Knickers: hot things to do with them while we fuck

Knickers are well boring, right? You just want to get them off a girl quickly so you can have your wickedly exciting way with her, yeah?

No. Of course not.

Knickers are a functional piece of clothing, and they can also be devastatingly pretty. But more importantly, like most things that aren’t sex toys, you can essentially turn them into a sex toy just by doing filthy things with them. Here are my favourite ways to use knickers during sex…

Keep my knickers on

There’s something delightfully filthy about a guy so desperate to fuck you he can’t even be bothered to remove your knickers.

Slide them to one side and shove your cock roughly into me – it not only shows your enthusiasm, but also implies that you might come pretty much straight away. If you make me keep my knickers on I know I’m in for a quickie – use me quickly because you just fucking have to, then let me walk round for the rest of the evening with your come dripping back down into the crotch of my pants.

This also works with buttsex – you don’t have to take off all my clothes. If all you want is a quick, hard, angry fuck, why not bend me over, slide my knickers down just enough to provide quick access to my ass, spit on your cock and then fuck me till you come?

Either of these methods can be immeasurably improved with an orgasmic grunt, slap on the ass, and instruction to ‘clean myself up.’

Put my knickers in my mouth

An old classic. Although I have been known to shut up on order, I am often a bit louder than guys might like. Especially guys with flatmates, fussy neighbours or easily-distressed pets. So if you’re looking for something to shove in my mouth, try my knickers. Not only are they softer than a ball-gag they also smell like my cunt. My wet, turned on cunt, assuming you’re using the pair I’ve just been wearing (and why wouldn’t you?).

There’s nothing wrong with the taste of cunt – on the contrary, it’s hot and delicious and smells like fucking. Shove my knickers in my mouth and do what the fuck you like, safe in the knowledge that I’m not going to scream the place down.

Wear my knickers

Guys have lovely pants, don’t get me wrong. There are few sights in the world prettier than a big fat hardon pushing at the fabric of a tight pair of boxers. But I feel sorry for guys – you don’t get nearly the breadth of variety in the underwear department that we girls do. A selection of simple styles, a meagre range of colours, and nothing like the fabric selection that we have – silk, satin, lace, ruffles, ribbons, etc.

So why don’t you wear my knickers? Go on – put them on. Feel how satisfying it is when they’re too tight on your cock. Feel your dick straining against the satin. Get hard, drip a small spot of precum into the places where, usually, my cunt would be. It’s seriously hot, and pretty.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to cross-dress (though there’s nothing wrong with that if you do) – but it does make my knickers smell like your cock. And why would you not want that?

Come all over my knickers

Recently one of my boys told me, in deliciously explicit detail, how he sometimes likes to come right inside his boxers. How he pulls them up just before he squirts, so he can watch the jizz forming a dark stain on the fabric. This is one of the sexiest things I have heard all year.

Come is hot – watching you come is hot. And now I realise that it’s also hot to get you to come all over my knickers. From the front, from behind, from inside, anywhere. Pull your cock out and push it into the crotch of my knickers as I’m wearing them. Let me feel your spunk spreading in a warm patch right where my cunt is. Or make me take them off, suck you off until you’re near completion, and catch the spurts of come that you pump out as you reach quivering orgasm.

Then make me put them back on.


This post is available as audio – click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, and check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Kandy says:

    “use me quickly because you just fucking have to, then let me walk round for the rest of the evening with your come dripping back down into the crotch of my pants”


  • mmmmkayyy says:

    What about the ever popular “tear them off me”? Granted, that can get expensive if you’re into fancy ones and it becomes a regular thing, but sometimes it beats the scratchiness of leaving them on and working around them.

    • girlonthenet says:

      Bloody good point. For similar reasons to the reasons for keeping them on: it implies a desperation to fuck that is deeply, deeply hot. Whoever you are, you get fifty bonus points.

    • nameredacted says:

      I rather like having them cut off with a sharp knife, in the hand of someone who knows what he’s doing. He’s tried ripping, but cheap lace has proven to be deceptively sturdy stuff.

      • nameredacted says:

        (Of course, if anyone wanted to suggest where one might get reasonably-priced rippable knickers, I might find this information useful…)

        • girlonthenet says:

          I just posed this question on twitter. First response: “I’ve had good luck in the past finding pretty, disposable things at Primark. You do have to dig through mounds of awful, tho.”

          Second response: “Primark. They practically dissolve when you cream yourself.”

          Personally I’d say as long as they’re not too plasticky you should be able to rip them. Or pre-cut a small strip in the seam, thus making a path of least resistance – they won’t fall apart when you’re walking around but should be easier to tear off later.

          • nameredacted says:

            Thanks, I’ll have a look! And get the nail scissors out pre-visiting… (It’s definitely not a lack of strength on his part! *gets distracted*)

        • littlepurplegoth says:

          Anything made of a viscose based chiffon will tear incredibly easily when wet… Sadly this tends to be expensive dry-clean only shirts not knickers…

          Anything made from a straight cotton flat cloth/weave (think shirting style) will tear fairly easily on the grain once started so tiny nicks before wear…

          Or ribbons. Ribbons are, interesting and reusable. But possibly a bit ‘cute’?

          • nameredacted says:

            I do love ribbon-tie knickers, too, but they’re much more of a leisurely “unwrap me” type effect than a “rip me off, for god’s sake!” urgency…

    • Venus in slurs says:

      I second this. And third it. Also would like to point out that they can be used in other ways: I personally find having them pulled up tight against me, a mixture of slight pain and anticipation before being torn away a proper turn on.

  • Where we're going, we don't need names. says:

    I spent Monday night and Tuesday morning with an amazing girl who would not let me sleep. At all. And she kept her knickers on the whole time. She told me repeatedly how goddamn hot it felt to know that they were absolutely ruined. Brand-new, bought on the way over to see me, knowing full well that I was going to screw her near-senseless while she told me again and again to put my fucking dick in her just one more time.

    She left those knickers on my pillow in the morning and I found them when I got home from work. They were still damp.

  • Kandy says:

    I love wearing knickers and while I mostly go for guys I also like girls, too. One of the things I really love is when I can see the outline of a girl’s knickers through her jeans/yoga pants/dress/skirt/jumpsuit[1]. There’s something about seeing what is hidden, possibly without her knowledge and possibly with her knowledge that gets me wet.

    [1] Do not underestimate the sexiness of a girl in a metallic silver jumpsuit, especially if there’s a chance you’ll get to peel if off her later!

  • Totally anonymous username says:

    The other one’s probably more fun, this is a bit matter of fact, I’m afraid! But I promised him I’d say something about both…

    I got dressed in a hurry last week and forgot to pick up the previous night’s knickers which were somewhere tangled in the bedsheets. Got an email a few days later mentioning that he’d found them, and wondering whether I expected them back clean. I suggested that he do with them as he saw fit (i.e. please come all over them!) By bedtime he had already done so twice, although sadly he couldn’t get a decent photo for me.

    Saw him again on the weekend at the pub. When we got in, when he was inside me, he reached under the bed, pulled out the knickers and shoved them in my face, kissing me through the fabric, forcing it into my mouth. I’m not sure why, but the hottest part wasn’t so much being on the receiving end as him shoving his tongue as far as he could into the knickers that smelled of us both. Oh, ok, I suppose that’s why.

    Not seeing him again for a few weeks, and I left them with him to defile further, although now I’m wondering if he’d put them in the post for me instead.

    (Incidentally, they are navy lace knickers from Primark, and don’t seem to have any reinforcing stitching, so might lend themselves well to ripping.)

  • Vicky says:

    Am I the only one who loves being touched through my knickers? I love edging and orgasm denial, and there’s something so frustrating and yet so delicious about being restrained, your legs spread, and so gently stroked through cotton or lace.

    • JazzHanz says:

      I see this comment is over 2 years old, yet it still warrants comments. I am surprised at the lack of responses. Being rubbed and fingered through lingerie is the best. I wonder if it is as mesmerizing for men when the panties are pulled aside as you slowly thrust in and out of her sugary pink wetness.

      I love being fingered through my panties in public places such as theaters, pubs, park benches, and trains until I an sopping wet and just short of begging and panting for relief.

    • Anthony says:

      Ummmm so sexy, I want to do that to you Vicky. Yum

  • martin says:

    I love putting my hand in a woman’s knickers while she blows me. It’s not the same when they’re off. There’s something about reaching in, finger stretching and reaching g for an opening to play while she’s distracted

    A girlfriend once left a pair of plain knickers at my flat. I wrapped them round my cock when wanking for days. I washed them and returned them. Loved the idea of her wearing that pair to work.

  • Harriet says:

    I once used them to tie a guys hands above his head whilst I sat on his face. It would have been hot, except that we were both very drunk and he had no idea what he was doing down there.

  • Naughty says:

    Oh dear god, yes……
    Make me wear them for you…..order me to strip and put on your wet warm panties, smelling of your delicious cunt…..
    Then pull me over your knee and spank me for being a filthy boy…..

  • Ian says:

    My preference, being of an age where such things were all you could get, is what are commonly referred to as ‘granny pants’. Both I and my long-term g/f wear them. She loves to see me take off my pinstripe city-suit and see the shape of my cock and balls through the soft fabric. She will quite often suck and lick my erection through my knickers and we both always wear them when we fuck, I usually shoot my load all over the ones she is wearing and she always keeps them on afterwards as she loves the feel of the sticky fabric. She likes to watch me wank in mine too and lick up my spunk as it shoots through them. We both enjoy getting our knickers wet and wear them when we shower together in the morning. They look pretty damned sexy when they go transparent and I love the way they cling to my dick. Occasionally when we play, she will sit on my lap and wet her knickers, soaking mine at the same time. Feeling her hot pee running over my erection is wonderful. The great thing about these fabulous undies is that they are cheap and disposable, so if they do happen to get torn :) they only cost a few pounds to replace. I just wish I’d met her thirty years ago.

  • Nick says:

    What Ian said! Had a gf many years back who lofted to pee her knickers for me too. And also liked to watch me have an ‘accident’ too. Sometimes she would tie me up and make me piss myself.

    She also left her dirty panties where I would find them and I loved smelling them. Her scent was wonderfully arousing but the kinky side of me was turned on even more when she had peed in them, or on more than one occasion left evidence of a dirty bottom, or worse….

  • Gord says:

    my girlfriend loves when I wear satin panties and fuck her with them on my cock burying them deep in her or me ramming my cock along with her panties still on her inside of her til we both cum hard, we like to go online on Skype (Skype name redacted) and she watches me in background as I am in panties using fleshlights,toys and jerking off being watched by people turns everyone on so feel free to add me 25 m athletic

    • Girl on the net says:

      Wow – that’s pretty hot, and it’s… umm… something that I’ve been pretty into the few times it’s happened in the past =)

      Sorry but I’ve had to redact your Skype username. For a whole bunch of reasons I ask that people don’t post contact details (theirs or anyone else’s) in the comments. Thanks for joining in though!

  • Vince says:

    What a great post.

    Spot on in every way and you definitely know what you are talking about because myself and my partner practice everything you preach. We also happen to be in to bondage so her wet knickers regularly end up in her mouth or indeed mine.

    Well said that girl :-)

    • Jamie says:

      That’s the kind of talk and dirty deeds I crave !!! My ex wife, loved dressing up!!!! In hot sexy satin wonderfullness!
      She showed me new experiences. N the felling of passing the embarrassed factor. We are divorced now n sex never that good! I want that feeling of that old satisfaction sick n gross feels so good ! N it all had to do with trust too…I am single n been for a while.. I’d rather jack off watching porn n cum dripping from satin, and oozing through. I love cum in aspect to panties cum on through on ect… hot

  • All the pretty knickers says:

    What a wonderful post. As a guy, there’s so much I agree with. Knickers are never just an obstacle – they’re an essential part of foreplay, the last act in uncovering a woman’s most intimate places (just not thongs, OK? seriously, what’s the point?). The thrill of finding them wet never fades – the one true confirmation of her arousal. The excitement of discovering, by feel or sight, what style and fabric they are. Fucking her with them on is not just an act of urgency – it can be done slowly, deliberately, the intent of the act making her eyes widen. The feeling of them rubbing the side of my shaft can be amazing; frequently, it’s a sight that’s far too hot to watch. The full skin-on-skin contact when they’re gone (but hopefully not out of sight) is such a contrast that it also thrills. Knickers – heavenly.

  • Blacknickerslover says:

    So so true, I could’nt agree more, I just LOVE sex in black knickers.

  • Vince says:

    I think that every woman wants to be treated with respect by a lover who they trust.
    Respect and trust established, I think that every woman would secretly love to tied securely, have their panties removed and stuffed in their mouth and be sexually used and pleasured for hours. Am I wrong?

  • Vince says:

    I think that every woman wants to be treated with respect by a lover who they trust.
    Respect and trust established, I think that every woman would secretly love to be tied securely, have their panties removed and stuffed in their mouth and be sexually used and pleasured for hours. Am I wrong?

  • Dan says:

    Very much enjoying reading all these older posts – this has been my view on knickers for as long as I can remember, the choice is so varied compared to male underwear. I’ve very much enjoyed the thoughts of women towards the knickers I like to wear from not expecting it, to curiosity to ‘hell yeah you should wear those now’. I also agree with all the suggestions of how to use them to aid sex…and foreplay. Now, to find a new female friend who enjoys all of this!

  • gerry says:


    I love sex with BBW, but sometimes I need anal sex with a guy. and then suck him off again

  • DOD says:

    I have always enjoyed just pulling her sexy knickers down just enough so I could shoot my load right inside them then pull them back up and give her pussy a few love taps to seal the deal
    I also find the sexy kind on women is the ones that are maybe a size to small and they can hardly contain her thick lips but ladies please be mindful of the Bush no need for you cunt to look like you have buckwheat in a head lock and let have some bush there bald is sexy when we shave it together but with all these bald cunts out there they all look the same just my thought 😉

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