Guest blogs: an apology

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You might have noticed that the regular Friday guest blogs have been a bit thin on the ground recently. I’m really sorry – I have a tonne of amazing ideas for guest blogs in my inbox, but I haven’t managed to get any up. Below is an explanation and an apology, because I definitely owe it to those who’ve kindly submitted.

There are a couple of reasons I haven’t been putting guest blogs up recently:

  1. I’m really short on time. There’s far too much to do and too little time to do it. I want to respond properly to guest blog ideas, and unfortunately that means I often end up starring emails thinking ‘I’ll give this proper time and energy later’, then failing to do that because other things get in the way – I’m really sorry.
  2. Money. I’m very short on cash at the moment, and although I don’t pay much for guest blogs (£10, and I’d love to pay more, especially given that £10 is worth about $1 post-Brexit), I am committed to paying something, because it’s important to value people’s work. Unfortunately at the moment I make no money from this site. There are lots of reasons for this which I’ll explain once those reasons have gone away and (back to point 1) I have more time.

So. There’s an explanation, and here’s an apology: I’m so sorry if you’ve submitted a guest blog idea and I haven’t got back to you yet. I’m going to reply to everyone soon, and I would absolutely love to start getting guest blogs up again. If you’ve submitted one, I’ll endeavour to get back to you within the next week, get your guest blog up asap and – of course – pay you.

Unfortunately, while I am definitely up for posting guest blogs that have already been submitted, I’m not entirely sure when the money situation will be resolved, so I’m going to have to hold off on new pitches for now. It’s unforgivably crap of me not to say this earlier, but it’s only recently become clear that I can’t just keep going ‘oh it’s fine it’s only a tenner here and there’ because I don’t have any tenners.

Huge apologies and massive thanks to those who’ve submitted guest blogs and pitches, and to everyone else sorry that I haven’t been posting any awesome guest blogs recently. They’ll resume soon. Thanks for patience and for being ace.


  • Rob K says:

    Have you though about setting up an account on Patron?

    You don’t have to ram it down people’s throats but you might find regular readers might be willing to chip in. I would!

  • Steve says:

    GOTN – you are awesome, I love your stories, and also I love most of what your readers say in their comments. However, I disagree slightly with Rob K. You *should* ram it down your reader’s throats, or at least the throats of your male readers. You have this incredibly valuable perspective on female turn-on, and you are sharing it with us. You have helped me, and I am sure many other men, to better understand our women. Your discussions of how to treat a woman in bed and out of bed, of spanking, of rough sex, of kink, of fantasy, etc…. you are incredibly valuable for us men out here trying to understand our women sexually. Sure, it’s great to get advice on a special occasion restaurant where I can take my woman, but it is *really really really* great to get a perspective (yours!) on why she a woman might love to be dominated and used in bed (and *not* in the rest of her life). You should ask your male readers to contribute, ask us right now, and ask us for something significant. I would suggest you ask us for the price of one meal out in a nice restaurant. If you want to give us something specific for our contribution, then give us a great new post that will help us understand our women. That is… give us more of what you have been doing!

    I love your writing, and your topics, and your perspective… my life and my sex life in particular are better because of you. Give me a way to pay for that incredible service. Do it now, and ask me and everybody other lucky man who reads you to pay what we can afford.

    And then… keep writing. Woman, I’m waiting for you to keep writing.

  • Elle says:

    I would definitely chip in a few quid on patreon each month.

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