my intimate areas: two on the butt, two on the inner thighs. I was then sealed into darkness with a latex hood, and two clover clamps were attached to my nipples.

I’d call it a baptism of fire, but fire play’s one of my few hard limits, and I certainly hoped the voltage wouldn’t be that strong. Let’s call it ‘going off the deep end’.

My tormentor had a box which he used to control both the settings and the strength of the stimulation.

“Tell me when you can feel something,” he said.

I waited with bated breath. Slowly, a faint ripple made itself known in my bum. It was unlike anything I’d felt before, like a muscle spasm, but one that had managed to extend itself indefinitely. This was setting one, and it was not unpleasant.

Setting two increased the ‘insistence’ of the ripple, to the point where I had to raise my bum off the ground to allay discomfort. It was entirely unconscious, as though my body were finding the exact point where the pain transitioned into pleasure and holding it there. In a sense the electro was moving my muscles in more ways than one.

Setting three was even more intense, the flesh of my butt jiggling and jerking sporadically, with occasional cramping sensations shooting up the inside of my thighs. I screamed so loudly that the owner of the venue was later to inform me that I was the loudest painslut they’d ever had. And I loved every second of it.

It turns out, however, that that was just the warm-up.

Back to setting one. My shrill moans faded almost instantly as the warm waves of pleasure washed over me once more.

“Yeah, setting one’s quite pleasant,” said my tormentor, audibly disappointed at the abrupt end to my screaming.

He then proceeded to bump up the intensity, and setting one became more forceful, but no less pleasant. Unfortunately, I knew what was to come…

Setting two had me writhing in agony, my legs and butt involuntarily lifting off the ground again to try and find some respite. Then, my tormentor threw me a bone (or so I thought).

“We can just leave it on two if you like.”

I thought this strangely generous of him, but my relief was short-lived. The clamps on my nipples were being tugged (they had a fiendish design, lined with claws that dug in when pulled, I was still feeling them four days later), and a sharp metal implement was being dragged over my hips and bum, still ultra-sensitive from a bout of impact play.

“Any time you want this to stop, just say ‘three’.”

There was no contest. I wailed for him to zap me to his heart’s content, and as the sensations in my backside built to a crescendo, a booted foot on my thighs forced my legs to the ground with a smack, bringing the full force of the electro down on me like a ton of electro, which I imagine is worse than a ton of bricks.

“Who gave you permission to lift your legs?” my tormentor said, over the screams.

When the pads had been removed and the hood was off, I was shown the control device that had had me at its mercy. A tiny, unassuming thing to the untrained eye. I was told we’d gone up to 23 out of a possible 100, and I just laughed.

Fair to say I’m now a fully paid-up electro slut. Next stop: dildo town!

Although if I’m going to have that going on inside me, and indeed if you fancy trying electro for yourself, please do remember the golden rule.

Happy zapping!


The audio version of this post is read by Jenby herself – check out her other amazing work here, and visit the audio porn hub for more sexy stories read aloud.  

If you’re interested in trying e-stim, my site sponsors ElectraStim will give you a 10% discount on any of their amazing products with the code GOTN. They also have lots of advice guides and tips for safe and fun e-stim play


  • Brilliant post, I love reading about other peoples experience with e-stim.

    It is an activity that more and more people discovering as a way to induce pleasure (or pain) in themselves or others and Electrastim do some very nice equipment, and that’s coming from another “fully paid-up electro slut”.

  • Mmppff…that scenario makes me all tingly ;-) Maybe except for the latex hood…the facial reactions are just too good. GotN put Electrastim on my radar as well…thanks.

  • Azazel says:

    I’ve started using estim a few months ago
    I wanted something different for my masturbation session. So I thought I would give it a try considering the equipment for it is relatively cheap. At least for beginners anyway.
    My first use of it, I didn’t like it. The sensation was just so different. But, I decided to give it another shot, then another, and now I’m hooked on it. I use it two or three a week.
    I use the rubber conductive loops and a simple Tens unit power box. One loop around my cock just under the hood, the other wrapped snuggly around my balls. Then I just lay back and watch my cock involuntarily twitch and jerk with each pulse of electricity. It’s a slow building orgasm, keeping you at the point of pure ecstasy. The orgasm almost feels as if it is forced out of you. Unbelievable amounts of cum erupt from me each and everytime.
    My next goal is to have a partner to share it with, either female or male. I’d love to have a man strapped down while I devilishly work the controls. Hmmmm…

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Wow. Jen has all the fun, don’t they? :)

    • Jenby says:

      As squirmy as this comment made me, I really don’t get as much fun as I’d like ^_^

      The things you read in my blogs aren’t just a snapshot, they’re literally all my kinky adventures. I’m lucky if I get used a couple of times a month. The rest of the time things are pretty dull, truth be told.

      I’m totally envious of peeps who get to live out their dreams 24/7, but I’m grateful for what I have, and I’m glad I come across as a depraved, wanton slut ;)

  • Paul says:

    Loved your blog! My FWB slave and I are wanting to try E Stim . looking for as much good information and hints as I can get !

  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    I don’t expect you to read a reply 3 years later (responding to Jen above if this comment doesn’t post in the right place); but yeah, I totally get that the stuff that gets blogged about is edited highlights, and nobody lives a life of wild kink fantasies 24/7. :)

    (Just came back to this one again as I found that you’d recorded the audio version! Very nicely read…)

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