Guest blog: The glory hole story – one woman’s experience

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blog is about something very close to my heart, which features in some of my hottest fantasies: the glory hole. While I’d love to be able to tell you utterly filthy stories about anonymous rendezvous with people through glory holes, I’ve sadly never had the pleasure. So Laura – from School of Squirt – is here to share a story of her own glory hole evening. And holy shit it’s hot. Don’t read this at work, unless your work is totally comfortable with you getting so turned on you immediately run to the office toilets and start hacking holes in the cubicle walls.

A true glory hole story – one woman’s experience

When my friend asked if I wanted to participate in a glory hole night I wasn’t sure what to expect. For one thing, I’m a chick and I had always thought of glory holes in relation to gay bars from the 1970s. Seriously, who’s actually willing to stick any part of their body into a hole someone carved into the wall with no idea of who might be on the other side?

Anyway, the truth is that I never gave glory holes much thought but when I was invited to participate my interested was piqued. Still, I was apprehensive. I’m not anti-sex – far from it (some of the naughty things I’ve done include joining the mile high club and teaching my bf how to make me squirt). But I’ve never been fully comfortable with being seen as nothing more than body parts. I don’t mind being someone’s dirty little slut but I’ve never been comfortable being a cum-hole or anything like that. Still, I consider myself pretty adventures when it comes to sex so I decided to keep an open mind – along with an open everything else – and give it a try.

The club we went to was an established sex club run by a friend of a friend. We met up with her and she walked us around the room they had set up for the evening. She had stocks set up, a St. Andrew’s Cross, several exam tables as well as couches, giant throw pillows and other places set up as ‘pleasure zones’ as she called them. Then she led us to the glory hole my friend and I would be staffing for the evening.

In the interest of full disclosure, what I wound up participating in wasn’t a glory hole in the traditional sense. They had glory holes in small stalls at the club we went to, but what we signed up for was an evening in a glory box. I teamed up with the friend who had originally invited me and we were to climb not a box that had holes drilled at different heights along every side – including the top.

When I first saw it I felt excited and a bit nervous. The thought of dealing with one dick had been cause enough for me to think twice but this thing had at least a dozen holes. As we climbed in the get our bearings we realized the box may technically be big enough for two, but there was no way we’d be able to share the box all night. To say it was cramped was an understatement and, being wood, it got stuffy pretty quickly. Still, we were both keyed up and excited so we climbed out and headed to the back to get ready.

We knew it was going to be a log, sweaty evening so we each dressed accordingly. For once, sexiness and allure took a back seat since we wouldn’t be on display in the traditional sense but instead on offer with nothing more to give than service. Our looks simply weren’t a factor – a fact that is both freeing and somehow terrifying. Giving a guy Blow Job Eyes is my signature move – would I be able to perform as well without it?

Once we had stripped down to simple panties and bra, we climbed back in, crouched down and waited. As we began to hear people arriving we looked at each other and stifled a laugh. The nervous energy in the box was palpable. How long would it be before someone came over? Which hole would they pick? Hell, which hole would WE pick? I covered my mouth and laughed again.

Then it happened. We could hear a man coming closer, he was laughing with friends and we could make out him saying “Let’s try this”.

I caught my friend’s eye and we smiled at each other – here we go!

After a moment we saw a semi-erect penis come through a hole closer to my friend. She positively beamed with delight and leapt for the cock as much as our cramped quarters would allow. I watched with a twinge of envy as she swirled her tongue around the head and teased it until it was fully hard. From outside we could hear the guy moaning and telling his friends to come over.

It didn’t take long before a second cock appeared, then a third and fourth. Two were closer to me and I wasted no time making the owners happy they chose to come to this side of the glory hole box. I took one cock in my mouth, sweeping my tongue along the ridge of his head while gently stroking the other cock near me with my hand. As more dicks appeared my friend and I were frantic and moving around as much as possible – sucking, stroking and, in a few cases, even giving them a tickle and a stroke with our feet.

As I happily worked on each cock in turn I felt a swell of power and pride inside me. These men had no idea who – or what – I was but each of them was eager to have a go. I was happy to discover my blowjob skills weren’t entirely reliant on my looks as one faceless cock, then another lost control and came on my face.

As soon as one man withdrew, another took his place. My friend and I were only in the box for two hours and to be honest, we didn’t even try to count the number of men who had been willing to stick their cock in and hope for the best. When we emerged – covered in sweat, cum and big ol’ smiles – the men gathered there gave us a round of applause as we stumbled out of our cramped quarters and made our way to the back of the club to clean up and get changed.

At the end of the day, the time I spent in that glory box was, in some ways, life changing. I still don’t want to be seen as nothing more than a convenient way to get off, but I can see the attraction in it now. It was powerful to have a man’s trust in that way, to be able to do anything my heart desired and to see how effective my skills actually are. In the end, I learned that glory hole sex is still very much alive and well because it’s hot as fuck. Not only for the men who make use of glory holes, either – being on the other side is just as hot and I can’t wait to do it again.


  • Bodhi says:

    This is hot! I wish I could have seen them when they emerged from that box.

  • Hot! This is a fantasy of mine (granted one I don’t think I want to be a reality, but a hot fantasy nonetheless).

  • I would love to try that… sticking my cock in the hole, not being on the other side, of course.

  • Lola says:

    I came so many times to this story!

  • keith says:

    In watching glory hole videos as a man, yah, it looks hot and the fantasy of watching my wife suck on a cock through a glory hole make me hot as well. I cant help to think that even though it may be a really nice looking cock you dont know what kind of person it belongs to. It could be a good guy,clean and everything, OR it could be a heroin addict,homosexual or someone who reclessly has sex with lots of people and POSSIBLY could have HIV, AIDS, herpes or something else. THAT frightens me and holds me back from taking my wife to a glory hole.

    • Girl on the net says:

      You’re right that you don’t know the sexual history of the person. That’s part of the risk, but inevitably also part of the attraction for many. You lost me at ‘homosexual’, though, and your implication that ‘gay’ means ‘sexually reckless’ – gay cock is fundamentally the same as straight cock. Gay cocks do not possess magic or different properties to the cocks of straight guys. And in this instance, if they were knowingly offering their cock to a woman they may well be bi – not gay.

  • pursen says:

    >Tags: blow jobs, bring me six sheets of MDF a jigsaw and a gang of men, glory hole, illustrated, oral sex, sex club

    >bring me six sheets of MDF a jigsaw and a gang of men


  • Edmund says:

    I would be curious to know that after an evening swallowing all that sperm, I would imagine that you were not feeling too well. Did you force yourselves to vomit out all the cream you had collected, or were you able to keep it down? The reason I ask, there are only a very few Japanese videos that show the aftermath, and the woman who does it kind of expects the film to keep rolling after drinking no less than a pint of wiggly squiggly semen. It is interesting watching her vomit out all the semen she swallowed just before.

  • Johnny says:

    Where can I go to find some Special place that has girls on the other side of those holes and not men ? I see it in porn all The time. God I wish I could find a place like that , I have a nice 8 inch cut cock “ my cock looks much nicer then some that I see in those videos so why can’t I find one to try out :-(. I love getting my dick sucked on “ best feeling in the world “ any body knows were I can find one with females not homos “ please let me know “ I would love the experience

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi Johnny, firstly please could you not use words like ‘homos’ or refer to women as ‘females’ – they’re not generally considered very respectful ways to speak. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt as it sounds like English may not be your first language. To your question on where to find these places: search the internet for your local fetish clubs and kink scene events, get to know people, get involved in the community in a respectful way, and people will be happy to help you find clubs in your area. It’s not like in porn, though, it’s real life: so you have to put some work in getting to know people, showing that you’re trustworthy and worth playing with, before you’re able to do this kind of thing.

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