What anal sex feels like (in probably too much detail)

Image by the fantastic Stuart F Taylor

Have you ever seen a mother cat pick her kitten up by the scruff of the neck? Docile and vulnerable, the kitten instantly stops whatever it was doing, its limbs go all floppy, and it turns into an adorable mess. If you want to know what anal sex feels like, picture me as the kitten and your rock-solid dick as that firm grip on the scruff of my neck.

I’m a cis woman, and as such I don’t have a prostate. So when I say I enjoy anal sex, understandably some people ask ‘why?’ What could this thing possibly do for me, if it doesn’t directly stimulate an easy-to-name part of the body? How could I enjoy it if it’s unlikely to make me come? They do not ask this question to be mean. Some of the people who’ve asked it have been curious prostate-owners who can’t quite compute why anal sex would be fun for someone without one. Others have been lovers who need to understand my pleasure in detail, so they can fully comprehend how to increase and make the most of it.

Besides, it’s fun to answer these questions: I like the process of considering how anal sex feels to me, and the challenge of capturing the sensations in detail so I can share them with other curious perverts.

Let’s have a go.

What anal sex feels like

Initially, if I haven’t had anal sex in a while, it starts with nerves. And ironically, I am nervous even telling you that it starts with nerves, because sometimes when I do that I get comments asking if I can genuinely consent to something that makes me so edgy and tense.

The answer is yes, I can. Edgy tension is part of the fun for me. Anal sex is not directly pleasurable in the same way that cunt-based fucking is: it feels different, is different. And that sexy and intriguing difference begins with the tingle of adrenaline in my veins, ten seconds before he pushes his cock inside.

Next comes the physical sensation of tautness. Being stretched. His cock is thick and solid, and I can feel the tensile elasticity of my hole flexing against the tip of him as he holds his dick there before he slides in. In that moment my body is taut: muscles flexing and hands gripping tight against the duvet, the pillow, into fists…

When he slides in, that’s when my whole body starts to go: I can feel the pressure of his dick against the walls on the inside of my ass, slickly pushing past every nerve ending. As he slides further inside, each nerve that he touches reverberates like a plucked guitar string, thrumming through my body in tingling pathways that eventually reach my neck, my shoulders, my scalp, and right up to the centre of my brain.

The sensation is not just where his cock is, it’s everywhere: like he’s played a note that resonates throughout my body.

The note makes me docile, limp. Like the aforementioned kitten whose limbs go floppy when it gets held by the scruff of the neck. I am immobilised by the tingle of my nerves, and the sensation of his cock pinning me down to the bed.

Sometimes I twitch and wriggle – my hands clench and unclench against the pillow, my teeth grind against the duvet cover I’m biting, my hips and legs and arms and shoulders feel numb. Incapacitated by the intensity of the tingling thrill of that one sharp, resonating note.

Docile and vulnerable, I lie face-down as he fucks me – slowly at first, murmuring ‘OK?’ as I groan and squeal for it. Floppy and limp as he fucks me faster – punishing me with his cock like I’m bad, even as his mouth growls what a good girl I am being.

These sensations are not everyone’s

This is what anal sex feels like for me, I am not claiming that this is how it feels for everyone. I’d be interested to know who else feels it this way, though: a few conversations with others tell me not everyone gets this whole-body fizz – for some the sensation is located directly and solely in the ass.

I like anal sex because these feelings are ones I covet and crave in a whole bunch of sexual encounters. The physical and the psychological. Extreme submission. Capitulation. The nerve-tingling, electric, incapacitating thrill. The literal, genuine, give-me-pleasure-from-crotch-to-scalp tingles are delightful, but perhaps more delightful is the kitten-limp vulnerability of it. I am not confident, when I’m being fucked like this, that I know exactly what my limbs are doing. What my mouth is doing. What my eyes are doing. I am vulnerable to him, and utterly trusting, as he pins me down with his cock and grips my shoulders with his hands and all but grabs my neck in his jaws while I purr with pleasure and delight.

Can I orgasm from anal sex? Not yet. Not now. Perhaps one day I may be able to – with additional tools or different positions or more practice until I get perfect. The clitoris, after all, is not just a surface-level organ: there is literal stimulation on the inside when I’m getting fucked in the ass, and it’s possible that one day I might get there.

But for now I am not interested in coming – I can do that in many other ways. What I want is that kittenish feeling: the vulnerability of knowing that these anal sex sensations have made me weak and useless. Every inch of my body is zinging with sensation, and my mind is present and correct, but I do not know if I have control of it – of any of it.

I have to trust him to hold me by the neck, and then release me gently when he’s done.

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  • Paul says:

    Wow this makes me so horny in both ways. As a guy whole loves to fuck his wife anal and also one who just discovered pegging as well. I totally get this vulnerable and submissive state now.

  • Sweetgirl says:

    I have similar feelings, I definitely understand the limp kitten, and I have climaxed during anal once with no other stimulation, but mostly when there is a toy in play too.

    Great post ☺️

    Sweetgirl x

  • OxyfromSg says:


  • E. L. Byrne says:

    Yea! yes! yep! Thanks for this descriptive and real post!

  • Ten Ways says:

    Fascinating post! I’ve read quite a bit about the vulnerability aspect of it and my wife definitely seems to crave anal when she feels she needs to be punished. As a prostate owner I thoroughly enjoy it for other reasons, both giving and receiving, but it’s always interesting to hear how it makes other people feel.

  • Ass Lover says:

    As a male who loves the ass in all kinds of ways, both doing it and having it done to me, the most fabulous thing about anally fucking a woman is when she comes — that amazing squeezing pulsating, feeling the orgasm in what seems like its core. I’ve never been with anyone who would come just from anal fucking, but with clit buzzing, or rubbing, that can create a very big O, which for me in her ass is about the hottest thing ever.

  • May More says:

    I used to have quite a lot of anal sex and I so get the nerve/twitchy thing you mention. Nothing else gave me that sensation. I did orgasm a few times. Once when I was on top, which is slightly strange for anal sex as the control is almost reversed. So perhaps my clit was getting rubbed on the bounce lol.
    Great post.
    May x

  • fuzzy says:

    Level of detail is excellent, I rate it 94%. And it has a good beat, and I can dance to it, so Soul Train and Dick Clark both approve. I.e., I continue to love the stuff you write.

    I just love everything about anal. No really. I love penetrating and being penetrated. I love all the massive, “screaming into the pillow” total body orgasms: waves that send me in rising, undulating, pulsing, spasming, exploding balloons, “oh shit did i just piss myself?” multiple orgasms (and it’s not just the prostate, it’s orgasms all up and down the rectum and if the penetrating instrument is long enough into the colon). And the psychological and intimacy aspects of it are just as amazing.

    When it’s about to happen – all the way up to penetration – my body is electrified by anticipation which is apparently how it interprets that feeling you are describing; like an e-stim waterfall but all damn over. Just someone teasing around my anus can have me bumping and grinding.

    And when someone sinks into me (anything: fingers, hands, plugs, dildos, hitachi wand vibrators, penises of all sizes), I almost always instantly melt into a warm puddle of lust (that kind of lust which is getting what it needs and wants a LOT more; “satisfied” is not an adequate word).

    And from the other direction, when I’m penetrating, I still get all tingly, but it’s different. Still great of course!

  • Marie Louise says:

    I like the way how you described this and why it works for you. I’ve never had anal sex before and I honestly think I’d find it too painful to enjoy it (I do like butt plugs), but it was really interesting and enjoyable to read this post!

  • Abby says:

    God yes, this post is perfect. I get off on the submission and feeling of almost helplessness. I love it but could never put my finger on why

  • Phillip says:

    Something not thought about much. Now I am quite curious and you can bet that if the oportunity might arise, I will be asking about it. It is easy just to leave it out of the conversation, but two people who always just left it out may find that inclusion, while late, is definitely better that never. Hope to get that chance!

    I have experience, though slight. While I thought it was going fine, she had some reservations. She also had an orgasm. Specifically, she said that after we did it she felt like she had been speared. Like with one of those long lion killing spears that are used by the Massi (sp) that have a bladed point with a sharp edge down both sides about fifteen inches long.

    Not being one who ever gets pushy, I left it off the table for the rest of our somewhat lengthy relationship.

  • RIC says:

    I know two women who can only cum through anal sex. Both are afraid to tell their husbands, so I help them out.
    I didn’t try a cock in my ass until I was 50. I loved it from the first time, SOOOO much better than a dildo or butt plug. I’m now 66, have been fucked by dozens of men, and have two regulars who come take care of my desires.

  • Moondog says:

    I’m not sure how I missed this when it first came out, but I found it whilst looking for audio porn to listen to while waiting for my partner to wake up.

    I only had anal sex for the first time earlier this year… Butt play was something I had been experimenting with a little bit on my own for a while, but I did have a bit of shame around it because of gut issues and my partner is the first person I’ve felt comfortable with to talk about trying stuff together.

    In a complete surprise (because I didn’t actually know it was possible), I had an orgasm the first time we did it. This has only happened one other time (both with me on top) but definitely fun to keep trying.

    I find it quite primal, in a way that is different to PIV. Interestingly (maybe because of having endo), I have found that as long as we have lubed up enough, my butt can generally take more of a pounding than my cunt.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh that’s interesting! Also FUCK YEAH for coming the first time you tried it! I am well jealous, and quite keen to attempt to achieve the same thing myself =)

  • Beth says:

    I enjoy anal sex occasionally and I’m still surprised that I liked it! However unlike you, I prefer and so does my man that I am on my back as he slowly glides it in with a lot of lube, (lots)that way I have plenty of opportunity to either finger myself or play with my clit or both. I love the sensation of a slow anal ah it makes my eyes roll back in my head it feels so good! I don’t like to be slammed hard though, that makes it painful for me which in turn ruins the whole feeling.

  • Crashmatt says:

    I adore being on the receiving end of anal sex. I’m a genderfluid guy, and I love wearing my nicest lingerie and feeling a thick cock stretching me. The prostate stimulation is good too, but it’s the stretching for me. The best part is feeling it slide in and out, I’ll be leaking pre-cum like a hose.
    Doggy is my fav, with my ass high and my head down, resting on my hands. I love it if they lick me first, then push a cock, or strap-on, in. Fuck, I just love that!

  • Bobby. Davis says:

    I’m a man I love getting fucked in the ass it does make me cum over and over it makes me quiver I almost passout I quit every ware I love it

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