Eroticon 2016: GOTN’s meet and greet post

This is one of the first pictures I ever uploaded when I started sex blogging. I love it as much today as I did then.

If you’re not a sex writer, look away now – perhaps at this week’s ‘two things’ link roundup. This post is one just for the other writers and bloggers, most of whom I hope are coming along to Eroticon 2016 because it’s going to be amazing fun. It’s a bit admin-y, and I have three things to do:

  • Promote the shit out of Eroticon 2016, because it’s an incredible event
  • Introduce myself so that people know me when I get there
  • Ask other bloggers for some examples to use in my talk

Eroticon 2016 promotion

Eroticon 2016 happens in just under two weeks, and there is still time left to get an Eroticon ticket. I wrote a blog post last year about why Eroticon is amazing, so check that out and please do come along if you’re a sex writer or blogger. We’re nice people and we don’t bite, honest. What’s more, this might be the last Eroticon for the forseeable future, so make the most of it!

Tickets to the conference (held in Bristol) are £150, and you’ll need to find accommodation nearby. I know for lots of people the accommodation cost can be offputting, with hotels being pricey and all, but here are a couple of cheap options in case they’re helpful – Rock and Bowl hostel offers dorm beds if you don’t mind sharing, Clift Guest House is cheap if you don’t mind walking (I stayed somewhere nearby the first year I came and although it’s a bit of a walk to the venue, it was fine for me), and at the time of writing there are options on AirBnB for less than £40 per night.

Eroticon 2016 meet and greet

Molly (of MollysDailyKiss) is on the ball as ever and she’s hosting a space where people who are coming can introduce themselves – go and see the other intros here, and write one yourself if you’re coming!

NAME (and Twitter name if you have one)

GOTN/GirlOnTheNet/Girl/G/Sarah – none of them are my real name, and sometimes people worry that just saying ‘hey Girl’ is rude and I’ll be horribly insulted. I won’t, honest! Call me whatever you like, I’ll no doubt be so pleased someone’s talking to me that you could call me ‘twatface’ for all I’d care. @girlonthenet on Twitter.

If you had the opportunity to rename yourself (or your blog) what would you pick?

If I’d known when I started blogging how awkward the ‘Girl’ thing would be (I am now a 32 year old woman and could only reasonably be classed as a ‘girl’ if you happen to be as old as Doctor Who), I’d have picked a different name. Any name. FuckFace McShitPants would be better than ‘girl.’ Still – it’s there now so I’m sticking with it.

What are you most looking forward to at Eroticon Live and/or is there anything you are nervous about?

So the exciting thing and the nervous thing are one and the same: people. I fucking love meeting people at Eroticon, and for the last two years I’ve got to meet some of my favourite bloggers, get their advice, and occasionally even take advantage of their hotel room service and stay up till morning drinking wine and chatting about dick.

But I’m also nervous about people because meeting your heroes is stressful, and because I find mingling really difficult – there are so many people to chat to and it’s knackering. But it’s the rewarding kind of knackering like when you climb a massive hill and find out there’s a pub at the top of it.

Have you planned which sessions you will be attending or are you more of a spur of the moment kind of person?

I want to go to every session so I’m basically quite annoyed that the limitations of spacetime mean I can’t attend everything. I’m particularly keen to go to Ashley Lister’s session because I missed him last year and I LOVE poetry. I also want to visit the KinkCraft folks because they’re brilliant and have managed to miss out on ALL the opportunities to make cool kinky stuff so far, so I need to rectify that. I’m still deciding on all the rest because there are some clashes between things that I REALLY want to see both of, so tbc.

Also I have to be at my own session on Sat morning and a panel on Sunday morning, otherwise Ruby will spank me.

What essential items to your life will be bringing with you to Eroticon Live? (you can have a maximum of 5)

Phones, fags, and cash for the bar. That is pretty much all I need on most days tbh. I’m also going to make something cool to put in people’s goody bags, like I did last year, in a shameless attempt to bribe them to say they liked my talk.

A new cocktail has been made in your honour, what would be the key ingredient and what would it be called?

It would be equal parts cider, vodka and meths, and it would probably be called the ‘Let’s Not Fuck About.’

And finally… Complete the sentence; I have yet to…..

…answer a Q+A without adding ridiculous amounts of unnecessary drivel. Sorry about that.

Help me write my talk

Last year I talked about money, this year I’m talking about something a bit less mercenary but no less significant when it comes to blogging – online feedback. Essentially: how to deal with negative comments, what boring legal things you need to be aware of, and what strategies you can use to minimise negative shit and make sure that your blog continues to be a fun, positive thing for you to do.

I’ve got some examples of comments etc from my blog, but if you’re a blogger and you’d be happy for me to use one of your comments in my talk, I would love to hear:

  • Comments you’ve found most difficult to deal with (whether they’re rude, libellous, angry, confusing etc).
  • Any standout positive comments – ones that give you the impetus to keep on blogging and being awesome.

From blog comments, facebook, Twitter, Amazon (?), I don’t mind – if you’ve got any examples, please do email them to me (you can paste the comment or just send me a link to it if it’s publicly available). In exchange I can plug your blog in my talk and generally let everyone know how awesome you are.


  • You probably wouldn’t get as much traffic if you were actually called “FuckFace McShitPants”. :p

  • Molly says:

    I think Slutty McSlutface might be better than fuckface but its just a thought ;)

    With regards to comments, if you want to use the one that was left on my Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015 post about the lack of male sex bloggers please do feel free. I am sure you remember that particular little gem. Also when it comes to positive comments some of the most lovely things people have said to me have been when they have used my contact page and written to me privately. Many of those messages have been deeply personal and often very moving and humbling as something I have written has inspired them to want to share something with me.


    • Girl on the net says:

      Thank you so much Molly – that’s a great example! And good point on the private comms too – I think a lot of my loveliest stuff comes in my email inbox, which is hopefully something that will encourage new bloggers if they’re nervous about seeing too many negative comments. You’re a star!

      Lots of love
      Slutty McSlutface.

  • Mrs Fever says:

    I have found that taking pre-emptive steps toward eliminating rude/negative/otherwise-inappropriate comments has worked well. I have a sticky post on my home page (titled “Welcum!” – you can’t miss it) that, in very basic terms, outlines my expectations (which boil down to “Don’t be a douchenozzle!”) and has served well as a “Go read this before you spout off” warning/request when I’ve asked for feedback on posts that people find sensitive/inflammatory. You’re welcome to use it if it fits with your message. :)

    As for the grouchy comments… I find a small dose of humor goes a long way. I try to assume positive intent on the part of the writer, especially when they come across as gruff. Most people who take the time to comment are reasonable individuals who mean well and have no idea how they “sound” – so I redirect with humor and try to set the example of using emojis or little thought capsules like […pondering…] or cues to my non-verbal reactions like *blink* or *snort* or *jaw hits floor*. I also try to thank the highly opinionated commentors for taking the time to say something, even if I don’t agree with them. (This one can be tough.) It’s a good way to create dialog, as opposed to shutting it down or instigating an argument.

    My two cents, for what it’s worth. :)

    • Girl on the net says:

      That’s fantastic – thank you so much! And I definitely want to talk a bit about deflection, and comment policies too – I’ll check yours out and I’d love to use in the talk – thank you! x

  • I am looking forward to seeing you. I don’t think I was brazen enough to properly say hi last year.

    One of the up sides of being a small blog is that I haven’t had any negative comments so far. I have had some really positive and affirming ones. I don’t want to tempt fate about negative ones, but so far I haven’t had an issue.

    • Girl on the net says:

      That’s great to hear about the comments! And I’d love to meet you too! I am a bit rubbish at introducing myself because I get well nervous but I will try and find you and say hello =)

  • Jubi says:

    Hope you have the best time! Also, could your talk be recorded and posted on your blog?

    I’m pretty sure that there might be people interested in hearing it, along with me, for those of us who can’t attend..

  • Hazelthecrow says:

    The ‘Lets Not Fuck About’ is the best! Makes me feel proud to be British :-p

  • so very excited to see you again!!! xxx

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