Guest blog: One woman, three guys, and a DIY gloryhole

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of kinky DIY – sometimes if you want something really specific and sexy, you have to roll up your sleeves and make something yourself. This week’s guest blogger – @OxyFromSg, who writes erotica with Phedre Sinclair at this blog right here – has an excellent story about exactly that. You’ve already heard some of his exploits in a previous guest blog – about ‘weird wanks‘ and controlling someone else’s dick. Today he’s here to tell you about a gloryhole fantasy that was fulfilled by some good friends and a generous helping of elbow grease…

One woman, three guys and a DIY gloryhole

“I know this is going to sound weird, but do you think that Mark could make a gloryhole?”

The person asking the question was Jeff. We were friends since school. Mark was his ex and Sally, his girlfriend, was also a past girlfriend of mine. It was that type of group of friends: it was the 90’s.

“I mean sure, anyone can make a gloryhole, you just need to bash a hole in….”

He waved his hands.

“No, I mean do you think he could make a fake gloryhole in the flat? Like put up a fake wall? He used to do all the scenery for plays and stuff and he’s a pretty good carpenter.”

I knew straight away what this was about. I remembered sitting watching porn one night with Sally and seeing the look in her eyes while watching the girl on the screen squeal in delight as a hard cock slid through the hole and into her mouth.

“Fuck, I’d love that,” she said.

“Bus station at Gloucester Green has one. You’d be popular on a Friday night.”

“Urgh no,” she said while giving me a slap but keeping her eyes on the screen. “No way I’m doing that with a stranger, or somewhere filthy like that.”

I guessed that Jeff had had a similar conversation.

The time between the idea being floated to the plan taking place was pretty short. Jeff wanted it done for Sally’s birthday and Mark went straight into action. A couple of trips around to visit Jeff and Sally were more than enough to measure up without her getting suspicious.

And soon enough the day came.

Jeff took Sally out for a birthday meal while Mark and I let ourselves into the flat to set everything up.

When they arrived home there was a wall right across the middle of the living room. We made it nice and dirty looking: duct tape around the two holes, a hard plastic chair sitting in front, scrawled graffiti with Sally’s phone number on the wall.

I couldn’t see from where I was but apparently her face lit up at the sight.

“Are you going to go round there and give me a birthday treat?” she asked.


And at that point I slipped my cock through the hole.

There was some noise at the other side of the wall, scraping of a chair on the floor and then her asking “Can I?”

Im guessing there was some type of affirmative as her mouth closed over me and started to enthusiastically see how deep she could take me.

Then Mark appeared through the second hole.

It’s quite the thing to look over at a guy you fancy trying not to knock down a wall because of the vigorous handjob he’s getting from the same girl who is trying so hard to get you to explode all over her face.

I won’t go into all the details of the night but we did answer two questions.

1. Can you fuck through a gloryhole? Yes, yes you can.

2, Does Jeff get turned on watching his girl with other guys? Yes, very much.

In fact he got so carried away that when he joined in, Sally was completely occupied with him and forgot about me and Mark. Luckily we were happy enough to take things into our own hands.

The reason I want to share this story is that Valentine’s Day is coming up. You don’t have to get your partner a gift certificate, or a fancy present. With some thought and crafting you can make them something totally unique. Something that they are always going to remember and that may well get you some very enthusiastic ‘thank you’ sex.



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